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    When we talk about exploitation of natural resources by large corporations, leaving very little to the locals, we often think about 3rd world countries, but it's happening right here, under our nose.

    It's time we stop allowing the common providence of humankind be endlessly exploited by the few without them paying for the true costs. These resources aren't free.

    The lie of trickle down and rising tides lift all boats cannot be allowed to continue. These are myths told to us by those who benefit from an economic system that ignores externalities and prices natural resources at virtually zero.

    #Georgism #LandValueTax #EliminateIncomeTax #EliminateSalesTax
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    If you didn't watch the video, Louisana subsidizes industries to an absurd amount, almost 3000 per capita.

    Texas does 89.

    And the state board that gives tax exemptions... as the video shows, often doesn't even look into what is applying. In the video, the group laughs as they say, "do we want to hear the details of all of these?" And then approves everything without discussion.
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    Isn't lousiana one of the states highly densed with black community?

    No wonder why it poor because America has it way to exploit minorities because they probably don't care about them especially black/hispanics.
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    Honestly one of the few things capitalism does well is extract resources. Income and sales tax is BS, I agree. But in order to have competitive global advantage, large volumes of resources need to be extracted. I'd be very surprised if the vast majority of those in Louisiana aren't a net drain on the economy to begin with (welfare programs) ; I'd imagine most of the subsidies that go to large companies are either federal programs, or there is a large deficit in state programs that are paid for federally. While I don't expect trickle down economics to ever work, I think that the government's welfare spending is the main culprit to people's misery; encouraging reproduction of people who can't afford children without a handout. In fact, even though it makes liberals and degenerates seethe, I am very much against woe vs wade being overturned, specifically because we need more abortions in these states generally speaking.

    As far as your argument goes, resources are controlled militarily. In order to control resources, you need todo so by force, that's human nature and human history. Imo it's the government's right to exploit those resources as they see fit for the betterment of their position. It's the people's responsibility to overthrow a tyrannical government.
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    The whole point of this video is to show how differently Louisiana does property tax relative to every other state, basically allowing corporations to extract natural resources without paying for the externalities by allowing them to be exempt from state property tax. Since you are "guessing" wrong, I take it you commented without watching the source material.

    Except the legal status of abortion has very little to do with the demand for and the number of of abortions.

    If you want to reduce abortions (or, in your case, the live birth rate), you actually should support the same things that reduces unwanted pregnancies - sex ed, contraceptive access, safety nets, and access to public education (particular for girls) - all of these things have been shown to empirically reduce both the live birth rate AND abortion rate.

    This has nothing to do with my Georgist argument or the video: no one has the right to exploit natural resources, they must pay for the privilege - the mechanisms by which this is achieved is honestly much less relevant - the main point of the video is that Louisiana is giving it away for free in a way no other state even comes close to.


    Personally, I think it's less important to consider our personal ideologies and prejudices about people and actually look empirically at the resulting consequences of policy. In this case, Louisiana sucks for everything except enriching a small handful of people at the expense of the common good.
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    To put it another way, Louisiana is being ran like a 3rd world dictatorship, where those in power allows for the extraction of natural resources to enrich others in power while keeping the population poorly educated and the infrastructure terrible.

    This video explains this concept well:

    I suppose viewed in this lens, you may have a point, these people need to be thrown out and new policies need to be put into place.
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    Also, some people like to point to red states vs blue states in terms of how much federal money they give vs take.

    Louisiana is one of these - where a significant portion of its state budget comes from the federal government (it's top 3), and gets about 35% more federal tax dollars back than it gives in.

    But this makes sense in this case, considering they are literally letting corporations take billions out of their state tax base via these property tax exemptions.

    Another point to consider is that these numbers don't consider knock-on effects or non-tax contributions to the national economy - for example, if Louisiana produces a significant portion of the nation's primary resources in many areas, it means that without the state, all those things would cost more in virtually every other state. In other words, other states, including the federal government, have an incentive to leave Louisiana the way it is being ran.
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    You get that the point of my argument is to reduce the population. I was trying to offer the point that the people in Louisiana are by and large unproductive, and that they siphon resources as well. Im bringing this up to remind you of the other side of this debate; it can be argued that lowering the property tax to next to nothing is the only way to attract businesses to a the forsaken wastes.

    Im not prejudiced against southerners, I have many close friends from there. By in large they influence my opinion the most.
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    Technocracy, i've been saying this for years. Control the resources, control the populace, you guys are just slow to the party.

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