My voil bg I need help with

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  1. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!


    Cyclops wardrummer x1- knockback, battle harden 3,
    Feshcaller Mika- Weaken spells, sonic aura,
    g'hern general- battle master 3, hunter meek,
    Hyaenid Houngan- Cripple, pawn
    Lance Admiral- Warcry, barrage 1
    terraced slag- empathy, heal self 3
    voil nighthawk- snatch, shadow spawn- Mostly here for the anti-equip and stealth
    Voil queen x2- life siphon, summon young bat- She was in for a heroic quest, gonna switch to voil caverns, and surge voil on her now.
    voil sorceror x2- Magic bomb, magic acolyte
    voil stalker x2- elusive leap, conqueror
    voil stormflyer x2- storm acolyte, loyalty
    voil storm spear x2- lightning skewer, enervating touch- Would rather have stun, and reflexes 3, but they aren't leveled up yet, and that takes forever in this game. Also enervating touch doesn't work as it reads
    Whirling Quarry- Seism, stone barrage- Mostly here for seism, for when fw drops a relic 55 spaces away.


    1x avalanche
    1x bad blood
    1x distract
    1x elemental vortex
    1x lightning storm
    1x peak tactics
    1x vertical push
    1x whispers of the mind
    1x wings of steel


    1x echo chamber
    1x tribal post
    1x staff of the solstice

  2. L33Ch

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    Some alternative runes to consider in a voil surge theme. May need to drop most of your non voil units, although very useful maybe even Mika and Drummer.

    Basically your looking to build as much damage as fast as possible, use bats to slow enemy progress, hold fonts to maintain your faction bonuses and use terrain to advantage where possible.

    Surge Units
    x1 Voil Progenitor 91 nora surge voil, voil caverns - Beast tank, prime candidate for opponent debuffs
    x2 Voil Queen 72 nora surge voil, summon bat - bat breeder, fair tank, ok early deploy if nothing faster is available
    x2 Voil Windstriker 78 nora surge voil, pounce - expensive but good damage potential, try to keep at 9 ap+ for ranged pounce and double tap
    x2 Voil Dive Bomber 67 nora multi atk1, surge voil - cheap high damage beater

    Possible non-voil includes
    Cyclops Ritualist - anti-summons, dispel
    Hyaenid Witch Doctor - cleanse, cackle, hex, inhibiting

    Defend the Roost - saves a near death unit and generates 2 bats, useable on summoned bats
    Magnify Beast - +45 hp on Progenitor and fascinate
    Unstable Ground - place in opponents direct path, only effects non flying units
    Havoc's Touch - +5 damage, once surge gets going it's nora regen begins to repay the high cost
    Nublin's Surprise Pies - who doesn't like pie ?
    Ionization - as most voil are physical damage this adds some needed alt damage and synergizes with storm flyer/spear units
    Crescendo - nora efficient finisher

    Cyclops Eye Belt - spot knockback
    Idol of Elements - immunity to multiple elements
    Slaver's Whip - removes problem champ for 3 turns, possible cliff dives

    Voil Cavern - moar bats
    Rock Trap - stealthed knockback and stun
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  3. Runegod

    Runegod I need me some PIE!

    Any idea what to take out lol
  4. L33Ch

    L33Ch I need me some PIE!

    Well you can start with all your non voil units, it's then a matter of personal preference dependant on play style and what runes you currently have available.
    I would suggest copying your original BG and playing a few variants to see what works best for you. Most of the spells, equips and relics could be swapped out, although Vertical Push is almost x2 auto include.
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    Currently what can be a BG Voil?

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