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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Yourmom, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Yourmom

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    The factions I see mostly played in the lobby is ST/IS/KF/SP. So you found something strong and are sticking with it. Is your personal rank that important to you? Do you have to be limited to enjoy this game? Do you have to win every game to enjoy this game?

    You're the reason why this game isn't doing so well. When one only plays the strongest BG's it makes it harder for new players to come in and enjoy playing. You can blame it on DoG all you want but you know what you're doing. You've got to win. You've got to be limited. It doesn't have to be this way. WE can have fun again. Play other BG's! It's getting sooooooo boring playing against (not to limited to just these BG's) voils and dwarves. Congrats they have surge 2 you win....

    If we took a sociological approach to this game I think we would benefit greatly if we totally removed rankings.

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    Why I never. I play UD, FS, FS/SP (Trick), ST/FW (Hoarfost), and that's pretty much it. XD Just felt like saying it. Anyway. Rank isn't a big deal now that we have so little a community. From a Sociological, and Psychological standpoint. Removing rank might not be a terrible idea.

    You might change your topic title to. Theoretical Removal of Ranks? As that seems to be the nicer title, and the point of your rant. XD
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    Hell they don't even have to be serious. Losing just isn't fun overall. Though if the game was long, entertaining, and well fought. I can be happy with a loss. I still miss the matches that took over an hour for me to fight. Those were awesome.
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    Hey! I'll have you know I'm incredibly lazy and I play SL.

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    @DMrBadguy I edited mine as well to reflect your nicer changes.
  6. Yourmom

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    I'll be crying a river with you when we both realized that all the runes we aquired are digital and have disappeared...
  7. Yourmom

    Yourmom The King of Potatoes

    Well then I wasn't talking about you then. ;) Perhaps maybe i'm mad at the majority of pox players who are lazy...
    I think you should continue being innovative and flashy. Seek out the better BG's that are fun. How much fun is it playing OP Bane Shift anyways?

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    I agree with this statement. Synergy makes me smile. That is the best way to explain my fun in Poxnora. Meta is not fun; fighting against it is bland, and painful. There is no synergy. It is just uusing the pinnacle of each thing you need. Best tank, best ranged, best ect... and shoving them into a bg.

    @TeaScholar He thinks the same way as us from what I understood when I talked to him. He completely agrees with my statement. "Synergy makes me smile."
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    Ahh, I remember those games where it would be a long hard fought match against a player of equal skill (to me too!). Would have some interesting matches that would satisfy me for the rest of the day. I know people now just want a quick game, but it usually means I'm just losing faster.
  10. Yourmom

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    It makes me smile as well. What makes me sad is the thought of the steam release coming out while most players are taking the easy ways out with their OP BG's.

    Picture the new player coming into this game from steam. They come in play some single player and get some new runes. Then they get that competitive urge to play ranked. Most ranked is going to be filled with the current boring OP Bane Shift that most of us play. Ugh... it's so daunting. Why would they invest more time into something that is boring to them. It's not the same to them as it is to us who have played this game for so long. They don't have that investment. It's much more easy for them to say F* it and I wouldn't blame them.

    Because! most of y'all are boring! Come on! Be more innovative! We should all have unique battle groups to ourselves and our play styles.
  11. Yourmom

    Yourmom The King of Potatoes

    lol... should we not try to protect our assets? I'm not fighting you. I'm just trying to make people think about what they are doing.
  12. Yourmom

    Yourmom The King of Potatoes

    great video and way to use your brain but ad hominem isn't going to shut me up.
  13. Sealer0

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    Yesterday I played a 1.5 hour match with myx&arthro (me) vs slag deck.

    First hour was pretty fun.
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  14. JaceDragon

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    Gift to me the runes you wanna see played and i will play them.

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    fair enough. not every game can be fun when it's long.

    & love that video @DMrBadguy
  16. Kraska

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    If there were no rankings, there would be no players. It's a basic human desire to want to be good at stuff, so taking away rankings would most likely kill the game. Similarly, other than for creative purposes, why would someone play something suboptimal if they find something that works well? (I do it all the time of course). It's like saying, "I have discovered that if I shoot a basketball with my hands instead of my feet, I have a better chance of the ball going in. Screw it, let's use my foot - it will be an adventure!"

    It's kind of like the kids' soccer games these days. My children play soccer, and they don't "keep score." However, the kids do! They know the score better than the parents do because they WANT to know how they're doing. And guess what - it's not a bad thing!

    I respectfully disagree about your assertion that removing rankings would benefit the game. All of the die hard players would leave and eventually everyone else would too. Also, the whole point is that people can play what they want - it's called freedom! If you choose to play a slag bg or Leoss (like I do on occasion) because you enjoy the flavor, then more power to you! If you want to play the current meta/optimal bg's - why not?

    Of course, if you want to have tournaments/formats where you limit what people can play, that's another story and people have the choice of whether to play under those rules.

  17. devrn

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    Your argument is that if we play the strongest bgs, it makes it harder for new players to enter the competitive play? I'm sorry but experience is a stronger tool than runes. You can cry all you want about a strong bg, but the stronger player will win majority of the time. It seems to me that you need to step your game play up.
  18. BurnPyro

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    I'd love to see the reasoning explaining how I'm not lazy for changing factions ever.

    (aside from sleeping with SP from time to time, we have a thing)
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  19. Baskitkase

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    The other 4 factions you listed are strong too. Sometimes factions get fanboied. Just the way it works. The season will change.
  20. JazzMan1221

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    I agree with your philosophy in principle (play for fun, not to win) but the fact remains that there will ALWAYS be people who only play to win. Can't get around that, especially in a game like Pox where the community is so small. Since everyone pretty much knows everyone else, they can't help but play the best stuff and get limited so they can get the recognition for it (positive or negative, depending on who's giving it). But see, this is why I love playing oddball decks so much: it feels sooooooo good to go up against goodstuff-only players and kick their pompus asses with my weird decks. Then they get all mad and Bane Shift because their whole MO is called into question: "If I can't win against some guy with a random, yet effective deck, what was the point of playing goodstuff in the first place?"

    I love seeing the tryhards cry. :)
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  21. devrn

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