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Discussion in 'Savage Tundra' started by lewis king, Oct 25, 2017.

  1. lewis king

    lewis king Well-Known Member

    Are Lonx Decks playable at the moment, New to playing ST. cheers for any help :)
  2. sWeNibor

    sWeNibor The King of Potatoes

    @Kendoshi Had a Lonx BG in the @MaruXV tournament. He won over my Faires so i would say it is pretty decent alot of DMG and HP and they got acess to Improve speed, Pulls, Gale Force, and Invigorate+Drive and so i would say they got evrything they need to be pretty OP against many match ups.
  3. Kendoshi

    Kendoshi The King of Potatoes

    I am runnin a Lonx Rush type of BG at the moment. Focused around equipments too boost the very aggressive playstyle. If you need the setup just private message me.
  4. MaruXV

    MaruXV Corgi Lord of FW

    @Tweek516 too was playin lonx at the tournament
  5. MrCharles

    MrCharles Member

    I am finding that playing a Lonx equips deck is pretty enjoyable at the moment. I've never been a fan of this faction despite having some success with a few of them no single BG I've ever played from ST has been all that much fun to play. Alot of that's just personal preference but I think i've finally found an exception. I've been rotating different equips and cycling in just about every lonx champ available and there seems to be alot of different setups that are interesting and at least somewhat effective.

    Yeti's and Frost Amp might be more popular and stronger themes than lonx but I think I've found my favorite.

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