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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Daltos, Jan 8, 2020.

  1. Daltos

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    I played against Sever3 today and on one font he was able to cast two spells a turn and a champ a turn all game. I started adding the nora for my side then comparing them to the spells he was casting and it didn't add up at all.

    Is there a nora cheat in this game because it feels like this guy used it.
  2. PoxBot

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    Today I was playing vs Hermaios and I beat his icefang with my firecases at the bottom font of the lava map. COINCIDENTALLY, I was disconnected from the server and lost 2 turns. I think there is also a hack that allows you to disconnect your opponents on top of nora cheating. For now, it might be sufficient to just permaban Hermaios until it is fully investigated.
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  3. chickenpox2

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    Must be those broken FS double marsh song
  4. MogaBait

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  5. newsbuff

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    Baaly369 has been benefiting greatly from the imp trickster stealth bug that prevents you from revealing it via movement and can even prevent you from selecting your own champs if you are knocked back into the bugged copy of Trickster.

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