Longsword (3D hex pox clone) is free to play

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by zer0sum, May 3, 2018.

  1. zer0sum

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  2. Alakhami

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    what has changed? the reviews don't really encourage me to try it out.
  3. Gnomes

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    i played it a bit at the start and it was quite fun. defietly good for pox lovers. It was laggy though at the time (2-3 months ago) how is it now? the hex squares definetly make the game have a different feel from pox, but it should be interesting to try out new strats to work with it. I think i already did give some suggestions to make it a game I personally would like more, not sure if everyone would agree:

    "ya, also would like more games with this style of play though too. only ones i can think of are shardbound and that game died, or the longsword, but the moving play "pieces" are a bit to cringy for me

    ya, would like to mix the graphics from longsword, with the map style of pox, and the characters of pox

    ya just saw, its just that a lot of games are out there like that one(duelyst), like the smite one or bla bla. where they are chess with pieces that are just not chess pieces, but i want the addition of fonts, and different types of maps, not this rectangle that will be boring after 20 games

    dont like the moving in longsword, and how it looks like a table, ruins the immersion, just make it one big map with a boundry like in pox"

    -From discord.
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    It has like 47 positive out of 54.

    u wot m8?

    edit: oh, you mean the top liked comment
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    nice...i'll play it this weekend at some point
  6. LoganMkv

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    Can you share your plans/roadmap?
    I'm quite surprised that you've done such a great job at the start, but then seemed to abandon the project for half a year. Also some feedback:

    There are definitely not enough units and abilities per unit for me - I don't mind any amount of recolors per model as long as those are different units, if assets are the problem.
    Maps feel too small - pox font has 24 squares with max range 6 while ls one has 6 hexes with max range 2, a bridge on KF map is like 5x6 squares while ls bridges are ~1x3.
  7. zer0sum

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    There's a roadmap up on the Steam site. I agree that the maps can feel tight when you have a lot of units out. I'm wondering if maps with more than 1 center font will help spread things out

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