New Shattered Peaks Council member, and the most pressing issues in SP

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by devilsrath, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. devilsrath

    devilsrath I need me some PIE!

    Hi everyone I will be representing Shattered Peaks in the player council.

    But more importantly, what is everyone's feelings on where SP currently is?

    From my experience and from what i've seen voil are the strongest theme in SP. Other than Lance which needs ~20 nora increase, what would the SP population like to see change in voil?

    And in terms of themes: Moga/G'hern, Cyclops, Beasts, Kanen, Hyaenid, Fesh, Slags. How would you rate these in terms of 'fun' and 'strength', and what would you do to improve these themes?

    I will be making every kind of SP deck to try and gauge their strengths and weaknesses, suggestions are welcome.
  2. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    Ok, so now I think you should sign up to be the council member for all factions, cause the difference in game knowledge and play experience between you and the other players out there is abismal.
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  3. Paper Skull

    Paper Skull I need me some PIE!


    -Voil need some changes in theme. Right now they're strong because of all of their boosts, which isn't inherently bad, but they're boosts on already good champions. They need a solid direction. (My vote goes to a dedicated Lift theme!)
    -Moga are in a bit of an awkward spot between cool and powerful. Moga individually need to be weaker but with better utility, while G'hern need to be a little bit bigger across the board.
    -Cyclopes are cool as Firk, but are pretty weak outside of Sibling shenanigans. +Mobility, -Sibling power.
    -Beasts are cool.
    -Hyaenids can be put into a really interesting design space, but they're kind of halfway between a couple different themes. Personally I'm a fan of the debuff stacking route, but Djinn synergy is another option.
    -I think that fesh (and worms) should only be a subtheme within SP. I like where they're at, but throw a little more utility at them for inclusion in a SP/FW worms deck.
    -I don't know about slags, to be honest.

    The 2 runes I think need the most love are Lightning Elemental and Moga Cannon. Cannon is too strong in every deck, and Lightning Elemental just needs a rework. (Bolt/Hit and Run/Scrapper plox.)
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  4. Woffleet

    Woffleet I need me some PIE!

    You should do what the FS player council member did. Make a thread on all the major themes in SP and have each discussion there
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  5. Nebron

    Nebron I need me some PIE!


    Yes, let's bring in a guy that has to ask what's wrong instead of already knows. I'm not a fan of baller but i'd have taken him over most other people because I know he at least has a decent understanding of SP themes and not just whatever is the most OP atm and gets the easiest wins. Then again it never mattered about the balance part of it as long as you kiss ass and pretend like you agree with what the owls are doing you get in. Unbelievable.
  6. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    This will make the input much more organized and easier to compile.

    A separate thread for over the top runes might be a good idea too.
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  7. MentalMoles

    MentalMoles I need me some PIE!

    Honestly I can't think of anybody better for the role than Devils, he knows the issues already - he is simply reaching out to the SP community to help them get involved, surely thats a good thing?

    always looking for something to complain about nubron!
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  8. devilsrath

    devilsrath I need me some PIE!

    I like how voils boost each other, but at the moment they boost each other to incredible stats. Perhaps their base stats could be looked at. I boosted my Scien to 101 hp 7 defence, queens to 70hp with 40 damage, even the vampyre bat swarms were 20 damage with 45hp- with not much effort. The problem with the boost champs like you say is that the boost abilities are on units which are already very efficient- much like the old problem with boost treefolk on the patriach, a 50 nora unit with 70hp, regen and 7000 other abilities. Perhaps the boosting abilities could go on already weaker units, that wouldn't normally be included.

    I have my own idea's of where SP is, it's strengths, weaknesses and the direction I would like to see SP go in. I have good experience with all factions and am not blinded by bias towards any faction, but certainly don't have the same experience as people who play SP as their main faction. As a faction representative I represent the faction, and all the people that play that faction. Input from the SP community can only be a good thing.
  9. Nebron

    Nebron I need me some PIE!

