Malcolm X on Liberals and conservatives

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    What Malcolm X seems to have missed or didn't recognize at the time, is that all poor people and people with economic problems are the lamb chop.

    Conservatives just want African Americans to be able to stand on their own feet without help from the white communities, or white middle class, whereas Democrats are perfectly okay with handing out programs for African American communities to rely on, which cripples African American communities ability to do better.

    People get offended by the truth, here Malcolm X is saying conservatives don't Firk around and call it like it is, " Bane Shift hole countries", Trump may be brash but he's not lying when he said Bane Shift hole countries, these are places nobody wants to live, yet the Liberal crowd goes after Trump instead of actually acknowledging those countries are actually shitty and maybe need help. Politically correct is destroyed many countries, and it is slowly destroying many more.
  2. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Trump talking about low income housing and running for president

    Very eye opening if you watch the whole thing, talks about farmers struggling, low income housing, people living on the streets etc. Same Bane Shift after thirty years because nobody in politics get's anything done. Honestly he's a Bane Shift speaker, but his points are 100% valid.

    NATO is like a giant welfare baby that the United States has been propping up for decades. Keeps saying how other countries that we protect hate us, Saudis specifically, the Middle East, all the Liberals in Europe who constantly Bane Shift talk him, they don't like him because he's brutally honest and says what they are all thinking.

    This is what Malcolm X said about conservatives, smack you with the truth, but still have their own agenda. The own agenda part doesn't seem to fit all conservatives, just like it doesn't fit all liberals, but it all seems pretty spot on. Trump didn't want to be president, but he recognized we had to turn this ship around and quickly and everyone else that would run was a paid puppet.

    Also what changed from news back then to news today ?? It's almost like they took a side when it comes to political issues, which is not how people should get their information with a spin on it to fit an agenda. Both sides used to be so much more open minded and able to talk about things like civil people.

    Second interview, dude said if he ever ran he'd win, and it would be because people were sick of the same Bane Shift over and over.
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    1:22 in this video is very telling, why do people from Kenya understand the problems of America better than a lot of people here ?

    :56 "Clinton is a social activist and a leader by nature, relationships with African communations"

    Bring them to heel ehhh, no conscience and no empathy pretty much describes her in a nut shell.
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    Why so obsessed with Clinton? are you afraid that without a boogeyman you will have to judge the current president on his work these past years so you have to dive 3 years into the past to constantly bring this out again?

    why the segregation between african and white? why is it whites helping blacks and thus black communities cannot develop rather than people helping poor people so they might be able to escape the social-economic class into which they were born?
    why are americans so obsessed with race to the extent that you still segregate them?

    if you do not want to pay for NATO all you need to do is cut your military spening to below 2% of GDP. since it is an international organisation Greece can just meet the NATO standard by building defences against Turkey ( another NATO member) and paying the pensions of all their veterans. the countries of Europe combined can rival the spending the US does however since these are all individual countries money is not spent efficiently, but when someone brings up the possibility of an EU army people like you suddenly hate the idea of a Europe that might decide the world would be better off if they do not help the US in anything.

    Remember, the US used NATO to drag other countries into war in the middle east. no other NATO member has started a war and demanded the involvement of the other members, just you cvnts.
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    No obsessions, I just don't like when people don't do the research on who they are voting for. I don't really mind what Trump is doing honestly, he's trying to get things done whatever way he can while fighting politicians from both sides. You don't seem to understand, that the politicians want literally nothing to get done so we can continue having the same people in forever promising change while doing nothing to attain it. These politicians haven't figured out a single answer to any of these problems, and the reason is because we don't hold them accountable, Trump is holding them accountable, therefore all the media backlash and politicians are attacking him. Before long enough Republicans will crack because they can't handle the pressure with the government shutdown, and we won't get the wall, and the media will blast Trump about how he couldn't get his wall all while they blast him for the government shutdown, but in the end at least he tried something and didn't crack.

    What segregation do you mean ? Americans are obsessed with race because it's pushed down our throats every single day, in reference to the video it was back in the day so race was a huge talking pojnt obviously.

    I would much prefer Europe to have it's own army, however last time you guys had a big army you tried to take over the world and make everyone speak German soooo....

