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    Hey everyone, I'm so excited to read all these news about the new projects, I want that art book so bad, god dammit!!!!
    One thing that had me hooked on PoxNora was the unconventional characters and diversified lore. Dwarves weren't necessarily the good, honorable guys, and the undead weren't one-dimensionally evil dudes. Every faction hanged on some kind of grey area, fuelled by vengeance, pride, and complex disputes.
    Every rune, every unit, every piece of art had a story to tell, and it always left you with a bit of mystery behind it, also... I remember going to the lore section on the site, only to see hidden art pieces that weren't in the runes, context and deeds of heroes and characters we wouldn't see for many expansions yet to come.

    I absolutely adore this game, the way it is gritty, fantastical but also believable... well, anyways, I finally played a ranked game after a few weeks playing only on singleplayer, and Igaboom spotted me, we chatted for a while and I'm posting these here for him and for whoever wants to go back on this nostalgia trip. It felt great to be a part of this community, and I love you all very much.

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    These spark joy.
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    Hi Monroid! Your FS pic has been my screen background for a few years :) In fact, until I setup a new PC about a week ago.
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    I still use the avatar you made me for everything!

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