Migrants giving the most powerful man in the world an ultimatum ?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by super71, Dec 13, 2018.

  1. super71

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  2. Geressen

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    Im confused, your thread says most powerfull man in the world but then the link says Trump.
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  3. super71

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    What person in the world is more powerful than the president of the United States ? Name one
  4. Geressen

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    the man who pulls his strings, Vladimir.
  5. badgerale

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    Assumadly Donald Trump can't command the US forces to do his bidding without agreement from many others. So while he is leader of the most powerful nation on earth his personal power is likely less than others.

    Of course, every country has governmental structures and interest groups that need appeasing but you could probably say a more autocratic leader such as Putin or, the al Sauds, or a few others, have more personal power since they are regulated less.

    I googled it and Forbes put Putin and Xi Jinping as higher - which makes sense to me as even if Trump is reelected he can't serve more than 10 years (?), whereas others can stay put and work on longer term interests.
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  6. Varthas

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    Chuck Norris
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  7. Geressen

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    I mean yeah I said Vladimir but go ahead and steal my answer okay fine.
  8. super71

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    Good point, I should have looked at communist countries first, i'm sure Kim is probably up there also as they all have a lot more control, with less strings or people to check their power.

    Good post

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