Priest Mimicry (FW)

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  1. OriginalG1

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    Spell version

    Priest Mimicry:



    Art: A witch restoring the flesh of a group of undead.

    AoE 2. Champions are cleansed and then become cursed.

    Ability Version 1: via champ, relic or equipment

    Priest Mimicry: Target champion is cleansed and then cursed

    Ability Version 2: via champion or relic (maybe added onto cursed temple)

    Priest Mimicry: On deployment all champions are cleansed then cursed.
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  2. Sokolov

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    Perma cursed?

    (Until cleansed?)
  3. OriginalG1

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    I was thinking it would be cruse 2 or 3.
  4. Leadrz

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    Mean't to be used on friendlies
  5. Tweek516

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    Well yeah ofc, I think son was just wondering though.
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