People's thoughts about the UN Isreal Resolution

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by BurnPyro, Dec 30, 2016.

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    Yeah we know, the jews, you've told us.

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    I don't see your conspiracy or whatever.

    They hold a lot more high power positions % wise. Is that the problem? Are they doing anything with it? Like.. I don't get it?
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    It really depends on who you ask, some people will tell you Jews run the world and blame everything on them. I think as me being an American Citizen that at some point the Jewish community loaned the United States a ton of money and we have been paying it back ever since in various ways. It's hard to find what's real and what's not real when it comes to this sort of stuff, it kind of all relies on how much your willing to look into and how much of an open mind you have going in. If you go in on one side of the fence it's unlikely you will come out on the other side.

    As for Jews running the world I doubt it, but I do know their have been many suspicious things involving powerful Jews and big banks. I also think it's odd the U.S. constantly caters to Jerusalem, when they literally offer us nothing in return and Firk us over at every convenient moment.

    Watch the movie the big short sometime, it's very informative and mentions goldman and sachs quite a bit in the movie.
  4. super71

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    Again all jokes and nothing to back it up, i've given you names and articles, you have given nothing. Why is it weird that I believe in something different ? Your very close minded for supposedly being so open minded.
  5. super71

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    I guess the proof is on this page


    At first I was kinda on the fence, but it just seems like the more I looked the more I found that the banks are indeed mostly owned by one family. The more crazy people on the internet say the Jews start all the wars to, but that seems a bit insane to me. I believe all banking systems are corrupt in one way or another in America for sure, I myself use a credit union now as do many younger generations.

    Hidden fees, hidden fees, actually when I went to open a bank account recently they had a little information on the desk talking about all the hidden fees. Why do you even have hidden fees is the real question ? Another bank I went to, after nearly completing everything the lady told me I needed to sign in online to verify everything, she handed me a work Ipad, on that work Ipad was her facebook page and everything else. These are the people that handle our money, complete idiots.

    Closed all my accounts and went to a credit union, where they have no hidden fees, give me money every year for keeping my account with them, and have given me loans with amazing interest rates.

    Also you can look at wells fargo banking scandal as to whether or not banks are corrupt in America.
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  6. Sokolov

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    Remember, government is incompetent and inefficient... except at conspiracies. They are really good at those.
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    I mean believe what ever you want I don't really care, I was just answering your question.
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    heh, you say they banks are corrupt. we say America is.
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    you don't back up a joke, where did you attend clown school?
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    I was asking Ohmin actually. And then replying to BP.

    Need to remember to quote people.
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    the modern US stance towards israel is more a byproduct of the cold war than anything else. this ties back to the 6 day war, which is the conflict that included the israelis attacking a US navy ship
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  12. Ohmin

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    I'd call that familial ties, which is to me a different classification to ancestral (though obviously not unrelated).

    Say you've got your Rothschilds ("Redshields"), we know they've had money and influence for centuries. Their familial ties have helped to keep that money and the power and influence that comes with it relatively centralized or controlled by them.

    However their being Jewish is largely incidental. It might make them slightly more willing to work with other Jews (ancestral ties), on certain matters but they are by no means limited to such.

    The main problem with your posts are like this:

    "Several Jews have influence, thus, as an ethnicity, Jews have influence."

    Yet that logic doesn't follow. "Several Jews have influence" yes, but most don't. It doesn't transfer to Jews in a general sense.

    Now, this may be a language issue, where you're not quite phrasing your statements properly, or cutting corners on qualifiers, I don't know.

    Slight aside:
    A short while ago, I think it was Trump(?) who was twitting* about the heads of various Bank and financial organizations working together for their own benefit, I didn't read the tweet in question and am going off memory of what I heard about it so I'm not sure if he mentioned specifically that they were Jewish or not.

    In any event, the ADL (Anti-Defemation League), attacked him, saying he was touching on material that anti-Semites have commonly used. And that's true, many anti-Semitic have gone after blaming all the Jews for what those Jews that have managed to hold onto the positions as Bankers have done. But that is fundamentally flawed. Both on the part of the anti-Semites (blaming an entire religion for what some with generally just ethnic ties have done), and on the ADL (for saying you can't attack anyone in a specific category because others have used that as a springboard for bigotry).

    @super71 on the other hand seems to be based on language and phrasing, to be making the former mistake. Though I'd like to believe it's a case of miscommunication and us making the latter mistake. But like I said, it doesn't seem that way at present.

    *(I know it's generally called "tweeting" but I think "twitting" is much more appropriate in general, whether it's Trump or anyone else using Twitter to try and get across complex ideas or hold a detailed conversation.)
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    That said, it is true that certain ethnicities are over-represented in various ways:
    • Asians owning Sushi places
    • Indians owning convenience stores
    • Jews in finance
    • Blacks in prison
    • etc.
    However, that's not really the same thing as a conspiracy either. Many factors play into these realities.
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    That wasn't clear to me at all, hah.

    I'd need more data to be able to answer that question. I do think at the very least central banks should not be Private, For Profit, businesses like the FED. I know the Bank of England had (relatively recently) gone Public and been nationalized, though for centuries it had operated as a privately owned bank before that. I'm not sure if/how much that has improved things though (lack of data), and I know even less about other Central banks.
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    Would you walk into a sushi place, see nothing but blonde, blue eyed scandinavians working there, and order sushi no questions asked?
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  16. Sokolov

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    Perhaps not, but as long as they answered me in Japanese when I spoke to them, sure :)
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    I wouldn't language test them, but I would ask where they learned ;)

    there is actually a growing shortage of take-out chinese ( actually the Dutch interpretation of indonesian/chinese, as take-out chinese is very much adapted to whatever the country it is in thinks chinese food is) cooks because the new generation doesn't want to be cooks and not enough outsiders are learning it.
  18. Sokolov

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    Chinese is all about real estate now.
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    I'll get back to you on this, I'll have to remind myself and make time though, as I'm going to continue to be extremely busy for the next few months (accelerated online classes, weeeeeee).
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    Don't worry about it, I didn't follow the entire benghazi thing because I didn't care and using the forces and info I have the situation seems to be tragic but not disasterous or avoidable. luckily it happened years ago so no rush.
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