Pox Nora & Space Wars at PAX East

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    Greetings Everyone,

    We are happy to announce that both Pox Nora & Space Wars will be at PAX East!
    Pox Nora
    Pox Nora will be available to play at the Sony booth. This demo will show off even more of the game than what was at the PlayStation Experience Event in December, including all 8 factions, improved performance, and interface enhancements.


    Space Wars
    Space Wars, our newest tactical strategy game, will be available to play at our booth. Not only will people at PAX East be able to play the latest version of Space Wars, which includes the Galactic Conquest mode, but if you stop by you will be able to pick up the Exclusive Ship Stat trading cards.

    PAX East
    PAX East is being held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center from March 10th through the 12th. The Sony booth number is 16019 and the Desert Owl Games booth number is 10127. For more details about the Penny Arcade Expo and to get the booth map please go to the official PAX East site.

    We appreciate your continued support. It is because of players like you that we are able to revitalize Pox Nora with an all new game client and create new games like Space Wars. Stay up to date on what is happening by following Desert Owl Games on Facebook and Twitter.

    Discussion: http://forums.poxnora.com/index.php?threads/discussion-pox-nora-space-wars-at-pax-east.26386/


    The Pox Nora Team
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