Please tell me there's a plan in place to nerf this!??!?

Discussion in 'Shattered Peaks' started by MrCharles, Feb 12, 2018.

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    Because I like grammar, what??? It’s a low damage champ with a poor HP to Nora ratio. It only becomes worth it when the player has multiple copies (all benefitting from sibling) and is able to proc the swarm at least once—and I’m assuming the swarms have sibling too. That’s likely to happen only with the admiral, in which case there’s been ample warning that this is coming and one player should have killed this 36 HP champ before it became a problem. This is like a much slower and riskier version of old Voil King’s Crypt.
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    You are forgetting that there are no upgrades on summoned units via swarm. So no Sibling benies to be found there except on the real champs. It might be the worst unit in the game.
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    So you were being ironic or mixed up the word buff with nerf? Sorry these things come across bad over the internet somtimes.
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    Sarcastic, sure. Also a round about way of challenge people to prove me wrong. Just in case I was missing something. :)
  7. Gnomes

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    in that case, he is bad very.

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