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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Goatmanji, Jan 3, 2020.

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    I played pox a few years back (from the time it went to SOE, then DOG), and just recently rediscovered it on Steam so I downloaded it. Could've sworn last time I looked at Pox it was either shut down or about to be, so I was excited to see it still had life. Now, I doubt anyone will remember me--I was never any good and mostly stuck to single player. (Just in case anyone does remember me, my ign is Meatsock) I played for a good long while, spent some monies on some runes, and tried most of the themes by trading with PoxBox.

    Now, coming back, I immediately notice the new client (not terrible, but not great either), new(ish) runes that have come out since I played last, and the population. Which was never great to begin with, but seems to have little but the usual suspects that I remember from my time with Pox. No matter to me, as long as Pox is still alive.

    None of the negatives are pushing me away from Pox; I loaded up my old UD BG and jumped in--and was immediately hooked again. There is nothing like Pox Nora, and I suppose I've been subconsciously searching for it for some time as Pox scratches an itch no other game does, even if you suck like me and fear treading into multiplayer and showing off my lack of skill.

    Having said all that, I know in the past I had done so much trading with PoxBox to test bgs and themes, and I know that site is no more (is there anything to replace it??). Other than my UD bg I also found a terrible SP slag deck which I must have been experimenting with at the time I finally left Pox. A few loose runes here and there, a bunch of untradeable IS runes (where the heck did they come from? IS is my least favorite faction, and even when I did dip into them I stuck with constructs) and that's it. Looking over my collection, I am fairly certain approximately half of my total value of runes was lost somewhere, and I can only assume I had left them in PoxBox credits. So it IS disheartening to have to build up my collection again.

    But Pox is still Pox, and Pox is still the best. So hello everyone!
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    One thing that's never gone away is the community, someone here most likely has duplicates of everything...write some more nostalgia posts and you'll end up with a full collection in no time.
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    Goatmanji I need me some PIE!

    Seeing as how I still see many names from the community that I remember from several years ago, I imagine you're right! I certainly wouldn't mind recouping some of my lost runes if anyone has some decent spares, but I also don't want to be that guy that goes on the forums begging for runes either. It seems like with the dailies and heroics, as well as ICRs (I don't know if they have a different nomenclature here) that it is a little easier to build your collection than it used to be. So far I've sacced the Slag deck and used the shards to work on building up my UD and FW runes since it seems like those are the only decent runes I was left with.

    I definitely don't remember having a few exotic IS runes that the game won't let me sac, and looking at it, it seems like an entire BG of them. Did Pox give out locked decks at some point? Or maybe I did some part of the NPX that DOG was working on before I left, and just don't remember it?

    Also, are there any trading resources out there in the absence of PoxBox?
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