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    Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that the patch is already live as a surprise!

    Here are the patch notes:

    - The following runes have craftable equivalents now:
    - Grimlic of K'thir: 400 shards in the rune forge. The LIM version was given a unique taunt.
    - Fan Faire: 800 shards in the rune forge. The Legendary version is named Inspiration.

    - KNOWN ISSUE: The legendary version doesn't have a description in game, but still works.
    - Bag of Boulders and Spike banned due to bugs
    - Fixed Angel of Death not having Race: Undead on one of its versions
    - Fixed Sepia and PS4 Vindrax costing 1 nora less than intended
    - Fixed Sepia Sceian having 4 HP less than Exotic Sceian
    - Fixed Inquisitor Isran not sharing a rune group with Ironfist Inquisitor
    - Replaced Poxtoberfest Maiden's Equip: Desert Brew with Dwarven Beermaiden's Equip: St. Semmir's Brew for parity reasons
    - Fixed Fireblaze - the LIM version of Firestorm - costing 60n instead of 55
    - Replaced Bounce on champions that had it because of bugs. Replaced with:
    - Sweep (Grintmaw Bouncer)
    - Impact Strike (Augur of the Deep)
    - Choking Stench (FS Doomie)
    - Wail of Grief (FW Doomie)
    - Rock Slide (IS Doomie)
    - Soothing Serenade (KF Doomie)
    - Surge: Behemoth (ST Doomie)
    - Sonicburst (SP Doomie)
    - Sapping Armour: (SL Doomie)
    - Flame Armour: (UD Doomie)​
    - Replaced Attack: Physical with Attack: Whip on Naria Strangler and Naria Ragevine - this is a cosmetic change

    - Poison Elemental:
    - Now Race: Plant, Elemental;​
    - Voodoo Shamfie:
    - Nora Modifier set to -11;
    - Now Race: Human, Troll, Beast;
    - Now Class: Brute, Witch;
    - Base abilities: Attack: Physical, Blood Bond 2, Electric Attack, Soul Siphon and Strength of Body;
    - DMG from 12 to 4;
    - DEF from 2 to 3;
    - HP from 60 to 45;
    - U1 to Hex 1, Flourish and Fascinate;
    - U2 to Amphibious, Rock Defiance and Semi Aquatic;​
    - Snaptooth Deadeye:
    - DMG from 9 to 10;
    - SPD from 7 to 6;
    - DEF from 0 to 1;
    - HP from 46 to 48;
    - RNG from 1 to 1-2;
    - Nora Modifier set to -5;
    - Still Life and Detection 2 replace Phase Shift baseline;
    - U1 changed to Ambush, Declare Target and Deep Wounds;
    - U2 changed to Tunnel Trap, Phantom Dash and Declare Hunted​
    INSIGHTS: Small QoL update to Poison Elemental to see if it finds a new home in FS plant decks. Voodoo Shamfie changes are aimed towards giving Semis, FS/FW Witches and FS/IS Trolls an interesting, scaling rune that grows more dangerous the longer it's left alive while also offering some utility via its first upgrade line. Snaptooth Deadeye changes aim towards giving Snapteeth a utility support with ambush capabilities alongside small deep wounds module expansion that's present in the theme

    - Demolition Team:
    - DEF from 1 to 0;
    - HP from 44 to 50;
    - Team and MA1 removed from base;
    - Provision Offense added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Explosive Attack 2, Lay: Fire Trap 3 and Retreat 2;
    - U2 changed to Fire Bomb 3, Seism and Summon: Land Mine;​
    - Northern Cross Priestess / Aria:
    - DMG from 7 to 8;
    - HP from 42 to 44;
    - Nora Modifier Set to -7;
    - Relic Guardian replaces Ruin baseline;
    - U1 to Ironfist Exploit, Enchant Magic and Cleansing Flame;
    - U2 to Mark of Al'mara, Relocate Relic and Healing Mind;​
    - Angel of Protection:
    - Nora Modifier set to -20;
    - DMG from 9 to 10;
    - RNG from 3-4 to 2-4;
    - Consecration removed from baseline;
    - Trail: Hallowed Ground added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Rallying Cries 2, Protective and Premonition;
    - U2 changed to Bodyguard, Righteous Shield and Shroud;​
    - Angel of Mercy:
    - Nora Modifier set to -10;
    - U1 changed to Improve Range, Sermon and Healing Mind;
    - U2 changed to Empathy, Consecration and Heal Mass 3;​
    - Tempest Boar:
    - Loyalty to base;
    - HP reduced by 5;
    - DMG reduced by 2;​

