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    I am announcing the latest iteration of this tournament format.

    1st place: 3 named recolored LEs and 6 plat tokens.
    2nd place: 2 named recolored LEs and 4 plat tokens.
    3rd place: one named recolored LE and 2 plat tokens.

    Most accurate prediction: 3 named recolored LEs and 6 plat tokens.


    The fighting format will be 6v6 units, all from the same faction(FF), but only 3 may be out at the same time from each side. All battles will take place on one of the following maps, randomly chosen with a 6 sixed die:
    1. Forsaken Wastes (2 fonts)
    2. Ruins of Valdac (3 fonts)
    3. Shores of Maljara (2 fonts)
    4. Forsaken Wastes (5 fonts)
    5. Axilium (5 fonts)
    6. Forsaken Wastes (0 fonts)
    The winner will be decided once one player has killed all of the opposing player's units or has gone 2 turns with all fonts under his control and has knocked out at least 3 fighters on the opposing team.

    Because only three champs can be out at the same time, and to prevent counter-picking for the first three deploys, both players will select their opening fighters in advance, before the game begins. Once the game starts, both players will save nora until turn 13, following the deployment of the first player's two pre-selected units and the second player's two pre-selected units. The game will then begin and shall be decided by the win conditions mentioned prior. The turn after any of your fighters have been knocked out, you must intermediately deploy a replacement if able.

    Constructing your team is very simple. All you need is to select 6 champions and making sure their added total cost does not exceed 450 nora. Furthermore, you will be allowed to spend 55 more nora per game on any equipment runes but only during the turn you deploy a new fighter after the first two and as long as they do not provide any kind of Immunity: X or X Eater ability of any kind. Leftover nora from your gladiators will be allowed to be spent as reserve equipment nora.

    Because some faction bonuses are better than others, the following nora allowances for equipment or champs will be permitted per faction:

    SP, FS, FW and IS: 15 nora.


    Due to the nature of this format, certain abilities are forbidden. As such, I have decided to ban the following abilities(not the champions) from being used:
    • Escalation
    • Reconstitute
    • Summon: X
    • Swallow Whole
    • Pet: X (plus all champions with an on-deploy effect that brings more champions).
    • (to be continued)
    Q: What about relics and spells?
    A: You may only use 6 champions and equipment runes.

    Q: Are we allowed to change champs' upgrade at any moment?
    A: Yes. As long as your 6 champs do not exceed the total cost of 450 nora, it is allowed. Make sure to send me your BG for approval before your match.

    Open registration to everyone until the 31st here.

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  2. poxrooster

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    I'm in.
  3. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    sounds fun, ill try
  4. Markoth

    Markoth Lord Inquisitor

    I'm in.
  5. chickenpox2

    chickenpox2 I need me some PIE!

    forsaken waste 2 map and no deep dive ban?
  6. Extinctshun

    Extinctshun I need me some PIE!

  7. Karmavore


  8. JaceDragon

    JaceDragon I need me some PIE!

    Count me in
  9. PoxBot

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  10. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    ash the bandit prince seems strong
  11. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    We should draft factions so there's no or few repeat factions
  12. PoxBot

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    I would consider him to be a pet champion. I will include a disclaimer in the OP with all pet abilities with unique names.
  13. poxrooster

    poxrooster The Pox Chameleon

    Just a few questions . . .
    1. Can you post a sample build of what you had in mind for this tournament?
    2. What about spells that summon units like Grim's Mirror, does it count towards the 2 units out at a time?
    3. When do we go?
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  14. PoxBot

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    1. It's just 6 champions and 24 equips.
    2. No spells or relics allowed.
    3. First, I will make a bracket and we'll take it from there.
    This is an example BG. I would send this as a submission, specify the upgrades and once it's verified the champ cost does not exceed 450 nora, it is good to go. This BG is exactly 430 nora in champions so my leftover 20 goes into my 55 nora equipment allowance, meaning I can spend up to 75 nora in equipments during the match.
  15. newsbuff

    newsbuff Forum Royalty

    Can we have any balance allowance for factions bonuses that do and don't benefit this game mode?

    For instance UD, ST, and KF bonuses will benefit champs in this play mode while FW, FS, SP bonuses do not.
  16. PoxBot

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    While that is true, I also feel like those factions have a wider access to unique effects than others. Let me think about it for a bit or if you have a proposal I would like to hear it.
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  17. JaceDragon

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    what about IS xD
  18. newsbuff

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    the nora value of +5 HP if playing ST split or +10 HP if playing ST FF on 3x champs should be calculated and then reduce the 450 nora cap appropriately. For instance, if +10 HP x3 champions is worth 30 Nora, the Nora cap for FF ST would be only 420 nora.
  19. PoxBot

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    I could come up with a number, but there's no set value for that unless I used upgrade stat nora costs. Like, stats get more expensive the higher they go for something like SPD and HP but HP value formula also correlates to DEF somehow. DMG also gets super expensive after the 15 mark.
  20. Extinctshun

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    Kind of lame you're picking your friends for the event when I signed up before multiple of these players.

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