Lightnning Enchantment (ability)

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    Kampel I need me some PIE!

    Lightnning Enchantment AP 5, CD 5:
    -Target friendly champ within 2 to 6 spaces in a straigth line gains Paralytic Strike, enemy champeons in the line take 7 dmg and become paralyzed for 2 turns.

    The idea for this ability is that it works similar to Lightnning Skewer but you need to target a friendly champ in the line and it grants it Paralytic Strike. It only grants PS to targeted friendly, not all in line.

    If this is given to a couple champs in an electric bg with high mobility or ways to jump behind enemy lines it can open up a new fun playstyle, high risk high reward, lots of swap champs and electric dmg.
    This ability would work best for SP and FS.

    As for the cost, it has a great effect but you need 2 champs in play, and send one behind enemy lines so its risky, also high AP activation so i imagine its not too expensive.
    If needed the range, dmg, AP, CD, paralyzed duration and cost are all subject to change

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