Pox Nora Available for PlayStation Vita October 31st!

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    Greetings Everyone,

    Boon’s Eve is nearly upon the Poxanthuru, but some other powerful entity is emerging… the PlayStation Vita, available for download October 31st.


    Pox Nora for PS Vita
    We are happy to announce Pox Nora for the PlayStation Vita will be released on October 31st! This delivers upon our vision for Pox Nora being truly a cross-platform game with its release on a portable device. All progress, runes and gold earned, and Owl Credits purchased will be shared between PS4 and Vita.

    Account Cloning
    Existing Pox Nora players who do not have a PS4 will be able to copy their PC or Mac accounts’ inventory over to their PlayStation Network account via the PS Vita. The account cloning will only remain available for a limited time.

    Boontoberfest is currently in full swing and will conclude on November 8th. Make sure to grab the Boon's Eve campaign and Poxtoberfest Pack from the Pox Nora Marketplace before they are removed.

    With the release of Pox Nora on the PlayStation Vita, we will be able to focus on continued game optimization as we lead up to releasing the first full expansion since the release of the all-new game client.

    We appreciate your ongoing support of Pox Nora and all other Desert Owl Games titles.

    Discussion: http://forums.poxnora.com/index.php...able-for-playstation-vita-october-31st.29091/
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