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    Dear Poxnora Cretor of Rune.,

    What you are doing lately about runes takes away pleasure from the game and does not create a balance between the factions and runes (old and new). Below is an example of a rune that has 25 or otherwise even damage and a lifetime such that a normal unit must attack 10-12 times and can not be attacked by itself.
    I played this game even before it was sold to Sony and then it really gave me a lot of joy and it was my skill and strategy that mattered, not the purchasing power for shopping for new runes. Probably this post will be unanswered, but maybe someone will consider it and think about it.

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    This appears to be a Stitched Tyrant with Bloodstained Claws equipped.

    The 25 damage would be owing to the equipment ability that grants +1 dmg when a real champ dies.

    Of course, playing Stitched, this synergizes extremely well with their desire for their guys to die.

    As for this rune being overpowered, everyone here will tell you that you're wrong!

    First of all, if you simply shatter his equipment, he loses his dmg bonus, as stated on the equip. Easy counter. And the rune itself has a mere 11 dmg. This means you allowed bloodstained claws to accrue 13 stacks!

    Secondly, this rune, while tanky, is incredibly easy to kite - being a 2x2 with 1 range and no gap-closing abilities (since this guy took hunter small instead of leap). It's also vulnerable to knockback on that map with the lava in the middle. Finally, he is physical damage only - there are plenty of counters to physical/melee damage and if you're not running them, you're going to be in trouble. Phys resist/phys immune/incorporeal/reflexes/etc. are all good counters to it.

    Good luck!
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    The bigger they are the harder they fall :D. But really I know what you mean and also have lots of pain in this game. Still it is great fun when you **** this
    op sh... with your tactic isn't it? :D Don't give up and stay sharp! Best regards!

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