My favorite decks of all time - appreciation thread

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by devilsrath, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Fentum

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    The BG that turned the screen into whirling patterns of multicoloured mozaic for a couple of turns, then your shrine exploded. Circa 2010.
  2. PoxBot

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    Ryv once made a really annoying deck based around dropping Wavecrusher in the middle of the board with many variations and delivery systems. Skycrusher he called it or something along those lines. Wasn't the most consistent deck but it would certainly make you clinch your buttcheeks when facing it.
  3. Kendoshi

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    My favorite deck came really late in the existence of Poxnora with the Ronin expansion. I build the SL/IS construct bgs revolving around Cyclopean Firecases and Cyclope Artifice, which I called the "Bombdeck". I loved playing it and in my eyes perfected the lineup over the time. I never had so much fun with anything else and it felt super satisfying playing it correctly. Even after nerfs I feel it was very competitive against any meta decks around at any time.

    On a side note, the best time of pox was when you could stat your champions how you wanted. Miss those 100+ nora champs days! Also a special Firk you to all FS players and drown in particular. I hate you and have ptsd of water to this day!
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  4. devilsrath

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    Cheers for the responses and memories people!

    Added a few to the list:

    • Every single one of @iPox s' decks
    • Soulfears 2 champ deck
    • Tinydragons' efficient summon snake spam (with pre nerfed Battle hymn, Motivation and Drive) (KF) (Held #1 for months when KF were considered bad prior)
    • Strip Armor - Conduit - Icequake - boardwipe (all pre nerfed) (IS/ST)
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  5. darklord48

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    Don't forget about Evoke's decks, he was the original trick deck builder.
  6. Gnomes

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    i miss old school clayform and grim mirror decks. like on timber wolves, or on the angle of restoration. also i liked the old school super champ acid elemental. what ever expac the acid elementals / Titans came out was my favorite by far...
  7. poxrooster

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    I forgot about Rift Balls. Nice build.
  8. zenadel

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    Man I remember when I transfer upgrades from firecases and other units and make some funny stuff with it. Yes that was super cool I miss that too....
  9. Ballballer

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    My favorite deck of all time was the mixed lightning range-hate deck I created and held rank 1 with for like 6 months.
    It had soooo much flexibility and could pretty much adapt to beat any deck consistently (besides knockback FS with poison cloud+trapper+augur)

    -Overcharged golem + thunderhead totem was an instakill on 90% of champs under 60 hp.
    -Cyclonic feshes put lightning rods on everything
    -Slag overmind flooded the map with illusion of lies and the illusions worked with lightning rod to instakill anything with a lightning storm
    -Mud elemental was one of the best champs in the game at 65 nora with resistance to 3 damage types, absorb, cast hungry mire, and mudsling
    -SP Doombringer had attacked:charged and freaking ETERNAL STORM
    -Whispers of the mind cost 30 nora and lasted indefinitely
    -Cyclops Hurler had create:chasm and stone bomb, which meant that any small champ without unstoppable could be instakilled with create:chasm + slavers whip or stone bomb or avalanche
    -Voil infernal had death touch and something else that I forget
    -Voil Jester was one of the best champs in the game with deflect, divert, cackle, confuse, paralytic feedback, and restraining aura
    -Voil Kings crypt was insane, with the relic giving 3 baby bats that swarmed

    And then the range hate, ohhhh baby the range hate:
    -Dirge had evasive 3
    -Mud elemental had absorb
    -Overcharge golem had paralytic feedback
    -Cyclonic fesh had absorb
    -Stormflyer had deflect and evasive
    -Slag overmind had paralytic feedback
    -Ghern general had flagbearer, and it used to be aoe 6, gave +1 speed, +2 evasive ranks, AND gave spell resistance
    -Sciean had evasive
    -Voil Infernal had evasive
    -Voil jester had paralytic feedback, divert, deflect, and evasive

    Yeah, the deck had basically unlimited tricks, super cheap with the SP bonus, and gave you flexibility to deal with any situation.
    Was so ridiculously fun to play man, I miss it.
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    Shut up.

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