List of good and bad synergy with fw

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  1. DiCEM0nEY

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    Good synergy:

    Necrosis worms
    Short lived units
    Replicate and cloning / splitting units
    Leverage units (although it would be better if leverage worked as a %?)
    Death nova units
    On deploy effects
    Death pact units
    Drain units
    Vengeful units
    Cheap units (can give free rune draws essentially)
    Zombie rotwrapper
    Rite of healing
    Damage / debuffs over time abilities, if duration is fairly long
    Bone circle staff
    Vitality creation if using cheap units to gain utility from rune draw advantage /#of playable runes
    Aspect of death
    Ammunition units
    Death harvester
    Soul sift
    Self destruct units
    Lich return from dead mechanic
    Riders such as general korisen
    Rite of healing, killing your own real units, especially for altar
    Body guard
    Decay (spell)
    Desecration (spell must hit your own unit to be cast)
    Nearly Anything that self damages such as exertion
    Sabotage skills

    Negative synergy-

    Scaling abilities such as escalation or this
    Thirst for battle (technically you won't want to sacrifice these units early)
    Surge (early game u want to be cycling units to give yourself map precense, generally speaking)
    Dead magic zone except on central pieces
    Debuffs which stop the enemy from
    killing you (but debuffs which hinder the enemy to survive, such as decay or inhibiting touch)
    Gravetend, reanimated, necroweave

    Etc etc.

    Point is there are many runes which have very little synergy with the FW bonus. Nearly all basic skeletons and zombies have little to no synergy. All vampires actually have negative synergy. Witches have extremely little synergy (seriously elsari coven is weak af and does NOT make up for negative synergy. A few witch spell are admittedly decent but they also have negative synergy like healing, and again, elsari coven is so pathetic. )

    Can we please rework zombie racial entirely (their swarm ability is very weak, and there is no reason to deploy must zombie apocalypse units otherwise), FW vampire as a theme entirely (give them reworked spells or a spam unit, and a racial with better synergy (maybe a toggle self damage life siphon that costs 0 nora?) And give skeletons without synergy a racial, such as dying produces a short lived risen warrior?

    FW really needs more synergy with their current bonus.
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  2. Voidtrain

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    Haven't you listed more things with synergy than without?
  3. DiCEM0nEY

    DiCEM0nEY I need me some PIE!

    Yes but there are more things without synergy. I didn't list them, as well a these being only catergories. Many of the things in the synergy column have very little synergy as well
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