Poxnora Game Rules Documents -- Update # 2.1 and 1.3

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    Below are links to two documents, the Complete Arcane Rules, and the Pox Rules Primer. Together, these documents aim to provide an explanation for all those interactions that are not explicitly stated in the game. Each takes a different approach.

    The Pox Rules Primer conveys information more quickly and with greater readability, at the cost of completeness. The Primer comes in at only 10 or so pages, with more comfortable formatting and looser language. It provides simpler and more basic information, while still covering the important points. It can be read straight through with ease, and is the best place to start for a newer player or for someone unaccustomed to the gritty and chaotic interactions of Pox.

    Primer (2.1): https://verumvenari.wordpress.com/pox-rules-primer/ [LINK CURRENTLY INOPERATIVE]

    The Complete Arcane Rules aim, above all else, for completeness and precision. As a result, the document is less readable, at well over 20 pages with tighter formatting. It also uses an exact and consistent lexicon, so that information may not be immediately understandable, but will be ultimately correct down to the smallest niceties. The Complete Rules function more as a reference document for any potential interaction. While it’s possible to read the entire document straight through, it’s less bearable than the Primer, and is recommended for anyone who already has more than an incidental familiarity with the game and its mechanics.

    Complete Rules (1.3): https://verumvenari.wordpress.com/complete-arcane-rules/ [LINK CURRENTLY INOPERATIVE]

    If anyone catches any typos or inaccuracies, or thinks of any information missing that would be well-suited to either document, just let me know, either through PMs or a post in this thread.
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  3. kalasle

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    That's the primer.
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    Seriously though, ty for the relocation and knockback diagrams, I had those bookmarked on the old octopi forums but had long since lost them.
  5. Psilokibes

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    Great work, well done ;)
  6. Baskitkase

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    Nice writeup, would have loved something like this when I was trying to learn these effects in yesteryears.
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    Great job!
  8. Gnomes

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    Props man. Good work here!
  9. Capitulator

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    Awesome guide! Going to have to read through it a few times :)

    Perhaps you could add a section about concealing, revealing and cooldown? Some non-obvious stuff:

    - The concealed runes are a stack (first in last out). So if you conceal runes you will draw them next turn.
    - Concealing a rune sets its cooldown to zero. So if you conceal a rune on high-cooldown, you draw it next turn with no cooldown.
    - Runes go on cooldown based on their current nora cost. So cooldown is reduced by call-to-arms, revere, leverage etc.
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    That's useful stuff, I'll make a section on that for the second draft. It actually took a while for Terrain and Unit Types to end up in the document, until other people mentioned them.
  11. Capitulator

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    The nora cost thing is really weird. Call-to-arms etc actually lower the nora cost of all runes/units (both in the rune dock and in play). That means that if you don't make use of the nora reduction by deploying a rune then you get cooldown reduction instead. At least that's how it seems to work to me.
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    wow. comprehensive. now the dev should find a way to teach new players this in an entertaining way.
  13. TheBulwark

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    Love you bud!
  14. kalasle

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    Lots more work under way for the second draft, and it needs it. I'll be making a full changelog document, which will accompany the rules. Here's a preview:

    Sequencing has way more to it than we first thought, and may even have to do with the sources position in the event array. Still no exact word on this, under testing. Also, the 2x2 Prime square rules may be subject to new information.

    Damage Calc has been updated with information on the damage prevention check.

    Adding an entire section 10 on the Rune Dock.

    Small section on new information on spell targeting.

    Fixed an error in the Stealth section about movement and engagement.
  15. kalasle

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    Updated with version 1.1 Section 10 on the Rune Dock will come in a later update, just wanted to clear up a couple obvious problems and add some new information. Here's the complete changelog:

    Draft 1.1

    -Added section 3.3, with sub sections 3.3.1, 3.3.2, and 3.3.3, which cover spell targeting and spell presence

    -Added section (with subsequent section movement) which covers the damage prevention check

    -Changed section, which incorrectly claimed that a champion would reengage a unit it disengaged if in the same tile of movement it destealthed an opposing unit with movement; the champions do not reengage.

    -Added section 3.2.3, and changed section 3.2.2, to account for new information on 2x2 targeting. 3.2.2 incorrectly claimed that the Uppermost targeting type would apply to any effect which sought a target; that only applies if the targeted tile may influence the resolution of a subsequent effect. Otherwise, Full Base targeting as found in section 3.2.3 applies.

    -Added glossary term for “Universal Array.”

    -Changed section 3.1.1, which incorrectly claimed that events follow strict deployment order; they actually follow sequencing within the universal array.

    -Changed section 8.1.1, adding additional information on how damaging terrain functions, and when the damage occurs.

    Edit: Added link to the Primer in the opening post. Going to re-write the OP now that this is stickied, and will put together at least a 2.1 on the Primer. Working on 1.2 for the Complete, though still need some testing to make sure that section 10 will be spot on, and need to work on the formatting and visuals.
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    before blink made it all moot?
  17. Capitulator

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    Read through the guide again and it keeps getting better each time :)

    Nit pick: "Defense still reduces the damage from Loss of Life attacks ..." <-- replace "damage" with "hitpoint reduction"
  18. kalasle

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    Thanks for catching that. I thought I had cleaned up all those instances in that section, must have missed one.

    Op updated now that this is stickied. Trying to get a 2.1 and a 1.2 done here, maybe be a day or more.
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    My only nitpick is that the charts for Small-Large relocation which are split up for clarity are on two seperate pages making it difficult to view them side by side.
  20. kalasle

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    Yup, known issue. Vers 1.2 has a change for that, in which I reformat the spacing and placement of the appendices. After the changes, they have their own combined page.

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