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    G'hern Birthmother

    This underused G'hern is one of the magic damage sources available to us and is fighting for a spot against Isangoma I would say that the Birthmother only has a shot at gameplay if you are running Feshcaller Mika for the cooldown reduction on both summon moga and summon crested fesh her other upgrade being protected moga is somewhat useful but relies on an opponent focusing on killing her to proc potentially useful but overshadowed.

    3/5 With 6 Speed she would really make a good pick until then shes very hard to make use of

    G'hern General

    This guy is a highly impressive unit being able to designate a flagbearer which grants more overseer and boosts for an area he is most certainly an autoinclude due to his versatility tank level and useful abilities.

    5/5 A very useful leader holding Battlemaster and being an all around good champion,

    G'hern Isangoma

    This is another magic damage based Ghern with relatively acceptable range access to surge moga and an area of effect heal he is definitely useful and worth testing out for yourself as he brings reasonable utility and can grow with the deploys and become a force on the field.

    3.5/5 The healing alone is useful enough to help keep things going

    G'hern Juggler

    This guy for me is a very solid ranged G'hern option with good starting damage and range and useful abilities this is a classic ranged unit that is just worth having around and is exceptionally viable competing among the ranged G'hern and definitely holding his own.

    3/5 Very good for budget and for additional aoe Combos well with Chefs

    G'hern Overlord

    Sadly this is rune in an awkward spot while he has the surge he is very slow at 5 speed but can choose between relocate foe or ally given the desire to run vicious harpoons he is just unable to compete with for example the G'hern Thrower who just brings ranged attack cheaper price tag and good utility abilities as well.

    1/5 Simply too slow and for something trying to race to a frontline good threat in the midgame.

    G'hern Punisher

    Statwise his damage feels a little low but he has a great speed of 7 making him potentially useful as a tank but to achieve the surge moga on him raises his cost and keeps him in around the 81 nora bracket using Surge moga and Conquerer he could be a very powerful frontliner but I feel his price puts him a little too high with other variants around him he could be worth trying at the very least.

    3/5 The speed is quite the temptation

    G'hern Pyro

    This unit just feels a little confused he is definitely in the realms of melee fighter but is easily overshadowed by the likes of the Punisher or General for example he is mostly there for a quick flame surge and run around, a good tactic would be if you run this rune to use your Moga Recruiters with battle hymn and an alacrity and allow this guy to flame surge back and forth for incredibly high damage which i feel is very situational at best.

    1/5 I feel this guy is better left for a fire bg or outside of moga styled bgs.

    G'hern Rager

    This is definitely a shock trooper for your early game he is meant to get down and run at an enemy with an automatic 8 speed due to berserker but aside from that this guy is not the greatest choice I feel you would be better to place the nora the Punisher for example and use him in the same capacity and have a better long term and more flexible rune.

    2/5 Has potential but definitely more options out there

    G'hern Razorback

    This is literally a tank a wall of meat with very little damage threat and given that his pricing is in there with the Rager Pyro and destroyer he is pretty much not worth including he brings nothing special to really warrant him being there sadly.

    0/5 Simply anything else

    G'hern Soothsayer

    This is another ranged option in the G'hern and this one is very intresting overall chances are due to the price tag you will lower the multiattack and bring it down to 80 nora with Surge the difference between this and Isangoma is pacification vs area healing and Magic damage vs Pyschic and sadly given the amount of phase shift available in certain factions i feel this guy is held back just because finding magic damage within moga and G'hern is very difficult, this is a tough choice and he may be useable instead of for example the Juggler as another ranged choice.

    2.5/5 Simply having to pick between surge and sunder is painful and his price tag for early on is high given his lowered damage and utility Isangoma is directly competing.

    G'hern Sustainer

    This is a major source of healing and with battle harden this guy can even make his way into some Meta sp bgs this alone should tell you how powerful or useful he can be and with many moga on the board that battle harden can be a big deal, definitely something you should want to have.

    5/5 Simply you will want this guy

    G'hern Taskmaster

    For me this rune is not horrific but it is not good it is overshadowed by many other G'hern what he does is AP management declaring a target and whipping moga to allow them to get to the lines and do things of that sort he could be useable but ultimately he himself is just there to supply AP and you have to invest alot for him to provide in this role I personally think there are better options for example G'hern Thrower can behave as an Ap manager just be throwing moga or G'hern to the frontlines while having Surge as well to be a threat later.

    1/5 There are better options.

    G'hern Thrower

    This is another nice ranged option which allows you to do a few very nice tricks the Throw champion literally gives this guy a fantastic use of throwing the moga to catch up to the rest of the team and help you supply very well for me this guy is an important rune that is very flexible offering good ranged and the utility from throwing for me this is a G'hern that you will enjoy making use out of.

    4/5 This guy can win games when used correctly allowing sneaky font captures a fast early game or just supplying reinforcements mid game.

    G'hern Tyrant

    This guy is a more aggressive rune which provides a nice buff which the Taskmaster also has the difference is that the Tyrant has the moga Surge so has a chance to develop into a dangerous threat on his own but you are paying alot for this guy to be on the board but he has a chance to be useful definitely someone you could run I personally do not as i feel there are better valued options.

    3.5/5 Alot of fierce compeition in the melee front but this guy does do well.

    Gluttonous Overseer

    This is a 2x2 fat overseer that can devour a small enemy champion whole, which can be very useful runs the risk of this rune being trapped awkwardly he is definitely useable and has a reasonable price tag it can definitely find a few moments where it shines but mostly he will be acting as an overseer and generally speaking avoiding trouble, can say give him a try you may find you like him or not this guy is personal preference and how you feel about devour whole.

    2/5 Simply not to my tastes for these bgs but he may be better than i give credit for.

    Mogahern Destroyer

    As a G'hern this guy is very intresting being also a Moga at the same time his price tag is very reasonable for the fact he allows other G'hern to surge from him and this makes him a very good side font unit I personally consider him very underrated and his power attack raised up to 3 allows him to do a 16 dmg hit very regularly which always keeps him relevant I would say this is someone you should try for yourself and you may be pleasantly surprised at how useful he is.

    5/5 Simply due to flexiblity and that you can if you have too many G'hern drawn treat this guy as a moga very useful.

    Thankyou very much for reading and hope that it helped a few people.
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    Stickied. Until more indepth guide is made.
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    How many g'hern do you need in a bg? Not many have 4/5 or better.

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