    INSIGHTS: Updates to angels are aimed towards making them playable in IS themes they used to support as the massive angel rework a few months ago left them very theme-centric, so they're getting a bit of design freedom back. Demo Team changes aim to give IS a nice supportive ranged unit with seism. Aria rework aims to bring her back to people's graces and give her the rightful slot in Paladin decks. Also fixing Tempest Boar in splits as I forgot to do it when buffing it.

    - Grimlic of K'thir:
    - SPD from 7 to 6;
    - DMG from 11 to 13;
    - U1 changed to Magical Bomb 3 Iridescent Projection and Magic Beam;
    - U2 changed to Magic Acolyte, Regeneration 2 and Deflect;
    - Nora cost range 92-100;​
    - Flamemage of the Circle:
    - Devotee of De'lim added to baseline at no nora cost increase;
    - HOTFIXED: Power of Devotion replaced with Rite of Power in U1;​
    - Ruthless Enforcer:
    - Devotee of De'lim added to baseline at no nora cost increase;
    - Devotee of De'lim in U2 replaced with Sacrifice of De'lim;​
    - Naria Ragevine and Mindtap:
    - Devotee of De'lim added to baseline at no nora cost increase;
    - Devotee of De'lim on Ragevine's and Mindtap's U2 replaced with Bleed;​
    - Dryad:
    - Now KF/UD and Race: Vampyre in addition to current ones;
    - U1 changed to Heal Champion 2, Devotee of De'lim and Conduit: Damage;
    - U2 changed to Surge: Plant, Power of Devotion and Martyrdom;​
    - Arrowsinger:
    - Preparation replaced by Heart Strike;​
    - Elven Strategist:
    - U1 changed to Teleport 1, Confuse Attacker and Relocate: Relic;
    - U2 changed to Relocate: Ally, Confuse and Invigorate 2;​
    INSIGHTS: Trimming the fat off of meta KF runes. Grim'thir changes aim to give the theme a more damage-oriented hero (as Menalaus is mostly supportive). Also doing some follow-up changes to De'lim runes and moving their theme ability outside of upgrades, while letting the Narias support Bleed in UD better

    - Zeventrech the Last:
    - Now Class: Wizard, Shaman;
    - U1 changed to Frost Cone 3, Lightning Storm 3 and Balance 4;
    - U2 changed to Mass Teleport, Teleport 3 and Blockade;
    - Nora cost reduced by 10;​
    - Strig Legwhip:
    - Size from 2x2 to 1x1;​
    - Crystal Slag:
    - Now ST/SP;
    - Nora Cost reduced by 6;
    - HP from 40 to 44;
    - Endless Devotion and Soultap Luminescence removed from baselinel
    - Cleansing Luminescence added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Endless Devotion, Oozing and Paralytic Feedback;
    - U2 changed to Nexus Aura, Repulsion and Fascinate;​
    - Skybreak Dragon:
    - Nora Modiifer set to -10;
    - Now Class: Shaman;
    - DEF from 2 to 1;
    - HP from 55 to 56;
    - Attack: Electricity replaced by Attack: Frost and Attack: Fire;
    - U1 to Flame Armour, Frost Armour and Evasive 2;
    - U2 to Avalanche, Lava Storm and Pounce;​
    - Jakei Disciple:
    - DMG from 10 to 8;
    - RNG from 3-5 to 1;
    - Base abilities: Attack: Psychic, Arctic, Healing Mind, Defiant, Merciful and Silent Contemplation;
    - U1 to Forbidden Discipline, Freezing Discipline and Logistics: Force Barrier;
    - U2 to Impair Vision, Purified and Resonance;​
    - Tundra Whisper:
    - Nora cost reduced by 4;
    - Revere: Zeventrech added to baseline at no additional cost;
    - Attack: Psychic replaced by Attack: Lightning in U2;​
    - Frigid Barrier:
    - Nora cost from 45 to 50;​
    - Yeti Spirit:
    - Frost Aura 3 replaced with Cold Snap;
    - HOTFIXED: Frost Aura 2 replaced with Frost Nova 2;​

