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Discussion in 'Ironfist Stronghold' started by birondarcy, May 30, 2017.

  1. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    I have the iron fist deck and just won the drunken master deck? any recommendations one what runes I should add from each deck to make a decent battlegroup to play against BOTS - and also some stratergies with that BG would be great too, I'm new to these kinds of games.
  2. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Hi welcome
    i made a deck, but it was bad so deleted it before i did even test it.
    bbl after some coffee

    you really want ironfist minister and ironfist standard from the drunk deck. and spells are easier to use then relics, but relics got always dual purposes since its hp down on the field. so i left them in the deck.

    i did change a few spells also, and added more attack spells. Granite bracers could be removed also, its so expensive its probably almost always better to deploy another champ, but for BOTs its good.

    this deck is for clearing out Custom Game - 1v1 - BOT.
    deploy a champ, anything but carrier squire is good to deploy.
    elemental warstaff is great if you have got it to level 2, then he can get scry ability and you get 3 runes per turn and not 2.

    ok so gamestyle
    - BOT is stupid
    - BOT will rush you, just deploy, take font, or fonts, get ranged in position to kill the unit that comes charging you. now you have upperhand, either keep deploy 1-2 more units while he keeps rushing you and die on the way.
    - if possible save 2-4AP on your units at the end of every turn. if they are 7spd you can go down to 1AP but its a general rule to try to save 4AP (the max AP you can get is SPD + 4, so no point of saving more then 4AP)
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  3. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    Hierokliff thanks for the deck suggestin my only issue is when I hover my mouse over the runes you suggest it doesn't give the name of the runes? anyway to see the names of the runes you suggest? or is that deck you suggest the one you deleted because you didn't test it? little confused.

  4. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    no, its just a image.
    archangel of al'mara (flying melee unit.)
    carrier squire (anti-equip/detection, works great with holy blade)
    crusader (melee monster, gets +2dmg per turn its engaged, self heal, self cleanse)
    dwarfen hooligan (tossing beers all over the place, range + bombs)
    dwarfen sharpshooter (sniper that can learn to hide)
    elemental warstaff (cheap, and cheap)
    Euan ironfist (hardhitting, healer, buffer, he is just good...)
    ironfist inquisitor (melee monster that can get commander to buff everyone else)
    ironfist minister (could get another from just playing BOT and add it then, he is that good useally)
    kingmaker (0 dmg unit, but gives so much abilities for later... a bit tricky and maybe worthless.)
    northern cross avenger (melee monster, cant move the first 3 turns though, so dont start with it.)
    northern cross cardinal (healer, range dmg, can buff with Sermon or just declare target)
    northern cross priestess (utility+healer, she is amazing when you learn to use her, try to get Cleansing flame asap)
    semmiran noble (kinda meh, but has good AoE bomb and majestic 2, could def change for other units)

    bane blast (AoE electric damage, can hit flying)
    blessing of al'mara (makes you fly so you can move around, also adds Hunter:Walker for paladin, priests for extra defense and extra damage)
    Concecrate the earth (heal for paladins and cleansing some abilities)
    2x Earthquake (removes all AP, 10dmg AoE spell)
    2x Hammerstrike (stun and +10dmg, start with this since it lowers defense and counter some defense abilities)
    Macadamize (gives +dmg, def buff and mobility to all your units in its AoE, permanent)

    Celestial spear (8 electrical AoE dmg)
    hahndor memorial (anti spell, +2 fire dmg for each attack, good for detection also since it does 2fire dmg aoe)
    Ironfist standard (aka warbanner, +1dmg to all units and +5max HP)
    secluded shrine (heals your units when you kill, lower enemy DMG when its destroyed, can be demolished by you)

    granite bracers (reflect one attack per turn)
    holy blade of valdac (add fire damage, and burn DoT, stops healing if equipped by paladin)
    medal of valor (currently banned in PvP because of bug) (but gives +1dmg to all units when you kill with it, works only with melee units)
  5. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    when you got 500 shards, craft a Bastion the Avenger, he is worth the fun of playing some custom bot games and make shards of the extra runes. (takes like 30 games maybe depending on luck :)
    after that Pureblood Plainswalker are probably a unit you would want, its also 500 shards

    if you dont like the relic, remove them and add more units instead, learning to use units are harder then to just drop spells/relics, in alot of my decks i go up to 20-22 units in start then slowly remove them for the spells/relics iam used to play with when ive figured out how the deck can work.

    when you have gathered 5000 gold, buy the IS avatar, it will grow in strength fast and is worth it.
  6. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    @birondarcy i tried to explain some in a small tutorial
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  7. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    so changed a bit, gonna testrun this in the PvP rank instead
    So Medal of valor is banned, added attendent squire instead of that equip
    and removed SEmmiran Noble for Talgar Ironfist, because squire is really good with talgar or euan out. and cheap, and nice support.
  8. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    wow thank you for that great tutorial video it will deffinitally help.
  9. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

