Poxnora Makes All Runes Free Besides One Set

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hatecrimes, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Sealer0

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    Vinard, is that you?
  2. Entrepidus

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    Thank you for necroing a thread that perfectly illustrates the mental deficiencies brought on by allcaps. To say that you lack even a basic understanding of the current problems plaguing Pox is an understatement. . .
  3. Centuros

    Centuros Active Member

    Mmm, salt.

    SOE would have made most runes they released free eventually.
    They moved the buyable sets up at least two sets from where it was when I returned until the ownership change.
  4. gillo

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    Maybe he's a coalminer. Did you still work harder for your runes?
  5. Ragic

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  6. tangmcgame

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    Every time I think, "Maybe I should unignore Ragic to see what he has to say" you go on and say something like this and reaffirm exactly why I started ignoring you in the first place. Don't bother replying. I won't see it.
  7. Ragic

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    one less ankle biter. wont miss it.
  8. hatecrimes

    hatecrimes The King of Potatoes

    where are all the new players, seems like the population is smaller then before. HMMMM TOLD YA SOOOOOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHAHAHA
  9. Sealer0

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    Looks exactly the same as couple months ago to me.

    Oh yeah, more people in SP.
  10. DarkJello

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    I done gone and ignored the hater.
  11. Netherzen

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    A lot of people dont seem to understand that poxnora is not a bank,its a game,and when you use money you spend it,not invest it.If you want to invest go to the stock market or something.If you wanna play the game then spend some money(or dont) and have some fun.
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  12. sharang2

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    I was a new player as of four weeks ago.
  13. Dagda

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    hella necro
  14. BurnPyro

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    hello necro, this is dad
  15. Pixyrus

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    Well I read all the way to page 3 until I found out this thread was in April... :cool:
  16. Saandro

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    If you think the reason for no new players is that runes became too available you are delusional. If anything, making runes even easier to get, would be better for keeping new players. Not to mention the bevy of other problems, which have nothing to do with rune accessability.

    Your post is the dumbest thing I've read today. Do you really believe new players would stay if runes would be less available?
  17. sokotra

    sokotra Member

    The time that it takes to earn gold is not free. Time is money. Point = moot.
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  18. SPiEkY

    SPiEkY King of Jesters

    Except that it's time they were already spending PLAYING THE GAME
  19. Monyx

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    yea this thread is ancient......the OP brought it back so he could cry some more.
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  20. Anima26

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    Saw many lines of caps lock, didnt bother reading.
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