Large Scale Voter Fraud DOES Exist... with Absentee Ballots

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    I have always said that if you really cared about voter fraud that you have to focus on absentee ballots as well (instead, most states with Voter ID laws have much laxer if not absent laws for absentee ballots).

    Well, here's proof:

    "According to testimony and other findings detailed at the hearing, Dowless conducted an illegal “ballot harvesting” operation: He and his assistants gathered up absentee ballots from voters by offering to put them in the mail.

    Dowless’ workers in rural Bladen County testified that they were directed to collect blank or incomplete ballots, forge signatures on them and even fill in votes for local candidates.

    It is generally against the law in North Carolina for anyone other than the voter or a family member to handle someone’s completed ballot."
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    He should lose his job immediately, never be able to hold office again, simple as that. If you don't believe this happens in every state, especially states with a large number of illegals using other peoples identities then I have a bridge to sell you.
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    There is scant evidence that there is large scale voter fraud on the scale that is often suggested by people like President Trump.

    Dozens of red states have investigated this issue and come up with very little each time. President Trump's commission started with the goal of putting together a report on rampant voter fraud and... released exactly nothing and disbanded:

    "In fact, one of the troubling things about the documents that we saw was that before we were even really meeting, commission staff were working on a framework of a report. And several sections of report talk about voter fraud, and those sections are completely blank. They didn't insert any information whatsoever.

    So that's why we've been saying that, even though the idea was to investigate voter fraud, it is pretty clear that the purpose of the commission was to actually affirm and validate the president's claims whether or not we had any evidence of any such voter misconduct."

    Voter ID laws generally focus on target in-person voting instead of the much more vulnerable absentee ballots - coincidentally absentee ballots tend to lean Republican.

    Heritage Foundation (Right Wing Think Tank) has this on their website:

    Which tries to suggest to you that this is a BIG ISSUE with BIG NUMBERS.

    But really, this is small potatoes. It's barely anything compared to how many votes are actually cast per year in the US (the US has a lot of elections, which is its own problem).

    And if you actually look into the details of most of these cases of fraud, what are they? Are they large scale fraud efforts orchestrated by liberal groups?


    Most of them are things like: "False/Incorrect Address," "Illegal Vote Cast Due to Being a Felon" and other cases of "fraud" happening on an individual level.

    Dozens of investigations, national focus, POTUS claiming that 3 million illegal votes were casted for Clinton, a Presidential commission to investigate voter fraud... and this story I linked above is basically one of the biggest actual cases of fraud we actually have - and it's a Republican.
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    Yea, if there's actual evidence, of course you hold the people responsible. But the narrative that this is constantly happening is one that's been disproven by all these investigations finding barely anything.
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    What's funny is that recently a Texas investigation "overstated" the potential number of illegal voters:

    Of course, Trump et al immediately seized on this as "proof."

    But it isn't evidence. It's just 2 lists of people - one a list of voters, the other a list of non-citizens... but the investigators were so eager to accuse people they told everyone they had found 95,000 illegal voters before realizing that non-citizens, in fact, can become eligible to vote in the US.

    The real fraud is trying to convince everyone of a basically non-existent problem. How many more tax payer dollars will be gone to line the pockets of people running these "investigations" before we stop the nonsense, I wonder?
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    Here's a funny way look at it:


    If you REALLY cared about voter fraud, then stuff like this event in NC should be your MAIN CONCERN, not individual voters having a wrong address or some other nonsense.
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    I am still waiting for proof of widespread illegals voting with other people's identities.

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