    INSIGHTS: Buffing everyone's beloved 7trux to make him a bit more playable alongside granting Tundra Whisper Revere: 7trux so that an ST/SP 7trux decks can perform better than now. Frigid barrier and yeti spirit changes are a yet another attempt at trimming the fat off of meta ST runes by making Frigid + Gale combo more expensive and forcing Yeti Spirit to do more than just idly sitting in a font in order to be a threat. Crystal Slag rework aims to make it both a lucrative option in crystals and a much needed support in slags. Skybreak Dragon changes aim to make it more viable in both SL fire and ST Frost decks, while also encouraging ST/SL Dragons to be played. Jakei Disciple is meant to give ST a disruptive support that heals allies and debuffs enemies - it will reinforce Jakei and Crystal decks with its range of abilities.

    - Toll Taker:
    - Nora cost reduced by 3;
    - Corruption and Vulnerability: Magical added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Soul Collection, Nora Hex and Frightful Blows;
    - U2 changed to Death Charged 2, Dead Eater and Psychological Warfare;
    - HOTFIXED: Dead Eater replaced by Forage in U2;​
    - Disturbed and Haunting Spirit:
    - Nora Cost modifer set to +12;
    - Base abilities changed to Ghost, Sonic Aura 2, Latch On and Energy Thief (and Taunt: Doom on Haunting Spirit);
    - U1 changed to Soul Channeling, Doom and Possess 2;
    - U2 changed to Frightful Aura 3, Deafening Aura and Fascinate;
    - HOTFIXED: Fascinate replaced by Restraining Aura in U2;​
    - Angel of Death:
    - DMG from 10 to 11;
    - RNG from 1-3 to 2-4;
    - DEF from 2 to 1;
    - HP from 47 to 45;
    - Nora Modifier set to -18;
    - Final Word removed from baseline;
    - Hunter: Walker and Corruption added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Dread, Lifedrinker and Twisted Essence;
    - U2 changed to Absorb, Thrash and Grace of the Dead 1;​
    - Ghoul:
    - Now Race: Undead, Elf;​
    INSIGHTS: Angel of Death changes proved to be a miss so she's receiving a different set of changes to make her better and more accessible among FW decks. Alongside it are included changes to Toll Taker to further reinforce his Charon-like fantasy and a rework to Haunting Spirit to turn it into a font harasser with a range of supportive abilities. Also a QoL change to ghoul.

    - Oozeking Slag:
    - DEF from 2 to 1;
    - RNG from 1-2 to 1;
    - HP from 48 to 50;
    - Antagonize replaces Trail: Ooze baseline;
    - U1 changed to Tremor, Corrosive Grenade and Majestic 1;
    - U2 changed to Guarded: Slag, Gravity Well and Acid Eater;​
    - Klub the Devourer:
    - Tactician added to baseline at no nora cost increase;
    - DMG from 13 to 10;
    - Warlord replaces scale armour baseline;
    - U1 to Scale Armour, Tough 2 and Hunter: Meek;
    - U2 to Blood Rage, Throw Boulder and Crushing Charge;​
    - Angel of Chaos:
    - Nora Modifier set to -13;
    - DEF from 1 to 0;
    - RNG from 2-4 to 1-3;
    - Dragging attack added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Sonicburst, Rend 2 and Shrink;
    - U2 changed to Absorb, Void Shield and Wail of Grief;​
    - Onus of Kiergana:
    - Nora Cost from 40 to 50;​
    - Cyclopean Firecase:
    - Fire Aura 3 replaced by Flame Nova 2, nora cost unchanged​

