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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by super71, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    What makes this guy so expensive ? He's a large unit with 3-4 range, attack physical, 10 damage, 6 speed, 1 defense and 49 health. ? He should be getting a cost reduction for his range, size, and slothful and he has sub-par stats. Here's how he cold be made playable

    On base

    Race-troll/ construct
    10 damage
    6 speed
    1-2 range
    2 defense
    45 health

    Attack: physical
    barricade barrier
    vulnerability:magical- Remove slothful as it just makes champs unplayable except excavator, especially considering he's supposed to rely on his abilities to be useful.
    absorb relic

    Upgrade line 1-masons spire, reclaim materials, ruin
    Upgrade line 2- logistics range, detonate relic, rock defiance

    Option 2
    Race- construct/troll

    7 damage
    6 speed
    1 range
    2 defense
    45 health

    on base

    barricade barrier
    rock defiance

    Upgrade line 1- slam, mason's spire, stone bomb
    Upgrade line 2- detonate relic, hunter:small, massive leap or charge 2

    I'd like to see him race troll/construct because his mason's spire would help singer keep his relic guardian bonus, and mason's spire would make heart stone very good. His barricades make for nice setups for knock backs for other trolls which would increase their low damage output.
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  2. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    But it isnt a troll....
  3. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Looks a bit like a troll, either way i'm fine with him just getting rock defiance.
  4. Thbigchief

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  5. free20play

    free20play I need me some PIE!

    just remove lodestone builders auto attacks,range,and damage completely.
    lets be honest none of us are picking him for his damage or attacks while he has that subpar range but rather for the abilities he owns.
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