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    gamengamenut I need me some PIE!

    Name is kinda eh, open to new suggestions tho :)

    Name: Karriventa the Hive Mother
    Faction: Sundered Lands
    Race: Myx, Arthropod
    Class: None (any that fit?)
    Size: 2x2
    Rarity: Legendary
    Artwork: Very Fat Myx Matriarch laying a Pupae
    Flavor Text : "Some Matriarchs have attained a higher form, but Karriventa has surpassed her kin and have gained the ability to grant ascension to her loyal subjects."

    Nora Cost: 90-ish? not sure on the cost of abilities

    Damage: 0
    Speed: 6
    Range: 0
    Defense: 2
    Health: 60

    Pet: Myx Slave (Idea ability)

    Lay Myx Pupae

    Subject Dependent (Idea ability) - This champion has wandering but automatically attempts to latch on to adjacent friendly myx slave or myx drone at the end of your turns. Latching on removes the effect of wandering

    Ultimate Evolution (Idea ability) - Target Myx Pupae within 3 spaces becomes a Greater Myx Pupae, increasing the hatch timer by 3 turns. Greater Myx Pupae will hatch into either a Sandlion/spitter (lvl 1 default skills).


    Name: Myx Slave
    Faction: Sundered Lands
    Race: Myx, Arthropod
    Class: None
    Size: 1x1
    Rarity: Limited

    Damage: 6
    Speed: 7
    Range: 1
    Defense: 1
    Health: 45

    Unhinderable (Idea ability) - AP cost for normal movement cannot be increased above 1.
    Attack : physical


    Upgrade 1:
    #1 Consume
    #2 Brood bond
    #3 coordination

    Upgrade 2:
    #1 Sand font
    #2 Sand-fall(1)
    #3 Sand-fall(2)

    Kinda wanted something else other than the matriarch to pump out drones as a champion, added in the wandering thing to inhibit her movement. Having no attack also leads to being a backline pumper being chauffeured ard by her lowly subjects

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