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    Finally having a first look at the client, thought I'd jot down a few observations:

    Overall look is definitely more slick and clean than the old client. I'm still suffering from disorientation, so will resist being critical of things I simply don't know how to do vs actual UI issues.

    Main screen
    - Much improved over old client. Not sure why Marketplace is off to the right rather than in the center with the rest of the main options.
    - The tiny little white dots to switch between Daily and Heroic Achievements; they could be larger and more obvious.
    - The icon for Custom Game looks like an Options Menu icon. "Custom" is an arbitrary word, but almost anything would be better than the icon of three sliders. May I suggest Bow crossed with a Mace.
    - The presence of the PS4 icons are confusing, and once recognized, annoying. Needless to say, separate UI for PC and PS4 would be most welcome.
    - Player details. My current League progress says "12/2". Should be "12/20". Same problem for both 1v1 and 2v2.

    Options menu
    - I'm playing on a 13" Mac Book Pro. Game defaulted to 1280x720, (that's fine). Text in options menu is heavily pixelated and almost unreadable. Changing to any other resolution, (all larger), expands the window beyond my screen and is unusable. Other fonts throughout the game are slightly pixelated and not easy to read: timer on the right, gold and credit amounts, 'average cost' within Deck Manager, etc.

    Deck Manager
    - Overall usability is kludgy, though there are new features that are an improvement. Overall design is clearly optimized for console and not PC.
    - I like the expanded filters, for example, the ability to filter for multiple races or factions at once. The toggle option is a nice solution for quickly selecting the options wanted.
    - Don't like the single click to add/remove a rune from deck. I have to click a rune before I can see details, which means the rune gets auto added/removed whether I want the rune in my deck or not. This also produces the annoying pop up, Rune Already In Deck whenever I highlight a rune just to see its details. Single click should simply highlight, double click to add/remove.
    - Would really like a larger window for the large icon, available runes display. There is a LOT of wasted space on the page, enough to fit in two rows of runes.
    - Runes in the deck are almost too small to recognize, especially if you aren't familiar with them. Would like to see hover details, like the web based deck manager. Comparing to the web deck manager, they appear to be the same size so assume this is another instance of poor resolution as mentioned above under Options.
    - Deleting a deck does not remove it from my list of decks. Clicking Delete removes all runes but the deck remains in the list. Going back to the web deck manager I can see the deck is gone but I still see the deck in the new client. The undeleted/deleted deck then exhibits odd behavior if I try to edit it.
    - Cannot Forge Legendary runes. Hopefully this is an oversight, as Legendaries can still be forged online.
    - Need a safe exit from the edit screen without save. Only current option is save and close.
    - Sacrificing a rune kicks me out of the Rune details screen. This forces me to once again select the rune, which once again generates the Rune In Deck pop up. This will make Sharding runes a major PITA. Suggest Rune Details includes a scroll option to see all instances of a rune without having to go back to the Deck Manager first.
    - While I appreciate the free decks awarded by the Faction Tutorials, I would really like these free decks separated from my own decks, and I would really REALLY like the free, non-shardable runes separated from my personal collection, or at the very least, much easier to identify without going into rune details.

    Rune Checklist
    - Where is it? Unless I'm missing something, the only way I can see all my runes is to edit a deck and scroll through the icons. Ugh. The checklist is invaluable for managing the great number of runes in the game. Absolutely an essential must include at some point. Viewing my entire collection just 5 runes at a time simply won't do.

    Haven't played any games yet, will report more in a short while.
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    haroldkin I need me some PIE!

    - The auto pan is annoying and seemingly unnecessary. What is the pan trying to accomplish? It doesn't appear to be centering on the action but rather just pans to the bottom of the screen. Please at least include an option to turn it off.
    - Large nora and damage numbers are nice, if perhaps a little too large. Assume another optimization for PS4 play.
    - Increased movement speed is a little jarring, but I may get used to it. Nonetheless, it would be nice to have an option to slow the movement speed, even just a little bit.
    - The double 'a' for attack is annoying. Remapping the brain to use '1' is certainly a workaround. Just different. I would very like to see other hot keys implemented, like cycle champion.
    - I have the same resolution issue I mentioned earlier. Many fonts are pixelated and difficult to read; ability AP, chat window, etc.
    - Rune in dock no longer show a preview when highlighted.

    - The rewards screen is a little confusing. First, I received Rank 1v1 screen after completing the first Tutorial. Second screen, there is a stack of five? runes on the left. Top rune is Ranged Assault, (new expansion?, doesn't show in the Checklist). Next to that is a single rune for Avenging Angel. That stack of five runes is very confusing. Did I receive five runes or one? And what is Ranged Assault? (Nevermind, I now see that Ranged Assault is the name of the Deck I won, not an individual rune. This could be more clear.)

    - Progress doesn't change. Progress still says 0/1 after completing a Tutorial stage.
    - Third tutorial doesn't seem to have a point, just a repeat of the tasks of the second tutorial without any guidance. Surely some further instruction of synergy could be built into the third tutorial.
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  3. haroldkin

    haroldkin I need me some PIE!

  4. bosschess

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    How do you get it to work?
    Mine just shuts down at the first login screen after the Unity logo
  5. haroldkin

    haroldkin I need me some PIE!

    Downloaded Steam Launcher. Installed Pox Nora from Steam Website. Clicked 'Play' from either Steam launcher or Steam Website. Nothing more than that.

    You should get the login window after the Unity screen. Not sure what else to tell you. OS up to date? If no luck, I'd suggest a post in the Tech support forum.

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