  10. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    so first day with these free runes
    15 PvP ranked games
    10 win
    5 loss
    ELO gain 83, would have lost atleast 3 or maybe all 5 even with any IS deck... could try to blame bad draw, missclick, but hmm iam not that good yet to expect 15 of 15 wins pvp rank. and split decks are really tough.
  11. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Noticed i miss a bit of range power that iam used to, so after playing a few games with this deck, it works good. but could get better with crafting 1-2 common and 1-2 uncommon that is so cheap so just playing a few games should award enough runes/shards to make them. and while playing against BOTs you should get some nora mines, adding 1-2 of these instead of spells makes you be able to deploy more champs and learn more.

    Battle Matron - very useful support champ with alot of hp so she can go in and cover up some beating, then walk away and heal if needed.
    Dwarven beermaiden - best beer in the game, it gives regen 2 so your drunk units start to heal 4hp/round. she can shatter old beer and give out new to trigger extra damage and cleanse.

    Dwarven magister - a ranged powerhose with teleport that can blind enemies.
    Pontiff of al'mara - removes enemy defense, stuns and long range.
  12. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    I'm doing a rune search in the deckbuliding screen but I can't seem to find the dwarven magister
  13. haroldkin

    haroldkin I need me some PIE!

    expansion: Rise of Serkan

    Have you checked Unowned Runes to be sure you seeing all runes, including those you don't own?
  14. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    this game is fun but I'm about to quit and frustrated beyound belief, I'm using this deck suggest above, letting the BOTs charge me but I loose more games then I win and i'm not getting naywhere
  15. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Anything special you think that aint working for you? it takes a few games to get used to saving AP, standing in somewhat right position so that the enemy will not oneround your units. retreat the hurt unit, drop down a relic instead or move up some other unit that can take a hit and use the ranged units and kill off.

    1-2 ranged units then 1-2 "meat shields"/tank then a support unit / healer should work after you got 3-5 units down you should be able to oneround any enemy. Think iam bad on giving advice because i dont really think about what iam doing, it just happends...

    Try another map, try Ironfist Mountains, this map is longer and has just one tightspot where the battle will happen, the midfont. bigger maps means more time to get down units, the problem with a tightspot is that if you are fighting ST or SL they have so big AoE spells so you need to stand 3-4 squares between your units or they will get frozen or sandblasted or firebombed.

    it can also be that ironfist tactics isnt your playstyle yet, i would try Underdepths, heavy hitting demons. if you like that playstyle and if it works, then Barbarians can work, but there is no free barbarian deck, but you get cards and gold while crushing the BOT soon.

    or you could go on the sand bandwagon, and play Sundered Lands, they are still the strongest faction(?)
  16. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    I like ironfist I'll keep playing with them. I find if I go up against a bot that uses range, that's when I run into troubles. Like i said I just loose more games then I win, maybe I suck. what exactly is the ironsfist tactics? should I be spending nora to impvoe my runes abilitities?
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  17. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    Yeah this on of our weakness in IS, i trick BOT by falling back a little instead of attack the first turn they are in range for me. then i have full AP and they are just to close to my shrine/font and i can charge. the closer the fight is to my shrine/font the longer it is for them to send new champs down.
    Most of IS units can handle a few hits from enemy range and then go back and be healed up.

    the spell Earthquake removes enemy AP, so when you charge in, using that spell makes sure you only take 1 hit per enemy in most cases anyway. In some cases i even hit my own unit if i need to, it does 4dmg to my and 10 to enemy but removing all their AP is sometimes worth that 4hp dmg.

    but with custom BOT games you can select enemy faction, if you find someone easy to defeat (like enemy IS) pick those a few times to get a few wins, runes and gold, then try the factions that you have most problems with. or just stick with random.
  18. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    I just had 3 battles against the bot lost baddly all three times... should I be spending shards to improve my runes abilities?
  19. Hierokliff

    Hierokliff I need me some PIE!

    If you got Tokens, use them on your favorite runes so they get to level 2 atleast, or check if there are any level 2 abilities you really want. Shards for for crafting new units.

    Tried to make a little BOT game video against KF - ranged and trying to explain some, but watching it later i wonder why i play like i do and if it would actually help anyone. these small videos are kinda helpful for myself. The game didnt turn out how i thought it would :)

  20. birondarcy

    birondarcy Well-Known Member

    well I'm playing IS bots on the stronghold mountains I win almost every time. When I examine a ruin in deckmanger I see the experience bar for that ruin at the bottem of the card(it seems the more I play with the rune, that bar goes up) What exactly does this experience bar mean? Now in the same screen I see different abilities that cost Nora? (am I understanding this right?) How do I unlock those abilities? How do I get tokens?

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