Pope Francis

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Bellagion, Sep 24, 2015.

  1. Bellagion

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    Telling people not to worship money and trying to do right by the impoverished peoples of the world. What does the Pox Off Topic Crew think of his recent address to Congress?
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  2. Ragic

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    I was hoping he was going to call for a new crusade. Ah the good ole days.
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  3. DarkJello

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    The U.S. Congress probably thinks that the pope feels that the US taxpayer still is not paying his/her fair share.

    Worshipping money is bad. So is worshipping Taco Bell. And highfalutin degrees. Or even worshipping bad comb overs!! :eek:

    Everyone should do right by everyone else. The roots of poverty are deep, and printing cash by the trillions will never dig it out.
  4. DarkJello

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    Corner of the wall around Vatican City


    I just love all the pics spread around the internet by so many wonderful human beings. A hearty thanks from Murica!!
  5. kalasle

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    He seems like a great pope, both for the Catholic Church and for everyone else. Much better than Benny.
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  6. Kampel

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    This pope admited and apologized for the Whitch hunt and the pedophile abuses from the church, for the first time in 2000 years they actually admited doing something wrong.
  7. SkeletonKing

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    He's a pope that actually cares about the world.
    I like him.
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