Lethal Spindler

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    Rune Name : Lethal Spindler
    Faction: UD
    Race: Arthropod
    , Class: rouge, Size: 1x1, Rarity: Exo
    : A Spider with an over-sized abdomen which has large spines protruding out
    Flavor-Text: " It's specially grown poison sacs produce something completely different"
    Nora Cost:
    70-80? (unsure)

    Champion Stats
    8, SPD: 6, RNG: 4 - 6, DEF: 0, HP: 40

    Champion Abilities
    Attack: Poison
    Lethal Poison
    Regrowth Ammunition - After 4 attacks this champion becomes pacified and immobile for 3 turns. When this effect ends, the 4 attacks reset.
    Creep and Crawl

    Upgrade Ability Set #1

    Upgrade Ability Set #2
    Weave Web
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  2. narvoxx

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    Nice idea on the 'reloading' mechanic! Would be nice if we could come up with a more generic name?
    Also just like the overall concept here. Should probably be 6 speed though if you are thinking 70-80 for an attack poison champ with mandatory hampering ability in path 1
  3. gamengamenut

    gamengamenut I need me some PIE!


    Thanks for the input!

    will make some changes XD

    named it regrowth because of the ammunition being biologically grown haha

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