Poxnora Makes All Runes Free Besides One Set

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hatecrimes, Apr 18, 2014.

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    the number of active games in the ranked lobby depresses me more.
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    For the record, there are three classes or f runes that aren't free (assuming we are describing craftable runes as "free"). Those would be limited, legendary and the most recent release. The funny thing is that the developers generate revenue that keeps the doors open from the last of these while the majority of the expense of the game derives from the former. That's like the perfect storm of stupid business ideas; create a scenario where your product presents a huge barrier to potential customers due to a high buy in that will primarily not benefit the developer (and help keep the doors open).

    Those of us who have to present proposals to investors and boards of directors would probably opt to pass on trying to pitch PoxNora's revenue model to anybody outside the mad hatter where logic and stability are less important.

    It's a dumb system that needs a reboot; most BGs are running heavy on Legendary and Limited Runes and the availability of these runes and their price volatility have disaffected almost all of the potential new players and most of us "really old" players who have considered rejoining the game. The terms of service provide for the developers to do essentially anything they want which makes me wonder whether they will address this issue. I would have cleared the boards the second they took over; like pulling a bandage off fast and getting it over with.

    If they don't, I'd suggest the devs go to Vegas and put all their money on green in roulette; it's got just as good a chance of working to keep the game afloat.
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  3. hatecrimes

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    That is very nice point, thank you for sharing it. They know poxbox has been a huge sponge to the game, but they dont care. They simply say oh, "we have nothing to do with poxbox". To be clear nothing you said was false and i agree with the entire statement. But you have to think, "limited" how can you make more of something that is limited, see they really sold the game as a TCG/Chess games. TCG(Trading Card Game), dont mean you get to have all the cards. I never had a charizard, and no one would want one if every body had it. And about the only using the limited and legendarys, its cause they sold to many copies, bunch of people left the game, then there was a surplus of copies. A huge surplus, my estimate at least 50 copies of every deck in the game, some way more some a little less. I understand if they made free expansions that it would cost them more time, but in the long run 1-2 free expansion a year would have added up quick. On top of the runes that where already free prior to the company switch.
    And this game is never and will never have that large of a community. EVER, in its prime only had like 1,000 Logged on at a time EVER. 132 ppl logged in at 1:30Pm USA Est. today. So why not just keep it that way, instead of pissing me off. Cause the heavens hear my battle crys.
  4. Ragic

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    might as well remove trading from the game, the collectors aren't happy anyway.
  5. darklord48

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    I think the revamp is going to wipe the board as you're suggesting. They're just doing it in a way that they think will be less invasive to their current player base. They have stated multiple times that the meta is going to be shaken up. Hopefully that means that Legendary/Limited runes will no longer be key parts to BGs.
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    I've spent between 200 and 300 bucks on this game, and I think that it's really good that it becomes free to play.

    For several reasons, one of them has been pointed out by owl admin himself.

    I'll be honest with you, I think free to play models are in 95% cases ripoff, and clever advertising strategies to make people play - and pay more. Watch the success of candycrush saga, and despair. The gaming industry market has changed into this utter Bane Shift, where you have to pay to progress in most of these "free" games, and you often have to pay more than for a good, brand new game with all of its content unlocked. Unfortunately many people are too stupid (or careless) to realise how much they are being ripped off of, and others are used to this f2p system and just use it without paying most of the time, and so clever marketing strategies feed off of people, and people eat it up like McDonalds hamburgers.

    And yet I think that it is great, that Pox has adopted this cancerous system. Not many people will pay a lot for a game with graphics dated back to pre 2000s, and a relatively slow, multiplayer turn based hybrid of a strategy and trading card game.

    I hope that PoxNora will attract more users, I want to play some ranked games with newbies, and I want this game to have a stable playerbase just so it is as fun as I remember it being back in the day.
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  7. v505bx

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    Meh, If I could have the total amount of money refunded I would have left, but unfortunately I've spent too much money to quit. Buyer's remorse on all purchases. DAMN YOU, COLLECTIBLE GAMES!!! D.O.G. ADD AN ACCOUNT TERMINATION OPTION!
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  8. Sealer0

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    Also, OP is only right if you don't value your time at all. I make 18eu/h and I can assure you that buying cards with gold is not very profitable. Hence why cards still hold great value - if you're planning to play the game.
  9. hatecrimes

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    How can you consider them to be a good marketing startegy, on what bases? There has been a increase of new accounts, but thats not the same as daily players.
  10. Sealer0

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    It is a good marketing strategy, because it lets the player try out the game, and then give small, tiny rewards for playing whilst promising better things. It's skinner box, and it works, and today more people will play f2p then pay 5 bucks for an unknown game like this.

    Lack of daily players has absolutely nothing to do with f2p model. It has something to do with the current status quo (total imbalance, no playerbase), as well as an atypical genre and terribly outdated graphics. People can login to play, but they can't even play vs other newbies, and you expect them to stick around?

    Other games have great success with f2p, so it's not the system that is to blame.
  11. Ragic

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    not all f2p is created equal, the f2p system needs to be properly tuned to the game. the other things you mention also keep players away, and are even a higher priority imo. but the f2p system will need more tweaking down the road.
  12. Sealer0

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    If you don't think that at the moment there are other things driving people away, you are either ignorant, or a fool.
  13. Ragic

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    I can only type it, I cant make you read it.
  14. hatecrimes

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    actully i think your one of these f2p ppl, my option isnt based off of not allowing you to get free runes. But your so blind by how much you want free Bane Shift. that you cant actually read the topic.
  15. Dresnar20365988

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    I felt the devs did a fairly good job with the rune forge and wot not. I did say that if they didn't make ALL runes available the system wouldn't have the desired effect.

    I hope the feed back that the community has given that ALL runes need to be available is taken to heart and changed.

    Give the players what they want and the playes will give you what you want DOG!
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  16. Sealer0

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    It really doesn't matter what you think, or what you don't think. I joined the game before the rune forge, at a point where the only way to get warbanner and avatars was to become a premium member (You know, monthly subscription? PoxNora had it too), and whether you think that I want free Bane Shift or if you think that I want your runes to lose all your value, doesn't matter.

    I got something for you, try getting 500 runes with the current f2p system, and do it with single player because there really aren't many people to play with. See how long it takes you to get the "free stuff". See if you can craft these too:


    And do that while working a full time job.
  17. hatecrimes

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    honestly your still not getting it, and your a bit dumb for it. for one the farming wouldnt have to be as long as it is, your just saying Bane Shift at this point to hear your self talk. I NEVER SAID I DIDNT WANT YOU TO HAVE YOUR FREE Bane Shift. I KNOW MCDONALDS DONT PAY YOU ALOT. AND I JOINED THE GAME SINCE THE FIRST EXPANSION
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    Still arguing with a guy named hate crimes....

    oh this thread.
  19. hatecrimes

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    Thank you for sharing, idk if they made the rest free it could balance it back out hmmm
  20. hatecrimes

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    Looks like I was right after all. Man you guys are dumb.
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