    Now think, was the United States the one that wanted these wars specifically or did everyone in NATO want those wars ? I'm not playing dumb that America wasn't a big part of it, however to say everything is always America's fault seems sort of silly to me. If Europe is so powerful and intelligent like you always say, then how can one country being America dictate everything you all do ? If America dictates everything you do through NATO, why would America want out of NATO, and everything else that involves Europe ?

    Honestly our military spending is through the roof because we don't do things efficiently and we let the military money machine dictate how much we pay, when we pay, and how much were going to buy. China and Russia both have lower military costs, yet Russia has more advanced technology, China isn't far behind, granted they steal the majority of their tech from the United States because were dumb and let millions of people here through student visas, work visas, visa lottery, asylum seekers, yada yada yada. The problem is if the United States cut our military spending, like most Americans prefer we did, then our major "allies" and I use that word loosely, would be speaking Chinese or Russian in a decade. You judge Americans for being dumb, all the while sitting under the security blanket that you are provided, and use the money you save on military for education for which we pay for through our military protection. Do you see how hypocritical that is, or no ? If you didn't want to be apart of those wars you could have just said no thanks, many countries did just that.
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    Talking rent control and how the wealthy get it, you guys starting to get it yet, who is fighting for the people here ? Talking about how Koch had a rent controlled place and many other elites, but Trump wasn't afforded the same rights even though he won his case in court.

    So you have a rich Democrat mayor with a rent controlled apartment, and you have Trump who is saying rent control isn't good if the people that need it aren't the ones getting it. Must be the big bad Conservatives again.
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    well thats a lot of rambling there not all of it coherent but one thing is clear; you do not seem to know how a military alliance works.
    the increase in spending on military and raised attention towards intergrating european armies is a consequence of a drop in faith n the US. A testament to the decline of your soft power in the world.
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    - Someone tell this guy to check his info... and specifically the highest demographic of people on welfare in the United States. These people and places are shitty and maybe need help? but you mean not from us prolly.
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    you can only help people of the same race don't you know?

    what segregation?
  10. super71

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    The highest demographic on welfare in the United States today is white people, we are a larger part of the population so that makes sense, at least this is what i'm told when we talk crime statistics or does that not work both ways ? I was specifically stating how the Democrats cater to African American voters by giving them more free stuff, which isn't helping them but crippling them. Yes these places are shitty and do need help, and we should help, however giving them boatloads of cash and saying figure it out hasn't exactly been working, or do you think it has ?

    We sent 50 billion dollars in aid to Puerto Rico, their are still places without power, people are still having problems with food, medical, and clean water. Puerto Rico doesn't pay most taxes, yet America sends money, sends people to help clean up, sends people to help re-build their infrastructure which was falling apart before the hurricane, and yet Trump was still blamed for all their problems. Is it Trump's fault that they spent money on anything but the infrastructure, or the fact that they build homes on islands that aren't built up to code to withstand a category 1 hurricane let alone a category 3 or 4. I guess it's also Trump's fault that they were billions of dollars in debt before the hurricane, despite U.S. always sending the money. Before you say, Trump didn't want to send them more aid “You know, they owe a lot of money to your friends on Wall Street, and we’re going to have to wipe that out,” Trump said on Fox Tuesday. “You can say goodbye to that. I don’t know if it’s Goldman Sachs, but whoever it is, you can wave goodbye to that.”Basically Puerto Rico became a volatile market, so the big wigs started pulling their money out as seen above, as soon as Trump mentioned getting rid of the debt entirely so they could recover.

    My whole point here is, we send these countries billions and billions of dollars, yet the people themselves never actually see anything from it. Their government sees it and then poof, who knows where it goes.

    Foreign aid 2018

    10. Iraq- 348 million
    9. Nigeria- 419 million
    8. Zambia- 429 million
    7. Uganda- 436 million
    6. Tanzania- 535 million
    5. Kenya- 639 million-
    4. Afghanistan- 782 million-
    3. Jordan- 1 billion-
    2. Egypt- 1.39 billion-
    1- Israel- 3.1 billion, very confusing here as they seem to be doing perfectly fine, yet we give them the most money every year.

