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    Greetings Everyone!

    We have some exciting news for all of you regarding the new Pox Nora game client. It is now at a point where it's ready for a larger group of players to get their hands on the new version of the game. (Please Read this full post before clicking on any of theses links or making a post.)

    The new Pox Nora game client is currently available for the PC. Anything you see in the new game client is open for discussion on the New Pox Nora Client Beta Discussion forum and you can report bugs on the the New Pox Nora Client Beta Bugs forum.

    The link provided is to download the Launcher for the new client. This launcher only works for Windows machines at the moment. When first launching PoxNoraSetup.exe you will be prompted with the "Windows protected your PC" warning. This is because the new security certificate needs to build up a reputation on Windows as "safe." All you need to do is click on "More info" and then click "Run anyway."

    Once installed you can use your normal Pox Nora login info to log into the new client. The new Pox Nora client is running on a separate game server but will be using your actual Pox Nora account. Keep in mind, any purchases you make or runes you sacrifice in the new client will be reflected in the old game client. Multiplayer Matches are not shared between the old client and the new one, so both players will need to be on the new client to see or play against one another.

    We have a new forum section dedicated to the new game client beta. If you run into a bug that also occurs in the old game client please report it in the Bug Reporting forum. The New Pox Nora Client Beta Bugs forum is only intended for bugs unique to the new game client. When reporting a bug please be as descriptive about what is happening and how to reproduce the bug. Make sure to check the specific problem has not already been reported by another player.

    The primary focus of this beta is to test the new server's stability with multiple users, identifying if there are specific game mechanics that are not working, visual effects that are not working, or game features that are not working. If you want to talk about how the new game client functions or want to suggest revisions please post in the New Pox Nora Client Beta Discussion forum.

    Due to this being a beta the game server may go down with little warning and the game may be patched with little to no warning.

    The new game client does fully support using gamepads, all the gamepad icons are for PlayStation controllers so if you have another type of gamepad there may be a bit of a learning curve.

    Enjoy being the first to play the new game client in full, and please stay tuned to this thread for updates about the beta.
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    New to Pox Nora

    Premade Decks
    As part of the new game client we will be phasing out the current Public Decks. These will be replaced with Premade Decks. Upon logging into the the new game client each player will be awarded the "Ironfist Inquisition" premade deck. This is a fully functioning deck that can be edited. All the rune in the deck will also be yours. To prevent exploitation, the runes from this deck can not be sacrificed in the Rune Forge or Traded. This deck will only be added to a player's account once. Otherwise all of you will be able to do anything you want with these runes, and new players will have a deck to start editing as soon as they launch the game. Additional decks can be earned by beating the Faction campaigns in the Training section of the game.

    Custom Games
    There is a new Custom games section where players can create matches or play against bot.

    Deck and Rune Manager
    You can now create, choose, and edit your decks fully within the game.

    The Pox Nora Marketplace is now fully integrated within game client.

    Player Details
    You can not only see your League Progression, but now Match history, Rankings, and Feats (formerly Achievements) are now accessible within the game client.
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    • The new game client does support different resolutions and aspect ratios, but it has only been optimized for 16:9 aspect ratio at the moment.
    • Options Settings at the moment do not persist between game sessions if you open and close the client.
    • Due to the new game engine some of the visual effects may look different from how they appear on the old game client. These are not bugs but just how they will look from this point forward.
    • Not every lobby scene may function as you would want. We have plans on making revisions to different section of the interface, but some of these we want to see what all of you have to say before we make changes.
    • Also, we are currently working on revising how some of the different screens on the lobby interact, so there are known use cases where the interactions may not function correctly.
    • Observe Match is currently disabled.
    • Ranked Play and Custom Game Match listings are sharing the same match listings at the moment. (This is partially so it is easier to see everyone playing a PvP Match.
    • Custom Games against bots and Solo Play Match currently do not show up in any match listing.
    • There are several known issues with the chat system that we are currently working on, so please hold off on reporting problems with the chat.
    • PC Hotkeys have not been implemented yet.
    • There may be several sections where Gamepad promps may be shown even if you are not using the gamepad. This will eventually be changed to a toggle or based on if a gamepad is detected.
    • When the Beta is patch, due to the amount of fixes we are making both large and small not everything addressed may be listed in the patch notes.
    • The new client changes UI/Front End functionality, so gameplay mechanics remain as it is. So if you see a bug in terms of gameplay, please report it to the normal bug forums.
    • However, visual effects are still a major area that we are working on improving so there may be effects that don't appear or are not aligned properly. Feel free to report these as beta client bugs.
    • Owl Credits currently cannot be bought within the new game client, so you will have to use the website for the time being.
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    Pox Port Beta Patch Notes 1.1
    • Resolve Passive Upgrade Abilities not being properly indicated in-match
    • PvP Chat Tab Persisting when Match Ends
    • Revised the Solo Play Map Screen Animation
    • Chat: Double clicking the chat tabs now open/close the chat tab
    • The rewards screen has been revised to better accommodate more rewards.
    • In-Match Chat will now be opened by pressing Enter or hitting / keys.
    • In-Match the Mouse Scroll will no longer scroll map and chat at the same time. It will only scroll what the cursor is over.
    • Fixed an issue where the Turn Notification would be repeated in the Combat Log for every match that was played in a play session.
    • Fixed Player Details “Quests” Information and Timers not being Shown.
    • Fixed Player Details “Stats” Not Showing Progress or Correct Icons.
    • Fixed the Illuminated Visual Effect Persisting After Affected Unit's Death.
    • Fixed an issue where in-match Base Abilities were Being Flagged as Upgrades.
    • Many visual effects are now working or have been shifted to the correct location.
    Keyboard Commands

    The following keyboard commands have been introduced to the game.
    • Esc = open the rune details
    • The Arrow Keys pan the camera in the respective direction
    • A = Attack
    • G to turn Grid on and off
    • P for spell presence
    Note: (N is not needed anymore since it's permanently displayed in the new client)

    Known Bugs
    These are the known bugs with this current version of the game.
    • Using the Unit Cycle Keys will result in not being able to select units with the Mouse.
      • ] for Cycle Friendly Forward
      • [ for Cycle Friendly Backwards
      • ' for Cycle Enemy Forward
      • : for Cycle Enemy Backwards
    • A Black Screen is briefly shown when attempting reconnect before going to the loading screen.
    • In the Rune Manager the Arrow Keys (left and right) jumps runes instead of selecting the next one.
    • The Mouse isn’t highlighting Rune Dock Runes for opening rune details.
    • On the Deck Manager, clicking the Create Deck button does not create a new deck.
    • Filters options do not appear when the Rune Manager is opened using the mouse.
    • Visual effects on Shrine will sometimes stretch across the map.
    • Several visual effects for in-match are still pending fixes.
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