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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sokolov, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. Sokolov

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    In preparation for the PS4 launch and the new client, I went thru every single equipment in the game and made some adjustments.

    First, they will have proper links for abilities, and more consistent language.

    Second, some got some updates in terms of functionality. Generally, speaking, the goal wasn't to buff them all or anything, and I had go thru them relatively quickly, but runes that were changed typically fell into one of these categories:
    • The equipment used its own version of an actual ability (in these cases, the rune now grants the ability instead - for example, Shield of Darkness)
    • It had some kind of bug (for example, giving an ability that no longer exists)
    • The equipment had a "melee" clause, which is now a MAX RNG of 2 or less clause
    • I had an idea that was quick to implement
    For those curious, this took about a week to complete, including codework.

    This list is not exhaustive, I am sure it's missing some stuff, but it should be fairly complete and also give a pretty good idea of what else changed)
    • Acid Fang (formerly Poison Fang): Equipped champion has <ability value=2491>Scour 1</ability> and <ability value=2497>Amplify: Acid</ability>.
    • Bag of Boulders: This champion gains <ability value=565">Siege</ability> and <ability value=806>Bag of Boulders</ability> (Mostly a clean up, this used to be a RNG 2-4 attack that had the effects of Siege, now the equipment just gives Siege)
    • Blade of the Snake: At the start of its turns, equipped champion loses 5 HP. If it has a MAX RNG of 2 or less, it also gains +5 DMG.
    • Crystal Spike: Equipped champion has +3 DMG. If it has MAX RNG 2 or less, it also gains <ability value=776>Chill 3</ability>.
    • Darkmarsh Blackstaff: Equipped champion gains <ability value=1319>Disease Eater</ability>, <ability value=1319>Poison Eater</ability>, <ability value=1319>Amplify: Disease</ability>, <ability value=1319>Amplify: Poison</ability>. (Nora: 25)
    • Dreadeye Symbiote: Equipped champion has +1 DEF and gains <ability value=1775>Precision</ability>. If it has MAX RNG 2 or less, it also gains <ability value=776>Poison 3</ability>.
    • Elite Blade: Equipped champion has +10 MAX HP, +1 DEF, and +2 DMG. If it has Class: Ranger, it also gains <ability value=2078>Reflexes 3</ability>.
    • Heart of Ice: This champion gains <ability value=898>Ice Eater</ability> and <ability value=1386>Cold Snap</ability>.
    • Serpentor Scale Armor: Equipped champion with MAX RNG 2 or less gains <ability value=2619>Zeal</ability>, <ability value=2646>Heart Strike</ability> and +1 DEF and you gain 3 nora for each basic attack it makes.
    • Skystorm Spear: Ranger/Knight clause
    • Shield of Darkness: Equipped champion has +1 DEF and gains <ability value=2315>Oblivion Shield</ability>.
    • Shroud of Al'mara: Equipped champion with Class: Priest or Shaman gains <ability value=1728>Divert</ability> and <ability value=592>Cleanse</ability>. (Nora: 30)
    • Snaptooth Helm: Equipped champion gains <ability value=48>Resistance Physical 3</ability> and <ability value=221>Damage Shield: Physical 3</abiltiy>.
    • Sunder Axe: Equipped champion with a MAX RNG of 2 or less has +2 DMG and gains <ability value=330>Sunder 2</ability>.
    • Tidemaster's Bandoleer: Equipped champion gains <ability value=1325>Domain: Water</ability>, <ability value=2>Amphibious</ability>, and <ability value=2132>Water Front</ability>.
    • Tome of the Arcanis: Equipped champion with Class: Wizard gains <ability value=406>Teleport 1</ability> , <ability value=2117>Metamorphosis</ability> , <ability value=1271>Tempo</ability> and <ability value=630>Grant: Flight</ability> .
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    I must say, I enjoy this Patch Preview method. I hope it continues in the future.
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  3. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Which Zeal is Serpentor Scale Armor giving?
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  4. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    Holy crap Shroud of Al'mara.
    Good things only a few units in IS are priest/shaman.
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  5. Anima26

    Anima26 I need me some PIE!

    Acid Amp getting some love.
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  6. ChiaoLung

    ChiaoLung I need me some PIE!

    I really like a lot of the changes here. I'm curious to see what will happen with on demand Siege instead of gaining a Siege attack at +1 AP. I'm very glad that Elite Blade is finally dropping the cost charge and the Skystorm Spear change will make it a lot more useful. Any idea of what the costs will be yet?
  7. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    When are you gonna make Sheoul Brand not terrible?
  8. Keku

    Keku Well-Known Member

    omg I jizzed I saw bandoleer was giving water front
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  9. Xirone

    Xirone I need me some PIE!

    Finally Elite Blade will have a place. It is a shame the equip is losing its melee attack feature but it will actually see play these days on rangers.
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  10. super71

    super71 I need me some PIE!

    Putting divert on an is equip is a bad idea, divert is one of the stronger abilities in the game we now have it on a fairy equip and soon shroud. Also more divert in ironfist with all their super dwarves is gonna be rough.

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    cause you know. divert isn't easy to predict and work around at all
  12. poinl

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    Finally I'll learn what ice carved greaves does.
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  13. Pedeguerra

    Pedeguerra I need me some PIE!

    Well, if the choice is obvious the owner of the equip wont make it in the first place.
    On the hands of a good player, yes its hard to predict and yest its hard to work around.
    Specially spot Divert. At least when its on a unit you see it coming, I deem this equip nightmarish, specially considering it also grants spot cleanse.
    Poor FS
  14. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    There is literally the same equip in SP and it isnt used. Its not going to see play in IS either.
  15. 4NIK8

    4NIK8 I need me some PIE!

    Snaptooth Helm should give Resist Magical 3 since the thematic ability is Phase Shift. It would make alot more sence.
  16. 4NIK8

    4NIK8 I need me some PIE!

    It doesn't give spot cleanse. It's Divert + Heal Mass 2 + Charm. The new Shroud is spot Divert + spot Cleanse for only 30 nora. Hell if that ain't strong I don't know what it is. I could bet that it will be in every IS bg. You guys already use Soul Reaver which is 30 nora for cleanse + curse. Divert is much better.

    If it's not that good you won't mind changing that, right?
  17. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    Soul Reaver is used in Paladins because of spot cleanse as well as AoE Branded, Cursed and Defiled. Vial is spot Cleanse, Purified and Blessed (Still exists on the equip) at a cheaper price. Dwarves normally use St. Semmirs. All 3 of these dont require AP to cleanse.

    The Holy Theme and Barbarians are pretty much the only themes that utilize an abudance of Priests and Shamans. The Holy Theme pretty much only uses the offensive Priests or Shamans. Their AP is better used attacking or moving. If they wanted off cleanse HBoV is a better choice because of Burn, Inhibiting and Prestige as as well as AoE cleanse. Barbs have Diviner I suppose but running an equip for one unit is a bad use of deck space.

    Long story short there are many better choices for cleanse and if you are paying 30 nora for protection you are better off using Impervious.
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  18. Lushiris

    Lushiris I need me some PIE!

    I'm pretty sure it is Speed, but that has to be specified anyway.
  19. 4NIK8

    4NIK8 I need me some PIE!

    tldr: IS is OP with a bunch of OP equips and too many spot cleanse options...

    Poor FS, the only prot faction w/o a single spot cleanse option.
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  20. Etherielin

    Etherielin The Floof Cultist

    Amareth's Lexicon is a spot Deflect in Faeries, not a spot Divert. That's a major difference.

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