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    Now let's fight over crusader he or she.
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    He cuz he doesn't have boobies like Isran does.
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    Am I mistaken in understanding that the IS angel is getting nerfed? I didn't read through all the posts but when I saw sokolov say if I nerf IS angel I had a stroke and went cross eyed... This would seriously hurt paladins and IS altogether in a major way. Now the 1st thing you are going to say "ah this zealot again" but this zealot has been with this game for 7+ yrs and this sounds like a catastrophe to me
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    All the angels are getting nerfed. Paladins are getting buffs to counter the nerf.
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    But sok have not many runes been priced according to what they bring to the table including synergy and faction bonuses, then why compare PoV and AoP in a black and white manner? I don't understand seems like this is only happening to IS. Take a look at KF they have abilities other factions have for cheaper on champs that that are even cheaper in comparison to other factions similar champs. Now i'm not picking on kf particularly but this reasoning doesnt seem fair
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    well I can live with an "equal opportunity employer" I'm glad u clarified that
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    Apart from the FS one
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    -1 SPD and the reduction in the power of intensify still counts as a nerf.
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    all angels get the -1 spd and are affected by the intensify nerf (like AoMercy and vashal vicar) but the problem with the FS angel is the super heal power. Which reamain untouch.
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    this ^
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    It's difficult to discuss this with you when you start from a false position.
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    Will Inquisition get the change Markoth's suggest?
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    What I always got annoyed at about "paladins" was that their two joining abilities, CtE and Command, ended up excluding some. I.e. You try and build a balanced BG taking into consideration the CtE classes and then half the deck doesn't take benefit from command (as opposed to other BG's, like Draksar where the "racials" are fairly uniform). It also forced a lot of champions down one class, which limits what can be done with them design and concept wise IMO.

    With that in mind, I have an idea for Branded. What if the effect gained from Branded changed based on the class who is attacking (yea, sounding complex, but hear me out). So:

    Branded: if this champion is attacked by a Paladin, X happens, if by a Priest, Y happens, and if by a Shaman/Knight Z happens.

    So Paladins do 5 fire damage, Priests dispel, Shamans/Knights gain AP. For example.

    Something like this would expand the BG idea out from "Paladin BG" into a more cohesive "Holy Champion" BG.

    Speaking of which, an ability like "Holy Champion: this champions effects from Branded is doubled" would be rather awesome IMO.
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