Poxnora Makes All Runes Free Besides One Set

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hatecrimes, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. hatecrimes

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    But thats not a 100% true, LEG and limited where the only things that didnt take a huge hit. Exotics have become completely devalued by almost 50%. But i dont think you read what i posted either. IM NOT SAYING GET RID OF FREE RUNES. Im saying, make a expansion that is only gold reward. NOT GIVE AWAY THE OTHER RUNES. Woulda been fine. But people clearly dont git it. But the Green already cleared it up. we where only paying for early access. But it at minimal is a false advertisement. Says no where that it is early access but merely unlock able content.
  2. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    I already ignored pig farmer
  3. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

  4. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    Please read post again, if you do you would see that im saying make a expansion separate from the ones that have to be paid for. You would still have the paid for only runes. And you would have the earnable runes. Same streingh and stuff. its just separate. In no way would it hurt the player. Yeah the company might take a little extra work but thats not our problem. But now it is cause they took the money outta our pocket. But its w/e. Green cleared it up. we are only paying for early access
  5. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    Clearly this topic is over your head.
  6. Etherielin

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    I don't want to come off as judgemental, mean or a troll, but could you pleeease try to step your grammar up a little bit? I wanted to discuss your point of view, but I keep catching myself stuck at your posts as I'm trying to understand them. Grammar issues make it hard to do so.
  7. SPiEkY

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    You know, I think I'll go buy a box because of this thread.
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  8. dragonistear

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    So League of Legends also has a shitty business model? Nowhere does it say you pay for champions that are exclusive and can't be bought without real money. Heck lets actually list off games where you can grind for things that cost money (oh wait what? isn't that called f2p?)

    Urban Rivals,
    PuzzleandDragons (and they make 3m+ a day doing so),

    Honestly, there is so many of these. Just google f2p games. Almost 100% trades time for money.

    But good try. I almost laughed after 4 pages. And I like the management team for actually responding to even nonsensical threads like this. Communication has definitely improved. What we actually need is to rid fools from this game, and advertise for more players.
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  9. hatecrimes

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    sorry grammar was never my strong suit, more a math guy.
  10. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    They LOL never put champion in shop that where only p2p. All the champion in that game have always been free. Skins you have to pay for, but they never become free afterwards, your clearly not as smart as you think.
  11. hatecrimes

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  12. Boozha

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    Guys, please ignore this fellow and move on. This display depresses me to no end.
  13. dragonistear

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    Skins are only not even necessary. In this case, skins are basically Li's or Leg's. I believe that on the about poxnora page, it has ALWAYS mentioned that this game was a free-to-play collectible tabletop card game or something to that effect.

    So take this analogy (cause for this brief maybe 4 lines, I'm going to actually assume you aren't trolling and just confused):

    Runes-> Champions. You can either buy them with real money, or wait until you grind enough to get them.

    Li-> Skins. You can't get them anymore. Only time they are offered are maybe in new expansions (as SoE has done, which then I figure will turn into Legs just like they've done with the current set).

    The main difference you are trying to establish is that Pox is selling Runes->Skins. I claim that that analogy is absurd because they NEVER said that you were buying Exclusive payer's cards only. In fact, how shitty is it for f2p players to get completely ****ed for not paying a single cent (because, let me remind you, this is a F2P game) and can't get the new cards they want (unless they trade with 3rd party stores).

    Also, I like how you decided to only choose LoL instead of the other 3 choices. And drive along a shitty analogy. A F2P game should NEVER make the game's backbone run on payment only. That would be like making some champions exclusive to buyers only. How much hate do you think Riot would get for that?

    Let's think of our analogies before we post instead of pulling them out of our ass and insulting every sensical person in this thread with your "gilded" knowledge.
  14. Greysands22

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    I won this thread on page one.

    And people are still trying to have a conversation with a guy who chose HateCrimes as his forum handle......

    I love you internet.
  15. dragonistear

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    @Graysands22 I missed your post since it was inherently too serious and true and not fun to read at all.
    It was more fun to read these guys post that by page 4, I have completely forgot about your post. Lel
  16. ptjimbo

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    The internet loves you too. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  17. Cydna

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    It seems like you're mad because your runes lost value. QQ
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  18. sassquatch

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    there are so many troll lols here i think im going to go and build a grintmaw deck..... i just cant decide if i should use the runes i paid for or the ones i got with gold???
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  19. hatecrimes

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    my total points increased in value, because i have so many LEG and LIM but thats no what im saying. All the other runes have become worthless. Unless you stick them in the forge but thats it. Which would simply be a waste.
  20. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    Its a waste because, you cant forge LIM or LEG, and those are the only ones that are still worth anything, Actully they have increased in value,
    Example: bok tortun was only 24k now its 120k which is crazy. thats damn near 6x value increase. If thats isnt unstable in game economy idk what is.

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