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    So Ive had a channel for a while and kept it on the down low between me and my guildmates but now we came up with the idea of making videos about different themes with 2 people or maybe more commentating. We are tackling different themes with no real preferences to faction and hope that it will help people who are struggling get their favourite theme going. This series was inspired by @Bondman007 old videos with tcg and I personally enjoyed them alot and hope we can help ppl in the same way.

    The first one will be UD beasts tutorial with the support of @Drache77

    and the format is we discuss the runes one by one then play 2 games in ranked que to highlight the strength and weaknesses and give you a sense of how it plays.
  2. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead The King of Potatoes

    Thanks to @Slencer (for the useful insight) and @Regulate (for the creative insults) and for helping me with this video :)
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    Coool! I like it alot, except for the sound. Hope you get it better balanced (volume vice) between the 2 that comments.
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    I am still new to the whole thing and figuring my way around buddy but will keep that in mind
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    This is the second episode of the series :) Hyaenids is the theme. Special thanks to my boys @Slencer and @Elves Rule for taking the time to help out with it. Had loads of fun making this one lads thanks again.

    Also its been pointed out to me that having long videos makes it harder for people to concentrate so from now we will divide the episodes to 3 parts, 1st is 10 - 15 bg building discussion, 2nd and 3rd are 20 mins games to show off the bg and each part will be a separate video and hopefully this makes it easier for people to track whats going on.

    Next episode will be Yetis with @Regulate which will be an excellent one as he loves yetis almost as he loves trash talking me publicly :) so stay tuned
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  7. nepyonisdead

    nepyonisdead The King of Potatoes

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    So for the next episode we were thinking of making either barbs, dwarves, or paladins. IS is not that popular these days and we want to show that its still a top faction :) so we will leave it up to anyone who is following this series. The most picked theme wins. PS Ill try to get an IS main with me for this one hopefully @Nora That or @Markoth are free enough to do it.
  9. Markoth

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    I will be free on Wednesday if you want.
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    sounds like a plan, thanks mate.
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    Just an update :) DiablozIII (one of the better FS players this expansion) will be designing the Salamans bg

    and my boy @Phynixe (The Ferren Master) will be doing a ferren tutorial sometime soon.

    This series has been a blast lads :) and its really rewarding to watch and learn from players who know the themes ins and outs and hopefully more of the pox top players will choose to continue helping here.

    If you have a theme you are really good at and think you have something to share with the pox crew ( let me know on discord a time and date) thats suitable for you and Ill try to make it work.

    Hopefully if @themacca is free and willing :) we can do a a cancer ...I mean FW theme :).

    Anyways all the best, and if u are free this evening me and markoth will be on discord hopefully.

    Kind Regards
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    @Markoth it was a pleasure to have you on this video buddy, I certainly learned alot and I have more appreciation for alot of abilities and spells that i took for granted as to what they do. All in all I cant wait to set up a dwarves tutorial next time.

    The first video is the bg builder where we discuss the runes rune by rune.
    The second video is the test match vs JayScales who was using the ST/SP knock back bg.

  13. nepyonisdead

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    Unfortunately there was an issue where the voice where muted in the spells and relics section but it was 10 mins only and at some stage I do swipe to a photo of his bg. Here is one too if u cant see it clearly in the video

    The IS meta.png
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    You really need to boost audio, Even with my speakers at maximum volume the voices are still muted and hard to listen too.

    In the second video*
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    yeah donnow what happened there, prolly my connection went hay wire.
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    You gotta keep the settings on 1% to bring my awesomeness down to consumable levels.
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