Look who's back... Post here if returning or just migrated from SOE.

Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by ARlSTOTLE, Mar 24, 2014.


    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    **EDIT 3-31-14**
    So I'm editing this first post to alter what I feel this thread should become. I've been using it to ask a bunch of questions, but with the thread title, "Look who's back..." I think we can use this thread to welcome back people who are rejoining the ranks after the migration from SOE. So if you're an IS lover and have just migrated from SOE over here, or even just returned after a long period of time, post in this thread so we can all welcome you.

    **END EDIT**

    I got an email saying SOE would no longer be involved and thought, maybe it's time to come back and take a look. Some of you may remember me, some of you maybe not. Either way, hello there ISers. For those of you that know me, anyone heard from GreatBeard? Perhaps we need to call him up and Khaz, etc. and get the old gang back together. DOS forever!
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  2. Axeraiser

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    Welcome back Aristotle ! Im afraid its been years since GreatBeard, Khaz,Paladin etc have been around :( Im still kicking though !
  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Welcome back sir! Good to see another old beard return.

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    So, is the Dwarf Guide thread stickied at the top up to date? I have like 45k gold to buy packs with, need to get a BG or 2 put together and get back into the swing of things. Luckily, I already have a couple DMCs. They were the hot thing out and new when I last played, so I snagged a couple soon as I could.
  5. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I would check with jazz to see if the dwarf guide is current though I believe it is. You can buy cases with gold now so it may be more gold/exo efficient to go that route.
  6. JazzMan1221

    JazzMan1221 Better-Known Member

    The guide is indeed up to date, and I am constantly on the lookout for changes to make the guide better/more accurate. You yourself were a big inspiration to its creation, as was Markoth; back when I was a wee beardling, and you guys already hoary old longbeards, I learned much from your perspectives on IS (though I was not at all active on the forums in those days, so you won't remember me). Nevertheless, I have definitely heard of you, so welcome back! DoS is old news btw; NWO (Noob World Order) is where the real party is! That is, Markoth, Baskitkase, me, and plenty of other old folks from back in the day call NWO their home now. Hit me up if you want an invite.

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    I remember dat little fish avatar...what was your name back in the day?

    KTCAOP I need me some PIE!

  9. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    Just by any chance, do you remember Zyxwboy?

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    Yes I do
  11. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    Well that's me !
  12. MentalMoles

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    Welcome back dude long time no see!

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    Can someone toss a couple Instill Panic/Mark of Redemption runes my way? I bought so many runes over the last 7 days, yet not one instill panic.

    (EDIT: Thanks Firk, got the runes now guys)
    Thanks guys.

    That's just a bronze, if you guys need something in return let me know.
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  14. Comissar

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    Heh, good to see you back :)

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    Can someone point me in the direction of a thread which explains the way the rune forge works now?
  16. Mallious

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    It's quiet simple really, you click on the rune you have, and click "sacrifice". Then you acquire the amount of points it says the rune is worth. After that, you click on a rune you don't have, and click "forge' and you get that rune.

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    Can this be done for ALL runes, including exos/legendary? I assume it won't work for Limited runes.
    EDIT: Never mind, I noticed you can only view Exo or below in the Rune Forge, so obviously it only applies to those. This is new to me, and quite handy.
  18. Cydna

    Cydna Forum Royalty

    It can be done for any rune except for limiteds, legendaries, and the runes of the latest expansion.

    ARlSTOTLE The King of Potatoes

    Holy hell. I'm only through Relics, the "I"s of Spells, and "G"s of Equips, and already 2k nora shards. This has taken an hour so far. I dread how long it will take to go through all the champs removing duplicates. So many duplicates I've had for so long. The upside even though it's taking me a long time to sacrifice so many duplicates: I wont' have to trade for those Silverclan Protectors I need. =p
  20. GabrielQ

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    Maybe this can help you?

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