Need help for a fw/ud split.

Discussion in 'Split Faction' started by Zone1010, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Vamps have following variations:

    using creeps:

    UD: rapid assault, votaev grasp, necrohex on korona/jyx, bloodgoyles with init
    ST: arcticgift, necrohex on missionary and 7trux, cape for lamia to do something without losing preparation, facilitator to juggle that cape between lamias and fiends/worms, possible superchamp-kit (shield/pilgrimage/three wishes/equips) for vampyre

    not using creeps:

    UD: simple classics - jyx/korona + efficient stuff + maso/echoes + multiple blood magic
    SL: taint/horrific mutation, draksar commander-battlemaster-defender-weaken spells phalanx, necrohex on sermoners
    FS: collective, seep for soulcollector, pearls for tombraider
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    I always make a vamp deck, then realize its not competitive, lose a bunch, dismantle it and then post a bunch of angry threads about how inefficient vamps are
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