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    Haven't touched this shitfest since 2015 so I decided to re-download it and give it a go on a new acc. What the hell is this new jungle?
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    Git gud
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    On the contrary.
  5. Alakhami

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    why would you want to play moba?
  6. JazzMan1221

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    "But League is a dying game breh, Fortnight and PUBG will kill it!"


    *looks at Poxnora sadly*
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    the only winning move is not to play

    and im on a winning streak.
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    Nostalgia, I guess. It's the slow part of the year for my job and my board game meetings are suspended until the 17th. GF is working 2 jobs and it's just 2 more weeks of final exams for her now. As a result, we're only meeting 2 times a week so with this free time, instead of going through my immense Steam, anime or book backlog, I decided to open a fresh LAN account and check things out. Game seems to have changed a lot, but at least as far as my recollection of it goes, player stances seem to be consistent despite the 3 year gap in that they loathe supporting and fight over solo lanes.
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    I don't think league will ever be as big as it once was, though I don't think it will die off in the same way Runescape hasn't died off. Games that big like WoW, Runescape or League seem to stay afloat on numbers alone despite halted growth or decreasing populations. The general game flaws that made me leave seem to linger. There's an emphasis on e-sports that don't reflect the real game 90% of the playerbase experiences and watching vids now, it seems a lot of the content creators just moved on to other stuff. Jungle and item changes aside, it plays exactly the same as I recall it did back 2015 and the iteration times between matches seem really high so it can be tedious.
  10. Alakhami

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    why not just play single player story games?
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    Because I've already played hundreds, if not thousands? I'm a little past the point of narrative being a selling point for sitting through 50+ hours of gameplay I've already experienced dozens of times prior. My physical video game count was over 500 back in 2016 and I started playing games in 1993. Digital Steam count not accounting for my emulation collection and pirated stuff is 1346 and I've not gone through 30% of that yet. Nowadays, board games are far more interesting to me since they're so diverse in gameplay experiences. LoL offers an odd challenge with the team dynamic, though I'm thinking it will get old after a month or so.
  12. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    It doesn't have to be 50+ hours. Experiences can be different. Have you played the xenoblade games for example? or the other persona titles? What about indie games? there are so many gems out there, I doubt that even with the time that you devoted to games you covered all of them.
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    I played Persona 1, 4 and 5 plus Catherine. The rest aren't that interesting to me. SMT is another story but gameplay is terribly repetitive and it's the same franchise monsters almost every time. Xenoblade Chronicles seems like weebait to me and or just another iteration of japanese games trying to disguise standard RPG combat as hack and slash a la FF XII/Tales of (insert thing here). I do own a copy my brother dumped on the archive after beating it but I don't have a switch for the sequel. I mean, yeah I haven't played all games but it's pretty sameshit tbh. I have been meaning to replay Condemned Criminal Origins this year but haven't found the time to.
  14. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    I heard really positive stuff about the xenoblade series. Apparently Takahashi (the auteur behind the Xeno series) incorporates a lot of profound ideas in his games. In the earlier series I heard there's a lot of Nietzsche and Jung. In the latest Chronicles 2 I heard it's a reimagining of Plato's Republic. I too at first thought it was just some bland JRPG but this piqued my interest so that's that.
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    Japanese wankers disguise all sorts of moepoop as different things. I believe there's a harem anime out there based on H.P. Lovercraft lore and the Xgatari series is supposed to have a lot of philosophical debates within it despite also being a haremshit anime with loads of fanservice. What you soon realize about consuming such referential media (if you know the source material), is that it's almost always garbage.

    Now, if you say Xenoblade and then switch to Xeno series, that's different because Xenosaga and Xenogears are above average RPGs with deeper themes than most. If you're saying Tetsuya Takahashi directed both the new Xeno games as well, then perhaps they're not hot stinking poop as I initially suspected based on what little I've seen and read about them, but I'm still not sitting through that having played his other games. If I was to play a pretentious RPG this year, I'd probably go back and try to finish Planescape Torment for the third time now that it's on Steam and I can save my progress in a cloud.
  16. Alakhami

    Alakhami I need me some PIE!

    This is the article that got me interested in Chronicles 2.
    what is your general impression from his other games?
  17. Thbigchief

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    - Battle chasers - Nightwar is a nice distraction to playthu if you like class jrpg's. Very fun ...plays crips and clean full of nostalgia
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    aaaand I already hate this game again. Made it to lvl 23, though!
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    Into the Breach

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