    For something like ST, IS or UD i'd be all for devils being the council member. But when it comes to SP people like xuvali are better qualified. I'm annoyed because we now have had 2 people get into the council through SP just because they wanted to be on the council and that was the only spot available. Every champion that's been changed in the patches since revamp has been a complete waste of time and needs to be done again because the people that were supposed to be guiding the decisions had no fkn clue what they were doing.

    Based on balance discussions in the past i'm fully expecting you to make things hilariously broken. This is, of course, assuming that gedden actually gets around to doing balance patches sometime in the next year.
  10. Raikan

    Raikan I need me some PIE!

    Care to share beforehand? It might alleviate some of Nebron's concerns (I know...but hope springs eternal) and focus the feedback that you'll receive.
  11. OriginalG1

    OriginalG1 I need me some PIE!

    devilsrath for sp. cool. I would like to see more construct units in sp. maybe g'hern or moga engineers.

    What happened to SP beasts?
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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    I would personally be happy, If Nids could get their share in the limelight. I am a fan of their stacking debuffs. Executioner needs a look at play wise. He may be cheap, but he has issues. Slag, Slag, Slag, need I say more? Moga's I feel that the G'hern interaction with Mogas are not as important as it would be. It's a simple deploy Moga Swarm, Deploy G'hern Kill things. There really isn't any synergy between the two. Slag, Slag, Slag.
  13. MovnTarget

    MovnTarget Forum Royalty

    I'll have you know I got in because I was the very best option out there the second best option out there out there.
  14. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    This is pretty funny
  15. WraithxxV

    WraithxxV Active Member

    Great to see Devils being the SP council member, we've been lucky with very good representatives.

    Personally I think SP in general is in a good place right now balance wise, except for Moga Cannon and of course Voils. Fortunately how to fix Voils has been discussed before, my personal take is remove Regal Presence and nerf the outliers (Stormflyer and Sceian).

    How to improve Nids:

    Current Tier: 2 (imo)
    Strengths: Flexible units, amazing debuffs, good damage with Serf
    Weaknesses: Low speed, low variation in roles, countered by cleansing aura, can't compete with Boost, most Djinns are terribad, Dogpile is too expensive (DMr said he was fixing this).

    OP champs: None
    Strong champs: Peaks Ifrit, Nid Feshwrangler, Nid Spiritspeaker, Nid Headshrinker
    Weak champs: Nid Stalker, Peaks Dao, Peaks Dew

    General Fixes: Dogpile to 4 Nora. This supposedly is coming. Also, just a note but the ability description is wrong.
    Champ Fixes:
    -Stalker: Assassinate 1 removed from base, added to upgrade path 1 in place of Cackle.
    -Peaks Dao: Deflect: Sand removed from base, Battlemaster 3 to base, Upgrade path 2 to Initiative 1, Initiative 2, Bodyguard
    -Peaks Dew: Trail: Water removed from base. Upgrade Path 1 to Slam, Dehydrate, Water Vortex
    Random Utility Buff:
    Headshrinker Totem: Gains Bulwark: Hyaenid. Maybe cost to 45.
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  16. KPIC

    KPIC Devotee of the Blood Owl

    Okay Devils, SP need some nerf but not too much. Voils are too strong but please, please, please do not nerf them too much like Trees got nerfed in KF. Just scale down a little at a time. Also, please improve synergy for split builds since SP's support in probably the best in the game.
  17. Nebron

    Nebron I need me some PIE!

    He was using a voil deck and just lost to moles. I don't think you need to worry about him finding anything too OP for a while.
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    IMAGIRL Forum Royalty

    Dao is actually in a good spot. Sure he doesn't shine, but he fills his role. I don't have much if any issues when I use him. That may just be me though.
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  19. Paper Skull

    Paper Skull I need me some PIE!

    I don't know about the whole Djinn/Hyaenid thing.
    I feel like that's what G'hern/Moga should feel like, and Hyaenids should have their own thing. I get that it's cool, but I just think there are too many directions for Hyaenids right now.
  20. Ballballer

    Ballballer Chief Antagonist

    Lol just stop
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