    What has all that money done for those countries ? Most of those countries would nuke us off the map if able, yet they want us to send money. We can afford 100 walls for the cost of healthcare we pay for illegals, and the amount of foreign aid we pay to other countries every year. Bane Shift we could build the wall, arm it with guards 24/7/365 and fly helicopters over all day and still save money. We could solve America's education problems, we could solve the homeless problem, these are all things we should be focused on. How can America ever be great, if we are carrying the rest of the world on our backs militarily and financially.

    116 billion is how much we spend every year on illegal aliens every year
  11. Geressen

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    "a person sends money and people to a place they are the leader of, and calls the effort a great succes when it obviously wasn't
    for this he is ridiculed, HOW UNFAIR!" - Super71's opinion.
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    one second you were talking about puerto rico AKA an unincorporated territory of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    and now you're talking about goverments of countries.

    so if the goverments are to blame I believe tbe goverment of the US, the federal goverment should have the blame, the president of which is who exactly?
  13. super71

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    I already said that about Puerto Rico yes glad your catching up, yes governments are typically pretty closely tied with the place they are located in. Why would the United States government be at fault for sending aid and help, and then the country they sent it too, used it improperly and botched everything up ?

    According to that article we delivered all the goods, the national guard then handed them out, and put the reserves in storage containers later to be given out by Puerto Rican government. Instead they left it there and it got ruined, that is stupidity and laziness at it's finest. Can't help people that won't help themselves, especially when people are starving and they don't wanna get off their asses to help their own people. Yes, blame Trump for all that since it's easier.

    “I agree, it should have been handed out as soon as possible,” said Maj. Paul Dahlen, a spokesman for the National Guard. He said some of the materials arrived after the National Guard ended its mission in May. He could not explain why no other agency distributed the materials after that."

    Do you ever have any sort of reliable information or just make bold claims and speak out of your butt all the time ?
  14. Geressen

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    I do not think you get it.
    puerto rico is ruled by the US.
    the US goverment is responsible
    the leader of the US goverment is Trump
    Trump is responsible.
    Trump while responsible claims the relief effort was a great succes
    the local governor claims it was not.

    you ARE their own people.
  15. Geressen

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    also if YOU read the article you will see that.

    they are continers owned and left by the national guard. nd the guard still owns them apparently. but they will give out batteries and the non perishable goods now.

    containing food that was already rotten when it arrived on puerto rico

    Look at that, americans helping americans innit?

    @super71 does not read his sources or thinks rotten food not being fed to people by the national guard of his country is the fault of the people.

    alternatively he thinks if something is left on a parking lot somewhere you are entitled to just steal it, because he is criminal scum. which is no doubt what he thinks the puerto ricans are. :p
  16. super71

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    They were left and owned by the national guard, and were supposed to be distributed by the Puerto Rican government, if the National Guard didn't want it handed out why would they leave it at all ?

    You misread, their was another container shipped from a guy in Florida who used illegal funds to send all that food and water and it got held up.

    "Tons of supplies collected and sent by a South Florida man went bad when it turned out that he had paid the charter flight companies with fake checks. The airlines put a lien on the materials, which got soaked and ruined in the damaged airport.

    On Thursday the man who organized the drive, Emilio I. Vazquez, 47, of Coral Gables, Fla., was ordered to pay $1.5 million restitution and sentenced to 120 months in prison." I'm sure you had an agenda with skipping over that tid bit.
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  17. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    "puerto rico AKA an unincorporated territory of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"

    Were those not your words ? Puerto Rico doesn't want to be a state but they are indeed a part of the United States despite Puerto Rico never saying they are except when they need help. Puerto Rico is not ruled by the United States at all, when we had a hurricane in Texas they were up and running shortly after, is it possible the Puerto Rican government was unprepared and mishandled all the supplies given the success of the Texas clean up ? It seems odd that we handled that fine but we had problems with Puerto Rico, where they opposed Trump from the get go, and didn't know where the supplies were, didn't have access to the supplies it's all hog wash.

    It's easier to blame Trump because you typically blame everything on Trump, why are you so obsessed with Trump exactly ?
  18. Geressen

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    hm-mmmm I'm going to give you a couple days to think about it.
  19. Geressen

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    next time you park your car near an unused building your car becomes mine okay?

    that is how you say it works.
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    Puerto Rico does want to be a state. They just keep getting turned down by the federal government. Also they answer to the US federal government.

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