Pro-life Texas lawmaker introduces bill imposing death penalty for abortion

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    '“It’s time Republicans make it clear that we actually think Abortion is murder,” Slaton’s statement said. In a tweet about the proposal, Slaton also claimed the bill would “guarantee the equal protection of the laws to all Texans, no matter how small.” The bill would ban all abortions from the point of fertilization, and would not make any exceptions for **** or incest.'


    This reeks of as much stupidity as the old laws punishing attempted suicide with the death penalty. I'm surprised this isn't a Florida man story tbh. "Pro-life" indeed lol.
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    I mean seriously not even **** victims that harsh

    Watch suicide rate increase 1000 fold after this law gets passed
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    '“It’s time Republicans make it clear what we actually think "

    fixed it

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    I watched a mini-documentary on the pro-life/choice thing a long while back an it was the interview with a nun that stuck with me. (It was a long time ago so this is not verbatim) She states that she is both pro choice and pro life an in an ideal world there would be no discussion on the subject and that everyone would be pro-life. She goes on to state however that his is not an ideal world an as such she leans to pro-choice. She states that most do not recognize what pro life means, and that pro life isn't just 'pro birth' it is 'pro life' meaning that you are 'pro birth, pro baby gets adequate amounts of love and care, pro education for said child, pro my child will grow up in an environment that will give it opportunities and choices for careers etc... and that any mother who cannot reasonably guarantee these options or others for their child should be within their right to not subject their child to such misfortune. I don't recall the nun ever broaching the topic of the mothers body, but she did really drive home the point that the arguments of pro life/choice isn't about whether the child lives or dies, but by how well it could live and any institution that cannot guarantee a good life has no place dictating this incredibly hard and controversial choice for the mother. She then alluded to the fact that if such a thing was not the case then her job might very well exist in a different capacity; seemingly implying that she was running a church organized orphanage/group home.

    I think it was a post WWII interview and I've tried to find the video for a long time now, but have never been able to find it. I reference her speech anytime the subject of Life/Choice comes up and it doesn't come often so I'm sure I've romanticized her speech, but I think the overall tone and speech is intact for the most part.
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    I think Carlin sums up Pro-Life the best. Language warning for those who care about that kind of thing.
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    One thing these so called "pro life" people don't understand is overpopulation

    2-3k years ago it was fine to think that pro life was right because there were literally only 5-10 million humans

    Right now we have 7.5 billion humans and literally 3 billion have limited access to food or water so any idiot who are pro life want their children to live in a world with widespread starvation
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    Comedy aside, George was a very very very intelligent comedian. I remember watching so much Bane Shift, and not just agreeing with him but disagreeing with him, but the way he was so eloquent with his timing is a master craft class of its own. He was free on that stage.
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    Overall... "Pro-Choice" lawmakers want to force everyone to take vaccines in order to carry on with their lives... the problem isn't just hypocrisy (though there's plenty of that around), but it's also a matter of oversimplification of language.

    If someone is "Pro-Choice" that implies that they would be in favor of choices for all, but really it's just a misnomer for "Pro Abortion Legality" (and some even espouse forced aborthion, or sterilization to render people infirtile, such as Margeret Sanger, a renowned Eugenecist that helped push Pro-Choice and create what would become Planned Parenthood). Likewise, "Pro-Life" is a misnomer of it's own. "Pro-Life" really just means that one considers a fetus (at various stages, as there is no single set standard on this point yet), to be a "person" with all the rights and protections granted to a child that has already been born. One can think it reasonable to execute convicted murderers, and yet still have a "Pro-Life" position.

    Certainly I don't support this legislation from what I've been able to see of it, despite myself being "Pro-Life."

    But I understand it is easier and more convinient politically for "Pro-Choice" folks to embrace the oversimplification and attack the then apparent hypocrisy.

    The issue isn't overpopulation. It's logistics and economics. We have plenty of food production capacity to feed the world's current population and more.

    To me, it seems like you are cheering for death (at least of others) as a "solution" to problems, not just in this thread but in others. I must say I strongly disagree, and hope you will at least look for other possible ways to resolve problems. May you find them swiftly when you look.
  9. chickenpox2

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    And yet half the world population is starving while the production of food is rapidly deteriorating at the rate we are going we going to have 10 B by 2040 and only 1/3 is going to have access to food

    All I am saying is pro choice even if it can curb 10-20 million might help to stabilize food production as food technology improves in next 20 years it makes a huge difference

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    That's not entirely true and also assumes much about birth rates. You'll find that it's developed countries that have a high tendency towards neutral and even negative birth rates whilst developing countries will have excess birth rates. Now this isn't to say that there isn't people with limited access to food and water in developed countries, but I am saying that limiting birth rates in developed counties as a solution to such a problem will have an impact that is marginal at best.
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    My problem with pro-life politicians and legislation is that they almost always only attempt to PUNISH abortion, rather than reduce it.

    In other words, the point doesn't appear to be to save babies from abortion (because if it were, then your goal would be to minimize the # of abortions through any means, instead of only through things that punish people).

    In fact, pro-life politicians often even goes so far as to also support legislation that increases the theoretical demand for abortions via things like "abstinence-only sex ed" which increases the rate of teenage pregnancies.

    When talking to pro-life individuals, I have found the actual crux of the issue is often actually wanting to punish women for having sex without wanting babies. Of course, they are often also against ************, pornography and other non-intercourse methods of sexual release, so... yea.
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    We need more abortions imo, but we also need more death penalties, so I don't know where I stand on this issue.
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    The problem with the death penalty, is some people are found innocent years, and years after the crime was committed and they were wrongly found guilty. Killing an innocent man would be wrong.
  14. Bushido

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    That's a problem with the courts not the punishment
  15. BurnPyro

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    cant have one without the other
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    Not true, CHAZ acted as judge jury and executioner.

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