Patch Notes: October 20th, 2021.

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    Hey everyone! I am happy to announce that the patch is already live as a surprise!

    Here are the patch notes:

    - Fixed Proteans Chains saying it refunds 15 nora per dragon to a limit of 15 - the correct amount is 3 to a limit of 15;

    - Boghopper Huntmaster:
    - Now class: Ranger, Brute;
    - Leap 3, Amphibious, Attack: Physical and Pet: Pygmy Hippo baseline;
    - U1 to Detection 3, Loyalty and Multiattack 1;
    - U2 to Commander, Flanking and Logistics: Flanking;
    - Nora cost range 71-80;​
    - Pygmy Hippo (Huntmaster's Token, not the spell token):
    - Now Class: Brute;
    - Attack: Physical, Amphibious, Charge 2, Declare Hunted and Mobility Baseline;​
    - Swampguard Crusher:
    - Nora Cost reduced by 3;
    - DMG from 8 to 9;
    - SPD from 5 to 6;
    - Attack: Spear replaces Attack: Physical;
    - Clamp replaced with Multiattack 1;
    - U1 changed to Loyalty, Domain: Water and Defender;
    - U2 changed to Lead the Charge, Pin Down and Melee Specialist 2;
    - Nora cost range 74-80;​
    - The Collective:
    - Nora Cost from 40 to 35;​
    INSIGHTS: Buffing Huntmaster (and his pet) and Swampguard Crusher to be more viable aims to give boghoppers a few more options and let them be more cohesive as a theme, SGC is also given an opening as a bruiser for semis - alongside those a small cost reduction to The Collective as 40 nora cost was too restrictive for Collective decks to work

    - Earth Elemental:
    - Now Race: Elemental, Construct, Troll;
    - Trample replaced with Throw Boulder;​
    - Barbarian Exemplar:
    - U1 to Cull, Precision, Courage;
    - U2 to Punish, Commander and Strike;
    - Barrage 1 to baseline;
    - Nora cost range 73-80;​
    - Barbarian Elite:
    - Barbarian Assault replaces fearless baseline;
    - U1 to Initiative 2, Reinforcement 2, Lead the Charge;
    - U2 to Pummel 1, Courage and Blood Frenzy 2;
    - Nora Cost range 74-80;​
    - Barbarian Huntress (and Ayla the Huntress):
    - Nora cost reduced by 2;
    - DMG from 9 to 10;
    - U1 to Hunter: Meek, Entangle and Declare Hunted;
    - U2 to Cripple, Debilitate and Piercing Shot 2
    - Nora cost range 73-79;​
    - Tempest Boar:
    - Detection 3 replaced by Crazed Charger;
    - Thunderous Charge added to baseline;​
    INSIGHTS: Quality of Life changes to Earth Elemental to make it an option in more decks along with a flavour change based on the art and flavour text of Repair - outside of that some buffs to underperforming Exemplar and Huntress along with changes to the shoebox Barbarian Elite to make him a worthwhile pick

    - Ruthless Enforcer:
    - Nora cost reduced by 3;
    - Now Class: Warrior, Brute;
    - DEF from 3 to 2;
    - DMG from 8 to 10;
    - Phantom Dash replaces Dodge 1;
    - U1 to Frightful Blows, Stun and Sunder 1;
    - U2 to Devotee of De'lim, Assault and Power of Devotion;
    - Nora cost range 71-78;​
    - Flamemage of the Circle:
    - Nora cost reduced by 4;
    - Flight replaces Devotee of De'lim;
    - U1 to Sacrifice of De'lim, Initiate: Devotee to De'lim, Power of Devotion;
    - U2 to Cleansing Flame, Fire Bomb 2 and Set Ablaze;
    - Nora cost range 70-78;​
    - Centaur Banner:
    - Nora Cost from 25 to 35;​
    - Thorn Trap:
    - Nora Cost from 30 to 35;​
    INSIGHTS: Cutting off the fat from Centaur Banner and Thorn Trap to make their nora cost reflect the amount of impact they leave on the board - also doing significant changes to shoebox De'lim champions in hopes of seeing them added to De'lim gameplay as more staple picks

    - Crystal Crawler:
    - Size changed to 1x1;
    - Trail: Crystal replaced with Impair Vision;​
    - Crystal Spike:
    - Nora Cost from 25 to 35;​
    - Lonx Bonecharm:
    - Nora Cost from 30 to 35;​
    - Jakei Heretic (and Vallassa the Elder):
    - Nora cost reduced by 4;
    - Psychological Warfare replaces adaptive baseline;
    - U1 changed to Frightful Blows, Horrific Aura 2 and Unspeakable;
    - U2 changed to Distracting Blows, Soultap and Soultap Feedback;
    - Nora cost range 70-79;​
    - Soul Frost:
    - Nora Cost from 20 to 30;
    - Renamed to Soulfrost;​
    INSIGHTS: Cutting off the fat from ST equips to make them more in line with other, powerful equips in the game and also moving Jakei Heretic away from adaptive theme into a more healthy direction - raised the cost on Soulfrost as well to reduce its efficiency as the spell is guaranteed to give at least 40 nora back without any AP generation involved and much more once AP generation gets involved, along with favour reducing its effective cost to 15 prior to the nerf.