    INSIGHTS: Trimming some fat off the Firecase for the same reason as with Yeti Spirit - passive damage on an efficient font contester is generally disliked and thus the changes to make them harass fonts more actively. Also hitting the OTK deck some more. Angel of Chaos has proven herself to be rather underwhelming after her changes so she's getting some love. Also included is a QoL update to Klub alongside giving him Tactician in the wake of Spike ban. Slags have also been underperforming so their flagship rune has been reworked to give them a bit more love.

    - Dune Walker:
    - DMG from 10 to 9;
    - SPD from 5 to 6;
    - HP from 50 to 48;
    - Now Class: Shaman, Warrior;
    - Desert Font and Ripples added to baseline;
    - U1 to Domain: Sand, Desert Master and Sandstriker;
    - U2 to Tunnel: Sand, Spellsurge: Sandstorm and Sand Veil;​
    - Sand Spitter:
    - Nora Cost reduced by 5;
    - Race to: Arthropod and Beast;
    - RNG from 5-6 to 2-4;
    - HP from 53 to 48;
    - Domain: Sand and Consume removed from baseline;
    - U1 changed to Logistics: Range, Empowered: Range and Sandstriker;
    - U2 changed to Dragging Attack, Creep and Crawl and Sirocco;​
    - Archnic:
    - Race to: Arthropod and Mutant;
    - Size from 2x2 to 1x1;​
    - Tainted Vinecreeper:
    - SPD from 5 to 6;
    - RNG from 1-2 to 1-3;
    - Hidden: Sand and Regeneration 2 removed from baseline;
    - Domain: Sand and Ambush added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Hidden: Sand, Still Life and Tunnel Trap;
    - U2 changed to Dragging Attack, Sunder 1 and Binding Chains​
    - Vex:
    - Immortality replaced with Grace of the Dead 1;​

    INSIGHTS: Vex has proven herself to be overefficient so tapping her presence a fair bit. Buffing Sand and SL arthropods to give them a fair bit of love and give SL Sand more interesting options to choose from. Also a QoL change for Archnic that also fixes the clamp bug on it.

    - Demonbarb Spider and Trap Spider:
    - Attack: Physical replaced with Attack: Net;​
    - Nightmare:
    - Gains Race: Elf;​
    - Minotaur Gladiator:
    - DMG from 8 to 9;
    - Tough 2 and Melee Specialist 2 replace Thirst for Battle and Binding Chains baseline;
    - U1 changed to Assault, Binding Chains and Grappling Hook;
    - U2 changed to Brutality, Logistics: Speed and Conqueror;
    - Nora cost around 80n;​
    - Minotaur Flamecrusher:
    - Size from 2x2 to 1x1;
    - RNG from 1 to 1-2;
    - U1 changed to Absorb, Combat Awareness 2 and Relic Guardian;
    - U2 to Enrage 2, Protective and Portal Blast;
    - Nora cost around 78n;​
    - Unhinged Bok:
    - Nora Modifier set to -5;
    - SPD from 6 to 7;
    - DEF from 1 to 0;
    - HP from 48 to 45;
    - Tormented removed from baseline;
    - U1 changed to Enrage 2, Heart Strike and Initiator;
    - U2 changed to Phantom Dash, Blood Frenzy 2 and Blood Rage;​
    - Ash the Bandit Prince:
    - Nora cost increased by 7;​
    - Minotaur Stoker:
    - U1 changed to Flame Nova 3, Flamethrower and Set Ablaze;​

    INSIGHTS: Efficiency nerfs to Ash and Minotaur Stoker - the former is a bit too cheap, while the latter offers too many things. Cleanse on deploy is fine, but nora generation on top of it is a bit too much so removing that while keeping the cleanse. Small QoL changes to Demonbarb and Trap Spider as well as the Nightmare. Also included are buffs to the less played Minotaurs to give them more options and Unhinged Bok to give UD a literal cruise missile in form of a champion.

