Poxtoberfest 2016 & Megabox Final Days

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    Greetings Everyone,

    Once again summer has reached its conclusion and fall is looming. To celebrate this transition of seasons in the world of Poxathuru it is our pleasure to bring back Poxtoberfest!


    With this year's Poxtoberfest we are bringing back the Limited Edition Desert Brew and a Poxtoberfest Maiden in the Poxtoberfest Pack. If you missed theses highly carbonated brew powered runes the first time now is your chance to get them because who knows what next year will bring. Don't miss out on the fun these earthquake inducing belches create!

    The Poxtoberfest Pack will be available on the Marketplace from September 21st to October 12th. This pack also includes the runes mentioned above along with 1000 Shards and 10 Platinum Tokens.

    Megabox Final Days

    Upon the conclusion of Poxtoberfest on October 12th the Planar Disturbances Megabox will also be removed form the Pox Nora Marketplace.

    Join the merriment!

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