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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bushido, Apr 11, 2022.


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    show me how next time we are both on because i am a non-believer right meow.
  2. Bushido

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    They are casually playable, maybe the best or second best FW theme.

    At a high level they aren't very good. They do not have any viable flyers (big deal), and their main gimmick, while incredibly strong, can be overcome and even out scaled (maxx unforuntaely remains an issue). The nerfs truly didn't do anything to their viability. They are the same, more or less; they remain a strong casual deck, and not viable at a high competitive level. You should be able to win against the majority of trash players with them that still play this game, and then hit a wall when you run into the 1 - 3 sentient players that play (ive personally hit high 70%s win rate using only lich, and tbh i did rearrange my deck a couple of times)

    I wouldn't play anything FW, quite honestly it is not a very strong faction (top players have agreed with me). Try KF or UD..

    And to reiterate, while the nerfs didnt hurt liches, they certainly destroyed other themes and decks. This is mainly due to dark apprentice giving quite a bit of healing anyways, and the regen always felt wasted anyways since it didnt stack. TBH, good players run vitality creation (not saying adaptive doesnt on the off occasion out perform) on genesis lich, and the COU gaining rite of power actually makes certain scenarios that occur more frequently than not stronger.
  3. profhulk

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    Love how the word "balance" is used in reference to this game. Just played against a split deck where almost every single champ deployed has deep wounds. Remove deep wounds from the game or change the ability. It is ridiculous at this point.
  4. Braxzee

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    I dont run deep wounds, but I counter easily running cleanse or other defensive abilities
  5. Bushido

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    Was that humanoid typhoon? That deck was really good. Helps that UD is OP tho.

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