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  1. soulmilk

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    I know this probably won't happen, but I love G'herns so much.

    Right now it exist 14 SP G'hern Champions. Each you can only play 1 of. (Except Razorback for no apparent reason.)
    They are obviously made to be played in Moga BGs, however most of them will never see play in those BGs as only the ones who work the best with Mogas gets played, leaving the others behind.
    How many times haven't you looked through your SP collection and thought to yourself "I wish I could play this G'hern Rager, Punisher or Mogahern Destroyer."

    Making G'herns being able to be played on their own would make just that dream come true.
    But wait, wouldn't that require a lot of effort and changes in runes? They don't have any support, right? Right?
    The truth is, they actually do!

    Well, before that. I actually lied. It's not fully Mogaless. However all of the support compliments being played in a BG filled with G'hern.

    Moga Zealot
    58 Nora, with Berserk 2, his DMG is 14 and have 8 Speed. Also have initiative. This already make him extremely efficient, but he also have Surge:G'hern, making him amazing.

    Moga Trigger
    To be honest, he is not that great, but 10 DMG + Surge G'hern for 40-43 Nora is efficient.

    Looking for Work
    33% to create Moga Trapper. Worth 38 Nora. This is if you are unlucky. Kinda comboes with Moga Trigger. Not really though.
    33% to create Moga Slinger. Worth 51 Nora. Long Range Pinger!
    33% to create Moga Zealot. Worth 48 Nora. This is Awesome!

    Unfortunatly, this is where the G'hern support ends.
    Disappointed? So am I.

    What would be needed to make G'hern runnable? Not much to be honest.

    First we would have to change the spell Looking for Work. Just need to change Moga Trapper into Moga Trigger. BOOM! Problem solved.

    Mogahern Destroyer - Give him Surge:G'hern as an upgrade. He'll get boost for each G'hern you control, he'll give 1/2 DMG to every G'hern with Surge: Moga. Awesome!

    G'hern Taskmaster - Give him Improve Speed as an upgrade. He'll speed up your slower units into battle. (So will thrower and Overlord.)

    G'hern Razorback - Give him Logistics: Flanking. Would make his damage output from mediocre to good.

    G'hern Rager - Give him Leverage: G'hern. Leading a raging army into battle. (Leverage as an ability is in need of a cost change though.)
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  2. Raikan

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    I think the real issue is that many g'hern have surge:moga or overseer base (making them difficult to use/overcosted in just about every non-moga bg). To make this change, the developers would have to remove those abilities from base and put them into upgrade trees (and the avalanche of complaints would have to be silenced about abandoning the theme and making g'hern goodstuffs/meta viable).
  3. SPiEkY

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    I use Mogahern Destroyer in my BG... He's 64 nora for Unstoppable, Knockback, Power Attack, and Overseer 2 (Which means he's effected by Cultural Contamination). AND He's race G'hern and Moga, so Aviator boosts his range and casting Strength in Numbers on him counts all your Moga and G'hern and buffs them all, so, yeah.

    Also, I guess he has sentry, so that's cool or whatever.
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  4. soulmilk

    soulmilk I need me some PIE!

    Overseer Moga rank 1 cost 1 nora. Can't see how that is expensive. (Is also useful here.)
    As I also said in my post, G'hern does get a boost from Surge:Moga, just not as extreme as in a Moga BG.
  5. RedScarlet

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    I basically play Ghern Taskmaster, Soothsayer, General, Rager in my FF SP. The only Moga being Dirge lol.

    In my fs sp, I have Rager, Taskmaster, and Sustainer.

    I would say gherns are actually splashable. Only a good amount of them are truly meant for Mogas. Some of them are already applicable in goodstuff
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  6. Paper Skull

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    I don't think there needs to be a separate G'hern theme. I think they occupy a good space as is.

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