Lacking a goal to work toward

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by soulmilk, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. soulmilk

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    I haven't been playing nearly as much as I want to these past few (many) months.
    I am the kind of player that always work toward the next goal and when I am not, I feel like I am not progressing.
    I have long gotten to the point where I can get any non-limited rune I want, so boxes and decks don't really entice me anymore.

    When I was playing the most, there was the "150k's" to work toward, and that was always super fun. It was a huge reward for all the struggle.
    It was always fun every expansion to see what the next 150k would be. I was overjoyed when finally the SP one was released.
    And then Princess Ctharia was released at 500k gold! that was one of the coolest things I have seen Pox ever do. (Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough to obtain her myself)

    Is it possible to either continue Ctharia's cycle or make a new cycle of high costing runes?
    This was back when the gold reward was way smaller than now, so 500k shouldn't be too hard anymore.

    Any thoughts?
  2. bambino

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    I agree, the sense of progression is important to any game,, most everything we do.
    But yea. ive spent and afternoon playing pox,, and after was kinda like , that was a waste of my afternoon (it didn't help that I got my as kicked).
    But yeah, the feeling of leaving something that you can comeback to and continue where u left off is important to me in a video game,,,
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  3. JaceDragon

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    Usually i tried to improve when playing, the gold was just a good surplus for me. Now my goal is to reach the same skill level i used to have; did a couple of game and did some pretty orrible mistake in there, so i have a lot to work on
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  4. calisk

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    I played to win...winning was fun.

    winning with goofy splits, winning with sub optimal bg's, or odd themes, what ever i decided to throw together it was usually about winning with it.

    that usualy entertains me for about a month a half, which when pox was running like clock work was he perfect time frame between mid terms and full releases, then i'd have something new to play against and with.
  5. PoxBot

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    Sitting on almost 700k gold now even after blowing like 100k on packs to check something. Something to use gold on would be greatly appreciated.
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  6. OriginalG1

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  7. JaceDragon

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