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Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by skarpox, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. skarpox

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    The new hyaenid is just not good. He is a sitting duck most of the time. (I guess I should have believed Baller when he said this champs was problematic.) He needs a quick rework. Can you remove his pointless attack and damage in exchange for Grant Electricity Aura on base? He does not need these with Stormreader. His nora cost is low, but there is still room to add a few more things. Maybe you could make him look like a stormchasing daredevil. Give him Bold and Stationary. This is a +3 nora increase. Change his Ability Line #1 to Paralyze and Paralytic Feedback. This would be about a +6 nora increase. This moves him to about 65 nora I think.
  2. Netherzen

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    I think he is fine and should not be changed in any way.
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  3. Raikan

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    While I agree that giving him 5 base damage and a ranged 2-4 attack don't make a ton of sense to me (from a design point of view, they seem like sandbags), his overall cost is low and you're running him for stormreader anyway, which lets him put out 20 damage per round. I haven't playtested him yet, but conceivably he'll attack any enemy champ that takes electricity damage (so spells, relics, auras, catalyst: electricity, electricity damage shield, shock from a lightning storm, etc.). Think about thunderhead totem for a moment: combined with this guy, totem will do something like 14 + 10 damage when deployed and then another 10 damage from the aura on totem, so 34 damage on demand. Anyway, I have to play test his ability and will report back.
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  4. skarpox

    skarpox The King of Potatoes

    But then, he is dead. He has no range defense. So you are going to drop 55 nora for a 20 damage hit. Maybe, you will get him to last a few rounds; but after he Teleports into position to wait for a friendly attack, where does he go? He can Paralyze a unit within three spaces, but two ranged units will put him out in one turn. That is too much nora investment for too little back. Give him at least Acolyte to rebuild his stats, something that makes his investment more worthwhile.

    Edit: Another interesting option might be to give him Relocate Relic and Mason's Spire.
  5. CodyW

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    He has 5 range plus teleport rank 3. Its not like you have to go right into the face of the enemy for him to deal damage. I dont understand the 5 attack besides the fact they think its only abother way to put out his stormreader ability. But ive been playing him and for the most part i love it, so much damage from 5 range, you can easily keep him safe in the back, if a ranged unit it wants to go past my front line to attack him, ill trade my 59 nora for there 65+
  6. Sokolov

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    He's actually really good (OP) right now because it's kind of buggy.

    The 2 triggers per 2 turns clause is behaving oddly such that you can deal 20 damage on your turn, then 20 damage on your opponent's turn before they can do anything.

    When this happens, you won't be able to trigger it again on your next turn, but it doesn't matter, their champ just ate 40 damage.

    This is especially crazy when you have 2 out and cast a single Lightning Storm and deal 50+ shocked damage to 2 different targets (this is not counting any additional targets caught in the spell radius).

    It also currently triggers on friendly champions, which is obviously wrong and bad, so that's being fixed (this is making it less OP than it would otherwise be currently).

    The new description will be:
    The first time each turn an enemy champion within 5 spaces takes Electricity damage, this champion deals 10 Electricity damage to that champion (ignores DEF).

    First, this is much easier to parse and understand than "2 attacks every 2 turns." You know you will get 1 trigger a turn, every turn, no matter what. This also doesn't decrease the per round damage potential.

    That said, it is a little harder to trigger both triggers compared to the current variant but it does normalize the output so it isn't strangely bursty. I'll keep an eye on it because I do think it's a unique design and I want it to remain good. But given all the sources of Shocked in Electricity decks, etc. I don't think it'll be a problem getting the benefit.


    As for the design, he isn't meant to get up there and survive. He does't spend AP on attacks normally and is there to support other sources of Lightning damage. Think of it as a mobile relic. The DMG and Electric Attack costs him very little (I made sure of that) and is there so he isn't completely useless when alone.

    He'll also gain Paralytic Feedback on U1 based on the suggestion.
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  7. skarpox

    skarpox The King of Potatoes

    I know that he is not up there to survive, but he is not meant to be dropped into the game to live one round either. In his current condition, he is a priority target and an easy one round. If he is supposed to be a mobile relic, then, make him more of one.

