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    I think I would like to see them become the new mutation theme.

    While they would be initially weak. The longer they stay alive; the more adaptive they become to the situation. Think of them like an organic hive-mind that gets tougher, and tougher the more you try to kill it.


    • The Flood: Halo
    • The Zerg: Starcraft

    Adaptive Mutation:
    When this unit is destroyed, all champions with Race: Myx will gain an additional resistance to that damage type that destroyed this unit for duration X.

    Hopefully they would end up, death benefit/adaptability style to them. Inherently cheap, with lower than average stats, being reliant on disposable units so that the race as a whole can get slowly buffed with defensive adaptations, while you have the support units in the back using Mutate: to get key units up, and running.

    When I say lower than average stats, I mean it. Cheap, swarm, adaptive.

    Possibly getting as low as 10hp for the disposable, and as high as 25-30 for the fighters. The Faction Bonus, and Adaptive Mutation stacking resistance will go far to make them hard to take down. Their low hp is to off set their cost, and balance out these high defenses.

    The themes weakness would be anti-summon, affects they bypass defenses. NO: Surge! This is a boosting theme, not a swarm theme. It just borrows the swarm mechanics to boost their theme.

    This would just be a theme with a rather eccentric playstyle. (Like constructs, but with a death benefit) I think it would fit the mutation role, and excel with SL's defense oriented faction bonus, making them viable.

    Ideally if it happens the way I envision. You can contest, and be semi-aggressive with the disposable units that will be used to buff your attackers for a duration. I don't think it would be a very boring gameplay.

    Will add more to this as time allows.
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  3. gamengamenut

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    i can see the potential and the thematic fitting for this, as a hardcore SC 1 Zerg player (FOR THE SWARM!) and a great fan of huge bug things in Starshiptroopers i support this idea with almost all my heart. i like how they are played like an organic system . I actually like the resistance orientated idea. Here's just my two cents worth.

    Treating myx more like an evolving set of creatures.
    aside from the queens,broodlords and co-ordinators (we call these the swarm minds, think overmind for zerg)).
    we have the pupae, some of the other myx (like spitter and less prominent ones).

    the less significant myx i wont touch on, not sure what my ideas implications have on them.

    anyway, rather than just letting the pupas become drones, they should become larvaes. this should decrease the cost of some of the pupa gen, both AP and nora.
    once they are larvae, they have 2-4 options of evolving, costing nora. they can possibly become :

    The cooldowns can be pretty high (they start on CD) and be reduced everytime a myx dies (something like that ,tell me what you think)

    drones (the very low hp things that provide "quick deaths and annoyance")(cheapest)
    spitters (lower health bugs but with range) rather cheap cuz they are the "runts"
    Lurker (higher tier myx at higher cost, similar to sandlion but without assassinate)
    Sandmaw (2x2 myx, requires nearby matriarch (says in her text about her songs) big tougher myx, like a lesser adamant) (most expensive)

    Aside from the growing mechanic, perhaps an evolving defence system.

    Relics which can "grant" things like Range, spiked carapace (like damage shield) for nora.

    just throwing it out there....if this is outrageous then i'm sorry lol
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  4. Tweek516

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    No I really like this.

    While I think the stacking resistances would be cool, I think the variable options would be cooler.

    Although, I think it should be handled slightly differently - the larvae should only have the option of drones, and the queens etc have the ability to grant it the option to take a different form.

    Have the CDs high and decrease by 1 for each myx/each time a myx dies.
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  5. gamengamenut

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    Hot Pockets! Yeah, more different type of "queen" units for the different purposes. Leg card should be able to turn them into different stuff. Golly i wish this was a thing now. SO MUCH FALVOR. Like a star burst.

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    Love the ideas.
  7. gamengamenut

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    IF IF IF these changes do actually see the light of day i will regret my choice of trading away my broodlords and adamants for voils (a very nice trade tho got like 30+ cards)
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  9. gamengamenut

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  10. Ifem21

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    Wow, amazing idea. The Queen can be changed to be without attack, a full support Rune, that summom pupaes, low de time to hatch them, and make Drones into others Myx.
  11. Tweek516

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    I think you misunderstand a tad:)

    I'd want the queen to grant the pupaes that ability to hatch into a different myx, once they turn into a drone etc they're stuck as they are.

    Also I would like it to be the number of myx changing the time they take to hatch (not the queen specifically) - although this may be what you meant.

    Something I wouldn't be too keen on, however, would be if the queen could both lay and manipulate pupae. I don't really like self-synergy, she'd just be ran in meta and would eventually have to be nerfed.
  12. gamengamenut

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    they should be seperate units

    think of real life insects, they have queens (who lay the eggs) and the nurses(those who care for the babies/worms?), similarly to feeding the larvae royal jelly to become a queen, these "nurse/midwife" myx units can be the ones granting the mutate abilities and also get things like relic guardian and what not to care for the eggs whilst not actually being able to lay any, relying on the queen and hives to poop out some eggs.
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  13. Ifem21

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    Instead of nurses, can be some kind of "genetic master", like Abathur, you know XD
  14. gamengamenut

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  16. Tweek516

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    Looks like sok is already kinda implementing this :)

    Well, some of the ideas in here anyway.
  17. poinl

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    As far as zerg plays out in game, their units are just extremely expendable. They send a whole army in to fight till death, and once dead, they have constructed another for round two. Not sure how'd this play out in pox though.
  18. Elves Rule

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    Yeh Bane Shift like zerglings can never exist in pox because banner would just increase their dmg by 33% or something and aoe would murder them harder than siege tanks.
  19. gamengamenut

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    All we gosta do is give them some way to have spell resistance if only fro a while like, you know to give a little oomf to them for awhile. but limiting them with aggregate....hmm...
  20. potatonuts

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    I really love Myx but they do feel like they are missing something. So often i find myself amassing armies of drones with no end game strategy other than 'spawn lots of bugs'.
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