    - Elder Bloodbinder:
    - Now Class: Wizard and Witch;
    - Vulnerability: Psychic replaced by Vulnerability: Fire;
    - U1 to Hunter: Bloodied, Dark Healing and Hunter: Meek;
    - U2 to Bleed, Life Siphon and Conduit: HP;
    - Nora cost range 74-75;​
    - Dark Enchantress:
    - Nora cost reduced by 4;
    - Bleed added to baseline;
    - U1 changed to Charm 3, Beckoning Guile and Paralyze;
    - U2 changed to Psychological Warfare, Hunter: Bloodied and Life Siphon;
    - Nora cost range 70-75;​
    - Lich King:
    - Eternal added to baseline;​
    INSIGHTS: Infinite Lich Kings are fun, but not for everyone so still letting him revive, but you cannot do sacrifice shenanigans anymore - also some changes for vampires to make running them together along with sources of fear and bleed more worthwhile

    - Mud Elemental:
    - Nora Cost reduced by 9;
    - DMG from 8 to 10;
    - Now Race: Elemental, Construct;
    - Trail: Mud added to baseline;
    - U1 to Sunder 2, Cast: Hungry Mire and Entangling Attack;
    - U2 to Mimic Defense, Void Shield and Absorb;
    - Nora cost range 69-74;​
    INSIGHTS: Adding small quality of life changes to Mud Elemental and moving Trail: Mud onto baseline at no cost for thematic reasons

    - Valdaci Guardian:
    - Violent replaces Imposing Aura;
    - U1 to Acid Acolyte, Provision: Defense, Complex Machine;
    - U2 to Sundered Exploit, Sapping Armour and Acid Aura 3;​
    - Draksar Fabricator:
    - Now Class: Tinkerer;
    - Base abilities: Gift Draketooth Rifle, Toss Equipment, Helpless;
    - U1 to Pilfer, Drive and Command: Dodge;
    - U2 to Market, Boost: Construct and Declare Vengeance;
    - Nora Cost Range 56-66;​
    INSIGHTS: Minor to average complexity changes to SL Constructs - making Valdaci Guardian a bit more interesting and updating Draksar Fabricator to be up to speed with Pox as Tinkerer class is a thing now while ensuring he remains easy to kill due to the amount of power amplification he can provide now

    - Demonvein Vampyre:
    - Stats: 11 DMG, 7 SPD, 1 RNG, 0 DEF, 48 HP;
    - Leech Vitality replaced by Bleed;
    - Multiattack 1 added to baseline;
    - U1 to Exertion 3, Life Siphon and Bloodseeker;
    - U2 to Hunter: Bloodied, Enrage 2 and Killing Frenzy;​
    - Midnight Whisper:
    - Nora cost reduced by 4;
    - DMG from 9 to 10;
    - HP from 42 to 44;
    - Base abilities: Attack: Psychic, Flight, Shadowstrike, Mischief;
    - U1 to Energy Thief, Restraining Aura and Psychic Compulsion;
    - U2 to Bolt, Phantom Dash and Shadow Shift;
    - Nora Cost Range 71-77;​
    - Screamping Imp:
    - Now class: Rogue, Bard;
    - DMG from 9 to 10;
    - HP from 41 to 44;
    - Base Abilities: Attack: Sonic, Sonic Flight, Mischief and Sonic Aura 2;
    - U1 to Sonic Roar, Distracting Blows and Cackle;
    - U2 to Wail of Grief, DMG Shield Sonic 3 and Sonicburst;​
    INSIGHTS: More changes to vampires, this time on UD side - these are meant to make Demonvein worth running in FW as a valuable beater while also giving him a more unique avenue in UD Bleed via Killing Frenzy shenanigans. Along with those changes to shoebox Imps to make them more interesting and give Imps more tools to play with

    - Leoss Border Patrol:
    - Nora cost reduced by 1;
    - HP from 55 to 45;
    - Attack: Physical, Pride of Ailur, Mountaineer and Detection 1 baseline;
    - U1 changed to Declare Hunted, Call of the Hunter and Sabotage: Armour;
    - U2 changed to Heal Self 3, Reflexes 2 and Evasive 2;
    - Nora Cost range 73-76;​
    - Chirai Outrunner:
    - SPD from 8 to 7;
    - Attack: Spear, Soul of Ailur, Vulnerable and Quest: Runner baseline;
    - U1 to Empowered: Speed, Hit and Run and Opportunistic;
    - U2 to Evasive 2, Escape and Pin Down;​
    INSIGHTS: Changes to Border Patrol and Outrunner are meant to give Leoss some sidefont skirmishers that can hold on their own for a bit before the rest of the Leoss step in like a hammer upon the anvil

    - No changes this patch;

    - Kanen Pillager:
    - Attack: DMG from 11 to 9;
    - SPD from 7 to 6;
    - Baseline abilities: Attack: Fire, Raider, Pack Mentality and Sunder 2;
    - U1 to Hunter: Quick, Burn 1 and Fire aura 2;
    - U2 to Provision: Utility, Shatter and Siege;​
    - Ritual Crone:
    - HP from 44 to 46;
    - U1 to Violence Charged 1, Race Charged and Supercharged 1;
    - U2 to Hex 2, Pain Curse and Ritual of Power;​
    INSIGHTS: Changing the shoebox Kanen a bit to give the Goodbois a few alternate toys to make their gameplay more interesting - Ritual Crone is also given Pain Curse right now to make her an interesting choice for lightning theme and - if the changes are liked - might lead to more lightning/curse-esque exploration for Kanen

    - No changes this patch;

    Link to the discussion thread: Click me!
    Link to the spreadsheet: Click me!

    Happy Poxxing!
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