    - No changes this patch;

    - Tortalleon Transport:
    - Nora cost reduced by 10;​
    - Tortun Galesinger:
    - DMG from 8 to 9;
    - RNG from 2-4 to 4-5;
    - DEF from 3 to 2;
    - Nora Modifier set to -6;
    - Now Class: Bard and Priest;
    - Battle Hymn replaces Grant: Flight baseline;
    - Attack: Sonic replaces Attack: Magical baseline;
    - U1 changed to Gale, Wind Aura and Demoralizing Descant;
    - U2 changed to Bastion of Mobility, Prestige and Command: Dodge;​
    - Tortun Portalmage:
    - Nora Modifier set to 22;
    - Race Charged and Recharge added to baseline;
    - U1 to Swap 3, Relocate: Ally and Flourish;
    - U2 to Nora Shield, Bubble and Grant: Elemental Immunity;​
    - Risen Grenadier:
    - DMG from 10 to 11;
    - RNG from 4-5 to 2-4;
    - HP from 48 to 46;
    - Nora Modifier set to -9;
    - U1 changed to Zombie Apocalypse, Tortun's Trade and Ponderous Blows;
    - U2 changed to Grant: Death Nova: Fire, Banditry and Flameburst;​
    INSIGHTS: QoL buff for Transport to make it more playable. Reworked Galesinger to match his fantasy better and offer Tortuns their own in-theme support instead of having to resort to Elven Bard for Battle Hymns. Also some interesting options in U2 that Tortuns are in dire need of. Portalmage has been further buffed to offer more mobility and buffs while maintaining a race lock on recharge mechanics. It's also reintroducing an old ability that's been gone for some time in the form of elemental immunities. Risen Grenadier changes aim to make it both a viable option in Tortuns while offering a new, cool toy in zombies.
    - No changes this patch;

    - Stitched Mesmer:
    - DMG from 8 to 10, RNG from 1-3 to 1-2;
    - HP from 44 to 48;
    - Meld and Possess 2 replaced by Fascinate and Psychic Aura 3 baseline;
    - U1 changed to Flourish, Energy Thief and Charm 3;
    - U2 changed to Restraining Aura, Restrict and Paralyze;
    - Nora cost kept around 72n;​
    - Stitched Hexer:
    - Nora modificator set to -29;
    - Vulnerability: Psychic removed from baseline;
    - Meld replaced by Hex 2 baseline;
    - U1 changed to Deconstruct, Shadestrike and Draw Power;
    - U2 changed to Stall, Soften and Drudgery;​
    - Stitched Anathema:
    - Nora Modifier set to -6;
    - RNG from 4-5 to 2-4;
    - HP from 40 to 44;
    - Repulsion replaces Jolt 1 baseline;
    - Deconstruct added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Paralytic Strike, Impair Vision and Combo Attack: Slam;
    - U2 changed to Paralytic Feedback, Grant: Electricity Aura and Impairing Feedback​
    INSIGHTS: Buffing the less interesting Stitched by giving Hexer his reconstruct abilities for free and letting him make remains. Mesmer has been changed to offer area denial to Stitched while Anathema will be a yet another deconstructor that can also debuff enemies that get in the way. Making more stitched viable will, hopefully, dissuade people from using their combo trick and rely on the stitched deploys a bit more.
    Link to the discussion thread: Click me!
    Link to the spreadsheet: Click me!

    Happy Poxxing!
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