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    I feel like the Ospryans race could be thoroughly expanded from what we have today (Jek and Ospryan Valkyrie). Here are a few things I have come up with thus far.

    Ospryan Flight: While this unit is flying, it gains Hunter: Flying. At any time this champion has no AP, it loses flying and gets -1 speed.

    The thematic racial allows them to battle for the skies. Hunter: Flying will come in handy for the key relic that goes with the Ospryans. I decided to give them a draw back, kinda like how the Voil racial gives Vulnerability: Sonic.

    Key Relic
    Ospryan Sky Orb
    While this relic is in play, all enemy champions gain Flight and the negative effects of Ospryan Flight are removed.

    This relic forces the opponent to fight in the Ospryans domain, making their racial effective against any sort of deck. I added in the extra clause at the end, removing the -1 speed and loss of Flight to friendly Ospryans.

    Now this is idea can me added or not, but I just thought it would give the Ospryan a little more uniqueness to them. "Muts" would be underground K'thir Forest dwellers that hardly ever emerge from the earth. But when they are, they go into a frenzy killing anything near it. Muts would be used by the Ospryans to take down their enemies. The Ospryan dive down to the forest floor, dig up a Mut, then toss them at enemy champions. How it would work on the battle field would be like G'hern Thrower or any other champion with Catapult.

    Muts would have low base stats and a low nora cost, but come with an ability that allows friendly adjacent Ospryans to toss them at an enemy champion relocating them adjacent to the enemy. Tossing the Mut would enrage it granting bonus SPD and DMG, but also giving them Short Lived 2.

    A Mut would look like a 4 legged creature with short coarse fur, sharp claws for digging, no eyes, sharp teeth, and all of them would have a shrub or a leaf sticking out on top of their head. The purpose of the leaf or plant life on their heads is because while borrowed underground, the top of their head sticks out, so a plant would be a sort of camouflage to predators. This is also how the Ospryan know where the Muts are underground, so uprooting one with their talons and flinging it into battle would be fairly easy.

    Thought and comments are welcome. @Sokolov
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    Dude. Freaking awesome.
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    The relic seems slightly underwhelming, giving your opponent's champs flying is pretty strong. What about if it gave the champs flying during your turn and you dropped the 2nd clause of it? That being said, I like the risk/reward aspect of it. Agh I dunno.

    @Xirone what's your take on it?
  4. Zorack

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    The racial seems fairly well thought out, the advantage seems fair enough and the drawback isn't something you can just ignore like the near non-existent drawback of Vulnerability: Sonic on Voil Flight. Though, it would probably require some extra consideration on certain maps that could turn out potentially fatal. It's probably fine the way it is now, but maybe make it at the end of every turn for a little extra leg room?

    I like the concept of the relic, but don't necessarily like the fact that it's global, well generally I don't like global effects. It is effectively a global +2 DMG and +2 DEF, well even better since it works on other abilities like auras too, from a single rune which you can just plop down behind your shrine and let it sit there. Though, I will say giving all your opponents flying can be situational, but the majority of them will probably be in your favor. I would probably make it so that it's an area of effect instead and you could decrease the cost to compensate, maybe within 5 spaces of the relic the effect would apply? It would offer slightly more strategic thought on your part since it would give you a modicum of control on where your opponent has flying or not.

    Not sure about the muts, however. I think the idea itself is fine, but I feel like the concept is so offshoot from the flying theme that it seems like a theme of its own, and it just feels sorta clunky as a result. Well, maybe not so independent that I imagine an entire theme based off throwing rabid forest animals at your enemies, but some ability on a champion or a synergy between champions that gives it an unique feel. I would think just the racial and relic synergy is enough to get the Ospryan theme going, well that and more Ospryan champions lol.
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    I like it.
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    love the Ospryans...this idea is great..the Muts tho....yeah like Zorack said seems abit off theme, smaller flying creatures that aid the Ospryans could be a good rune
    They could even be ST split
    an example:

    Windsong eagle

    some stats here

    Atk : Physical
    Song of the wind (Ospryans within 3 spaces lose the negative effect of Ospryan's Flight)

    Grant flight (for that hunter flight thing Ospryans have)
    Boon of the wind


    it's a rough sketch but he's a solid support option that will need to be in the thick of things acting like a moveable relic of that sort, but he will have weak health pool and it isnt 5 spaces but 3

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