    Another suggestion might be to give him Stationary and Short-Lived 1 and remove Electricity Attack in favor of Grant Electricity Aura to trigger more Stormreaders and to drop his nora to around 25-30. This makes the cost really worth the payout, knowing he is supposed to be there, do some damage, and go, only to come again in 5 or 6 rounds.
  8. doubtofbuddha

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    How is he an easier one round than any other ranged champion?
  9. Ifem21

    Ifem21 The King of Potatoes

    This. Also, WotM is there, use it. This Rune is fine, just need the changes Sok said.
  10. Bellagion

    Bellagion I need me some PIE!

    Rune seems very good to me. Have not experienced any of the complaints I see here and do not advise giving him Paralytic Feedback, as I feel he is bordering on too strong as is. Haven't lost a single game w lightning since the exp dropped.
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  11. Alkioneus

    Alkioneus I need me some PIE!

    I do not understand anyone ranting about the rune. He's devastating. Think of him like conditional FMS with teleport and higher damage potential.
    EDIT: forgot to mention, that he's on the border of the relic price tag.
  12. themacca

    themacca Master of Challenges

    lol @ asking for buffs to this thing
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  13. Vorian

    Vorian I need me some PIE!

    This thing is balanced and very effective, just pick paralytic feedback as 1 of his upgrades! Its like an electric ping.
  14. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    How does this ability target/prioritize when there are multiple champions taking electricity damage (e.g. two champs get hit by an aura; two champs have shock, etc.)? As far as I can tell, it looks like stormreader targets the champion with the lowest health, but I haven't ruled out some other options.
  15. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    I do not know. I have not figured it out yet. It might be the champ that has the dot applied last.
  16. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    My results so far (I'll update as I get more):

    1. Stormreader is 5 spaces away from two champs (one is a 2x2). The 2x2 got shocked first w/ shock 2; the 1x1 got shocked second w/ shock 2. The 2x2 has 17 hp; the 1x1 has 26. The 2x2 gets processes it's shock damage in the combat log first; and gets hits by stormreader's ability. I think (but don't know) that shocked damage processes by alphabetical order.
    2. Same situation, neither unit moved (2x2 mountain lion had a wotm; 1x1 warmandrils was distracted and only had abilities). Shock damage processes again at the end of the opponent's turn. Mountain lion processes first; warmandrils second. The shock damage on mountain lion is exactly enough to kill it (e.g. it had 17 health, then took 4 from shock and 10 from stormreader the previous turn, and another 3). Stormreader hits warmandrils this time instead. After stormreader's ability procs, the combat logs shows mountain lion dying.
    3. Stormreader is 4 spaces from Mastermind Slugtooth (which is coded as cyclops chieftain); 5 spaces from Froblic Bull. Both champs are 2x2. Both champs have shock 4 from jolt 2. Chieftain processes his shock damage first in the combat log; stormreader damages chieftain.
    4. Similar to 3. But Stormreader is 4 spaces from froblic bull and 5 spaces from slugtooth. But slugtooth has jolt 4 and bull has jolt 2. Chieftain process shock damage first; stormreader his chieftain, even though bull is closer.
    5. Similar to 4. But stormer reader is 4 spaces from both bull and chieftain. But bull has jolt 4; chieftain has jolt 2. Chieftain still processes shock damage first, even though bull has a higher jolt rating. This suggests that shock damage processes by champ, and not by dot level (e.g. jolt 4's before jolt 3's). That makes sense for a lot of programming reasons. Stormreader hits chieftain; not bull.

    Current Theory: Stormreader hits the units that 1st receive electricity damage each turn. I need to compare aura vs. shock. However, among shocks, stormreader targets whichever units processes shock damage first, unless shock damage kills that champ. My current theory is that shock damage is checked alphabetically by champ (at least when it's the same level of shock, shock 4 in this case from jolt 2).
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  17. themacca

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    Deploy order. like everything
  18. Ballballer

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